At Least it’s Not Your Ugly U.S. Senate Primary

(Let’s take a schadenfreude break – promoted by Colorado Pols)

For a distraction…

At least four staffers with significant political portfolios have left Congressman Joe Sestak’s (D-7) Senate campaign in recent weeks, potentially leaving the Democratic challenger at an organizational deficit just three months before the primary, has learned.

And then…

J.J. Abbott, a communications staffer, has departed to take a job with Auditor General Jack Wagner’s gubernatorial campaign. That makes at least five staffers who have left the campaign in the last several weeks. Including Abbott, two of them have landed with Wagner.

And then, POW!

Specter to Sestak: You don’t pay your staffers jack

Senator Arlen Specter’s campaign on Thursday sharply criticized primary opponent Congressman Joe Sestak (D-7) for paying his campaign staff salaries that often amount to less than the minimum wage, and for wide pay disparities between the three siblings that work his campaign and other employees.

Followed by a tweet (which is how I saw it):

Cong. Sestak, either pay your employees minimum wage & comply with wage laws, or report yourself to the authorities.


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  1. Middle of the Road says:

    No really, they love him. Why? I don’t know because I have heard from several people who have worked for him that he’s an absolute asshole but I guess that trait doesn’t matter when you’re a so called populist.

  2. Laughing Boy says:

    What a bummer.

    In the newest Franklin & Marshall College survey of likely voters out today, Pat Toomey beats Specter 44 percent to 34 percent, with 29 percent undecided. Toomey would beat Joe Sestak 38 percent to 20 percent, with 39 percent undecided.

  3. roguestaffer says:

    FWIW, I interviewed with Sestak’s team. They offered me $1100/month. I politely turned them down.

    • allyncooper says:

      at 40 hrs a week/ 8 hr day.  I would suspect a full time staffer would be putting in more like 50 to 60 hrs. a week, if not more.

      At least you get discounted meals at McDonalds.

      • TheDeminator says:

        This is a petty attack. For the folks who have never worked on a campaign here.  You work normally 9 – 9 or 9 – 10 everyday when you are a few months out from a Primary.

        No staff on a campaign gets paid an hourly because we would break every labor law in the country.  We do this because we love to do it and know we will never be million dollar earners.

        What that does say is the top talent knows he is sinking are hopping off before there is a loss on their resume.  

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