Will The Hate for Our Traditional Institutions Ever End?

Will The Hate for Our Traditional Institutions Ever End?

The short answer, No. In order to establish new behaviors and new norms it is essential that traditional institutions be torn down, disassembled and erased to make way for the new order.

Yesterday I came face to face with this new effort. Unsuspectingly I entered into discussion with a group who appeared on the surface to be well grounded and reasonable patriotic people. Little did I realize that they were a bunch of sinister hard core change agents dedicated to destroying our traditional institutions.

Their target was the stalwart of the Thanksgiving table side dishes, the green bean casserole. The green bean casserole, synonymous for comfort food, was to be destroyed and wiped clean from our collective taste buds.

The hate that flowed so freely, disgusting, eck, no never, why would you, cream of mushroom or those highly process onion ring things; and even divisive, “it doesn’t taste like my mothers”. Stop the hate!

I wondered if the hate was based on color. The green, associated with radical environmentalists or the bean, associated with gas from the legume family. Whatever the reason it is un American to hate the green bean casserole.

It is time that we embrace diversity and welcome the new green bean casserole to our table for Thanksgiving. A tradition not replaced but built new on the stalwart recipe of the ages.

Start with fresh green beans cook until soft.

In a large pot add olive oil and a large onion. Sauté until golden brown when all the sugar has been released.

Add a pound of chopped apple wood smoked bacon from the meat case, not the packaged kind and cook until that wonderful aroma has filled the house…..bacon.

Add the green beans and mix well.

Now add some Velveeta cheese, just enough so that it melts and gets a thin coating on the beans.

You can serve as is or add the onion rings and bake. Make it ahead and your guest will love how you have saved an institution for American.

Make Green Bean Casserole Great Again!

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  1. JohnInDenver says:

    Among the items to be banned from any family feast, green bean casserole is one of the least offensive. I'm all in favor of bans of

    • any dish with a prime ingredient of Jello;
    • sweet potatoes with added sugar (including marshmellows) masquerading as a "vegetable side dish." Obviously, sweet potato pie as a dessert is NOT on this list;
    • "traditional" corn — e.g., ears of unproven provenance said to be "Native American," complete with multi-colored and missing kernels;
    • Turbaconducken: A chicken inside a duck inside a turkey, all wrapped in bacon … in fact, any sort of animal inside an animal inside an animal combo;
    • pumpkin spice flavored anything other than pumpkin pie;

    For some other good advice, you may be amused byThanksgiving Letter to the Family 2016

  2. Genghis says:

    You forgot the crushed potato chips, ya communist moonbat hippie traitor.

  3. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    I'd like to see how Pear defines "radical environmentalist."

      • mamajama55 says:

        If people had followed Gore's climate policy recommendations, or if the Supreme Court hadn't stolen the election from him, we might not now be losing the Florida coastline, island communities, and decimating our agricultural economy. Those radical environmentalists in the US military, the biggest oil companies, and most of the civilized countries of the world know that climate change is real, and we must act.

        USA prints the NASA satellite maps showing world land temperaure net change  for the last decade:


        Al Gore was right. Your grandchildren, along with everybody elses, will pay the price for not listening to his warnings.

        • RepealAndReplace says:

          You don't see a certain poetic justice in Florida sinking into the sea? Of course, Scalia and Rehnquist are not around to see what they brought upon us. (Although they did live long enough to see the disaster that was the Iraq War.)

          And by the way, thank you Ralph Nader! He played his part in giving us George W. Bush.

        • Conserv. Head Banger says:

          Well said, MJ. See, you and I can agree on something.

          As for Pear, the prudent conservative takes steps, even if the science is not 100% clear.

          Once again, Pear, I refer you to this web site:  


          You might also spend some time reviewing in more detail what led President Reagan to sign the Montreal Protocols treaty in 1987.

          • RepealAndReplace says:

            Reagan the environmentalist!

            Funny how events of the last 38 years have made even Ronnie look like a tree hugger.

            I'm old enough to remember Reagan claiming that trees and bushes (the shrubs, not George H.W.'s family) were major contributors to air pollution.

            • Conserv. Head Banger says:

              R & R: Reagan, like all recent presidents, except the current one, was a mixed bag on conservation issues. Yes, he made some silly comments and he did give us James Watt as Secretary of Interior for a while. But, he signed the Montreal Protocols. Another little known fact about Reagan is that he signed more wilderness bills into law than any other president, to date.

              I think Trump will go down, in history as well as infamy, as the worst president, by far, when it comes to reasonable and common sense environmental protections.

              An extra little known fact: the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge was first created by another Republican president, Dwight D. Eisenhower.

              • MichaelBowman says:

                IIRC, our junior senator's first order of business in the upper chamber was to open ANWAR for the Koch?  That said, Nixon gave us the EPA (sans the scourge of TSCA), Papa Bush delivered the first market-driven cap-and-trade program (acid rain) to great success.  Papa Bush also tried to battle API over aromatics, which cause a couple-hundred billion dollars in indirect health costs each and every year

                Jr gave TX one of the most aggressive renewable energy standards in the nation (ERCOT is a model we should all we looking at) a national RFS and the Bush Supreme Court declared CO2 a pollutant.  

                • Conserv. Head Banger says:

                  Nixon gave us the Endangered Species Act and the National Environmental Policy Act. NEPA by itself gave average citizens a greater voice in lands decisions and took the planning process out of the smoke-filled backrooms dominated by the extractive industries. 

                  Bush Sr.'s EPA administrator vetoed the notorious and bigly unnecessary Two Forks Dam project here on the Front Range.

  4. Duke Cox says:

    I guess I will be the one to find your equivalency piece sickening and repulsive. So the racial hate that generates murder of thousands of people every year can be made light of by your clever diversion?

    Let me hear you defend the real targets of hate. People of color, women, the gay community, scientists, Muslims, etc. ad infinitum. Until you do, you are an empty shell of a human being, completely undeserving of sympathy or attention.

    You are not funny.

    • Powerful Pear says:

      I should have known that I couldn’t get anything past you. You clearly recognized  my missive was a dog whistle to spread racism through the world of vegetables. Be very afraid of the vegetables you put on your plate and what that may say about you. You will certainly want to avoid anything white, like mashed potatoes and gravy, pork chops, white meat turkey, ice cream, whip cream, marshmallows, navy beans, cucumbers, bread……. have a happy Thanks Giving.

  5. Voyageur says:

    I think Roger's piece was a delightful piece of humor.  Come on, Duke, a good laugh two or three times a year won't kill you.

    • Conserv. Head Banger says:

      Pear occasionally makes some sense. I get my "humor jollies" from reading posts by Moderatus. Too bad he hasn't been around since the election.

    • Duke Cox says:

      Sorry, V. No sense of humor when it comes to that. Making fun of resisting hate in this country, no matter how cleverly contrived, is designed to do just what "Pear"admitted there. Trivialize opposition to the assault of the nationalist (read: fascist) right on humanity.

      Unless you have gotten to know someone who doesn't resemble the person Powerful Pear presents him to be, I will let you be amused as you will, and I will pass. Enjoy your holiday.


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