Rep. Doug Lamborn Scoffs At You Meddling Kids

Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colorado Springs).

The Colorado Independent’s Robin Bravender reports on freshly quotable remarks from Colorado’s least inspiring Congressman, Rep. Doug Lamborn of Colorado Springs–who has a thing or two to say about these whipper-snapper first-year Democrats, and their high-falutin’ idears for green energy and other such pies in the sky:

The Democrats’ sweeping plan sounds “too much like a Soviet five-year plan or something like that,” Lamborn told his colleagues Wednesday at a U.S. House hearing about climate change. The 5th District Republican, who represents Colorado Springs, said of the Green New Deal: It’s “simply not going to work.”

…Lamborn, 64, told the Natural Resources Committee he can understand how some of his younger colleagues have bought into the idea.

“You only have to be 25 years old to be a member of Congress, and we have young people that bring a lot of great qualities, but maybe they don’t bring a lot of life experience,” he said. “I guess I can understand if someone has not a lot of life experience and they’re proposing something that’s extremely unrealistic, well, impossible.”

He can’t understand how “adults and grownups, who are more mature,” would also be advocating for the plan, he said. [Pols emphasis]

Ouch, grandpa! Of course, there are plenty of “grownups” well over the age of 25 who argue a swift and determined migration to renewable energy is an urgent priority–and if Lamborn speaks for the rest of the Republican Party in declaring 25-year-old Americans are not “adults and grownups,” well, that’s a big problem for Republicans in…every future election? It’s tough to imagine the 18-25 bloc of voters ever taking that kindly.

It’s not really a surprise to see Rep. Lamborn put off by bold initiatives from the new Democratic majority in the House, with basically no legislative accomplishments of his own to celebrate after over a decade in Congress. When Lamborn does make the press, it’s usually for embarrassing self-injury like referring to President Barack Obama as a “tar baby.” In the Colorado legislature, Lamborn was best known for his quest to swap the names of Colorado’s Mount Democrat and Republican Mountain so that Republicans would have the taller mountain (this is not a joke).

So no, like that special baby boomer in your life who talks about “kids today” with a disapproving sneer, it’s a safe bet that Rep. Lamborn is never going to be a supporter of the Green New Deal. It may unfortunately be necessary for another election to pass before anything like this plan has a realistic chance of becoming law, serving until then as a point of contrast between the two parties for voters.

And though his own seat may be safe, Lamborn is a good contrast for voters everywhere too.

Especially the younger ones.

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  1. Pseudonymous says:

    Pelosi’s efforts have paid off with Ocasio-Cortez, especially. The freshmen superstar told NPR on Wednesday that Pelosi has “done a really good job so far,” even as Pelosi has sidestepped one of the left’s top priorities — a “Green New Deal.”

    Progressives had demanded a special climate panel tasked specifically with drafting legislation to end the nation’s reliance on fossil fuels in just over a decade and transform the economy.

    The California Democrat did agree to launch a select committee on climate change, similar to the one she created back in 2007, when she first became speaker. Pelosi said Wednesday, however, the panel would not be tasked with writing a specific bill, and brushed off the idea of the Green New Deal as a “suggestion.”

    “It will be one of several or maybe many suggestions that we receive,” Pelosi said. “The green dream or whatever they call it, nobody knows what it is, but they’re for it right?

  2. davebarnes says:

    Look for more old people to mention "Soviet style" as an attack on anything that Dimocrats propose.

    But, here is the problem. Anyone under the age of 45 has no clue about the Soviet Union. The oldest were 15 when it collapsed.

    We will also see “Socialism=Venezuela” right up to November 2020. But, again, not really going to work. 82% of “Americans” could not find VZ on a globe if you spotted them Columbia and Brazil. 87% of “Americans” don’t care about anything outside the USA.

  3. mamajama55 says:

    Lamborn is not fond of being schooled by smartass young ladies. Here is my all-time favorite video of that genre:


    This was at Lamborn’s town hall in 2017. Young Haven invites Lamborn to come to her science fair to learn about climate change.

    • RepealAndReplace says:

      At least he didn't turn to her and say, "You, you shut up!" like he did to his Democratic opponent (known on Pols as "BarronX") back in his 2006 race for CD 5.

      And he didn't pull a Vickie "Ray Walston" Mable Boy Scout stunt.


      • Davie says:

        BarronX ran under the Constitution Party banner, if I recall.

        • RepealAndReplace says:

          Didn't he run in one election cycle as a conservative Democrat? (I could be mistaken.)

          • Davie says:

            By golly, you're right.  He was a write-in candidate as a Democrat in 2006. Pulled in a whopping 12 votes!  Not sure how they determined party on the write-in.  His Republican write-in rival got 41 votes. 

            I was remembering 2008 when he ran on the Constitution Party.  According to the wiki page, he got nearly 9,000 votes that year. That’s also (I thought) the year Lamebrain lost his temper at BarronX

  4. RepealAndReplace says:

    Lamborn was born at the age of 40. He was an old fart from the start of his life.

  5. Mike W. says:

    Odd that Lamborn would lambast Soviet-style policies when he supports the currently occupants of the Executive Branch, a bundle of corruption and self-service you could only pluck from the USSR itself. 

    • davebarnes says:

      Odd that Lamborn would lambast Soviet-style policies when:
      1. The gubmint owns the electric, gas, water, sewage utilities
      2. The gubmint owns the parks
      3. The gubmint owns the streets
      4. Most of the schools are gubmint owned

  6. Meiner49er says:

    Old enough to remember when "Soviet style" meant something! 


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