Gardner’s Campaign Kickoff: Who’s Missing Work Now?

THURSDAY UPDATE: For the record,

Gardner seems to be getting credit for participating in this hearing before heading to his campaign kickoff. Fair enough, it was a short drive anyway.


On the day of Sen. Cory Gardner’s not-balleyhooed-enough re-election campaign kickoff at an undisclosed location somewhere in Washington, D.C.–the irony of which we took note of a couple of weeks ago–the watchful eyes at American Bridge were obligated to point out a conspicuous absence today from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee:

That’s right, folks! With important business before Sen. Cory Gardner’s most prestigious committee appointment, Gardner’s calling card when he pays a visit to such international luminaries as murderous Filipino strongman Rodrigo Duterte, Colorado’s junior U.S. Senator apparently had to bug out to make his campaign kickoff fundraiser.

But wait, you ask, how can we expect Gardner to be in two places at once? The short and entirely correct answer is that you can’t, but his noticeably empty seat is one of the liabilities that any incumbent U.S. Senator running for re-election has little choice but to endure. Readers will recall back in 2014 when Gardner gleefully pressed nearly identical attacks on Democratic Sen. Mark Udall for having to split his day between his duties in the Senate and the rigors of the campaign trail. Today, the shoe is simply on the other foot.

By kicking off his re-election campaign in Washington instead of back home in Colorado, Gardner may have simplified the equation, at least for the time being.

Though not in a way that Colorado voters will appreciate.

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  1. PodestaEmails says:

    And you defended Udall. So who's the real fucking hypocrites now?

    • RepealAndReplace says:

      Stay the course, Senator. Some day they will thank you.

    • unnamed says:

      Oh, hey Poddy Mouth.  You're back.  Crawl out of your little sewer hole?

      To answer your question, the "real fucking hypocrites" are the people who attacked an incumbent Senator for missing committee meetings back in 2014, since they helped elect a guy who is doing the same thing now.

      Also, what's with your cowardly Senator not even doing a kickoff in the state he purports to represent?

  2. Diogenesdemar says:

    Well,  ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ . . .

    (Can’t find your mirror, Fluffy?)

  3. JohnInDenver says:

    Aside from the hypocrisy issue, I'm not certain Cory's presence or absence at a foreign relations committee meeting means a great deal to most voters.  When was the last time he did something in a committee meeting that made news?

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