Colorado Legislature Close to Gender Equality

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The new legislative session will open with 45% of Colorado General Assembly seats being held by women according to the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers. This is second only to Nevada where 50.8% of the seats are held by women (well done Nevada).

Unsurprisingly most of these women are Democrats. In the state senate 11 of the 12 women are Democrats and in the house 25 of the 33 women are Democrats. Another way to look at it is that more than half of the Democratic caucus (60.97% of the house and 57.89% of the senate) in Colorado are women.

All of these numbers are increases from 2018 when 38.0% of Colorado legislators were women and our state ranked down in 4th place.

FiveThirtyEight had an excellent analysis of Why the Republican Party Elects So Few Women last year. Their answer was that Republicans first do not get as many women to run for office as Republicans and then the retention of women in office is worse on the Republican side.

The top 10 states:
Nevada (50.8%) (up from #3)
Colorado (45.0%) (up from #4)
Oregon (41.1%) (up from #9)
Washington (40.8%) (up from #5)
Vermont (39.4%) (unchanged % drops them from #2)
Maine (38.7%) (up from #7)
Alaska (38.3%) (new to the top 10, was #12)
Rhode Island (38.1%) (up from #10)
Arizona (37.8%) (down from #1)
Maryland (37.2%) (increased %, but down from #8)

Also unsurprisingly given the gap between the parties is that very red West Virginia and Mississippi are nearly tied for last place with 14.2% and 14.4% respectively.


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  1. DENependent says:

    Personally I hope that the average number of women serving in our legislature from 2019-2028 will be around 50%. It is a healthy sign when a representative body is close to the makeup of the people it represents.

    • VoyageurVoyageur says:

      45 percent is not to be sneezed at.   When I started covering the lege in 1972 you could count the women on your fingers with both thumbs left over.

      • DENependent says:

        I totally agree on not sneezing at this result!

        I just want a few more. In due course. And to take the #1 spot for at least a year!

        • JohnInDenverJohnInDenver says:

          Well, there is the trickle down opening for the Republicans to appoint a woman to the House, now that a male state Rep. is slated to fill Sen. Baumgartner's seat.  That could push Colorado to 46.3% or so.

          I'm sure that will be a substantial consideration for the Republican vacancy committee … /s.

  2. davebarnesdavebarnes says:

    You people are so old-fashioned talking writing about 2 genders. I thought we were more fluid than that.

  3. kwtreemamajama55 says:

    Maybe we can finally get some shit done!



    "Studies even show that when women go to Congress they get more things done – more bipartisan effort, more bills passed."

    Kirsten Gillibrand on Monday, November 12th, 2018 in a television interview

    Politifact rates as Mostly True

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