Happy New Year!

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Now Get to Work.

When 2018 started, few expected great things – although it is doubtful anyone saw how far things would go, ending in complete political break-down – an infantile President being met with an infantile House unable to even perform the most basic duties of governance. Good riddance. Let’s finish the clean up in 2019 – 2020.

As the old year gets tired and we bid it goodbye, few will rank the rank political dysfunction that has gripped our nation a highlight of the year now past. As cities combust and flood and farms go fallow, there was a time–if we are to believe the history–when this nation could come together to solve problems.

So with new leadership coming in, and the pitch of urgency rising, perhaps this year will be a year we move forward on addressing climate change. With the Colorado State Legislature in Democratic control, perhaps we can take some real and bold steps toward meeting  soon-to-be-Governor Polis’ clean energy ambitions. Now we can finally make clear, perhaps, to the oil and gas companies spilling their oily cash all over our body politic that of course public health and safety and a sustainable future are the priority, and they always will be from here on out.

Maybe with some leadership we can turn to building for our future, not wasting energy fighting ill-conceived fossil fuel projects, but creating a more resilient economy. Maybe we can find the maturity to face the reality that an increasing demand on the dwindling resource that makes all this possible: water – means we need to get our act together.

At the federal level, despite a GOP regime that has lost all mooring to fact or reality, Colorado’s House Delegation has also shifted toward climate action, with the election of Jason Crow and Joe Neguse. Rep.-Elect Neguse has made climate action central to his agenda in the 116th Congress.

So, while 2018 may be notable for its stark climate warnings coming right as the wheels of government seem to be coming off – the election outcome, and with  new state leadership, and new Members in Congress being seated, our work here will be crucial in 2019.


So Happy New Year, and cheers to the year that has passed. But let’s not squander any more time, and get to work on addressing the climate crisis. Because, after all, 2020 is just around the corner.

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  1. mamajama55 says:

    Salud, Sláinte, Sei Gesund, Nostrovia, Prost, and Cheers, Pete. With all that's wrong, there are some great people (like you) working to make things right.

    Focusing on positive, sustainable projects, as you recommend, is a good plan.

    I'll raise a glass of Colorado craft beer to your New Year wishes.

    • JohnInDenver says:

      mamajama55 — I'm sure you are recycling. but am wondering the level of your commitment:

      * is that glass of craft beer you are lifting responsibly sourced and sustainable?

      * Was it acquired from an eco-friendly store?

      * does it taste great because of its light carbon footprint?

      Happy New Year to all … no matter WHAT you are imbibing in celebration tonight.

  2. mamajama55 says:

    Go Joe! Former Rep Joe Salazar will be the new head of Colorado Rising, the organization working to make life and health a higher priority than oil and gas profits. (Colorado Supreme Court , and every 2018 Democratic candidate for Colorado statewide office affirmed support for that principle, embodied in the Martinez decision). Now it’s time to walk that talk. 

    Marianne Goodland reported on this in the former Colorado Statesman.

    Joe’s straight talk and legislative knowledge will lead CR well. Watch out Oily Boyz!

    • Voyageur says:

      Colorado Risible —

      An organization whose radical freeze in the dark plan was crushed by voters — will be led by a man who lost his race for attorney general.  As a man who believes in a balanced economy over sneering yuppie prejudices, I take great comfort in this.

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