Senator Bennet Will Co-Sponsor Legislation to Counter recent SCOTUS decision

The legislation attempts to create rules and limitations that do not require a Constitutional amendment first.

from Senator Bennet:

The legislation I’m co-sponsoring will:

– Keep foreign governments and foreign corporations from using the Supreme Court’s recent Citizens United decision to buy ads that influence U.S. elections;

– Prevent government contractors and TARP recipients from using that decision to use big money to influence our elections;

– Require corporate CEOs to stand by the ads they are using shareholder funds to finance, forcing them to appear on camera to say they “approved the message,” just like candidates have to;

– Require top corporate and organizational donors to shadow groups like 527s to appear in the ads they fund;

– Ensure full and timely disclosure of campaign expenditures so organizations can’t mask their electioneering activities; and,

– Prevent organizations from coordinating their activities with parties and politicians.

This would be a step in the right direction and we should all get behind it.

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  1. zorro says:

    It’s great to see Senator Bennet getting out in front of this issue and firing the first volley in the battle to limit the usurpation of power by the USSC.  As we all know, there is always a lot of interpretation wiggle room in a USSC decision as monumental/catastrophic as Citizens United.  Kudos to our Senator for pushing Congress to craft legislation to rein-in and potentially ham-string this travesty without giving the Gang of Five grounds to rule that such limitations are unconstitutional.  Question: Does this have the potential to be an important key in 2010 for Democrats to recapture our populist mantle?

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