Democrats Surge Ahead in Latest Ballot Return Numbers

The Colorado Secretary of State’s (SOS) office has released the latest figures on ballot returns in the state, and it’s good news for Democrats.

As of this morning, here are the party breakdowns for returned ballots:

Democrats 519,833
Republicans 515,131
Unaffiliated 461,154
TOTAL 1,514,817

Overall, women are returning ballots at a much higher rate than men. According to the SOS, 778,180 women have cast ballots thus far, compared to 723,712 men.

If you still have a ballot at home, DO NOT put it in the mail. Ballots must be received by your county clerk by 7:00 pm on Tuesday. Go to to check on the status of your ballot or to find a nearby drop-off location.

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  1. Voyageur says:

    That advice is good for Democrats.  Pro Trump Republicans should drop off their ballots Wednesday at the post office for a special pickup. 


  2. Davie says:

    County-wide vote breakouts look encouraging for Diane Mitsch Bush. Dem turnout seems to be relatively strong.  With a boost from the Unaffiliated, she just might give Tipton a strong challenge.  Still a long, hard climb, obviously.

    Mesa county is obviously huge for the GOP, but Garfield and Pueblo together are keeping it close.  They need about a net-plus 6,000 votes from UAF.

    MESA Total  9,445   20,601 12,954 43,552

    GARFIELD Total  4,186   5,044 4,921  14,329

    PUEBLO Total  17,194  11,581 8,894  38,049

    • Voyageur says:

      What, you can 't spell Tsunami?

    • JohnInDenver says:

      2014 had a Senate race in addition to the usual midterm races. Participation was pretty good — 4th in the country that year, something like 53% of registered voting. 

      Magellan Strategy's breakdown of ballots reported in, comparing the similar date in 2014 to Nov. 4, 2018 (with my calculation of percentages).

      ALL     1,372,049      1,495,881     + 9%

      REP        556,111         510,312     –  9%

      DEM       444,556         512,927    +15%

      UAF        371,382         472,642    +27%

      Granted, the population hasn't stood still in the past 4 years. Secretary of State reports show October registrations in 2014 and 2018 (last available).

      REG     3,659,503      3,977491      +8.6%

      So, were I writing the headline, I’d summarize “UNAFFILIATED SURGE, REPUBLICANS RETREAT IN VOTING”

      • Pseudonymous says:

        Well, the posting system is eating my images (which is better for me, since I left some voters out originally), so here are the badly formatted numbers.  I think the better indication might be the % turnout of registered voters year-over-year, so here that is.

        	% Voting		
        Party	2014	2018	Change
        REP	48.6%	44.6%	-4.0%
        DEM	39.7%	43.0%	3.4%
        UAF	27.7%	30.2%	2.5%
        ALL	38.0%	38.3%	0.3%

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