Echoing Trump’s Falsehoods About Journalism, Coffman Accuses New York Times Of Rigging Its Poll Against Him

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Rep. Mike Coffman (R).

With multiple polls showing U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman of Aurora headed toward defeat in Tuesday’s election, the longtime Republican Congressman saw no reason to worry yesterday, blaming the New York Times for deliberately skewing polling results toward his opponent, Democrat Jason Crow, and manufacturing concern about a possible loss by Coffman.

Asked about polls showing him down by double digits in his race with Crow, Coffman told KOA radio host April Zezbaugh:

Coffman: “That was by the New York Times and I think they put their thumb on the scale.”

Put their thumb on the scale?

This accusation reflects statements by Trump, who repeatedly calls the most respected news outlets in America “fake news.” He’s refers to the New York Times repeatedly as, “The failing New York Times.” Even though the stock price of the Times had more than doubled since Trump entered office.

The Colorado Times Recorder called Coffman’s spokesman Tyler Sandberg to ask if Coffman had any evidence that the New York Times rigged its poll against him.

“I don’t talk to fake news.” Sandberg said. “Thanks.”

He hung up immediately, before I could ask if he’d would put the New York Times in the same category.

In any case, no basis for Coffman’s accusation could be found. Even if you question the poll’s methodology, there’s no evidence of the Times purposefully skewing it in favor of any candidate.

As a statement of fact, the New York Times is widely regarded as a credible news source that would not jump in bed with Crow to create the illusion that Coffman is seriously down in the polls.

Coffman went on to tell KOA that he doesn’t “put a lot of stock in the polls” and won previously by wide margins when he was only up in polls by single digits.

Asked if he was bothered that national Republicans pulled money out of his race, because he appears to be losing badly, Coffman did not answer directly but said GOP fundraising efforts haven’t been as successful as expected nationally “so they are short of resources.” He blamed Democratic billionaires for coming in his district.

Coffman did not answer Zesbaugh’s question about whether he’d like Trump to come to Colorado to campaign for him.

As for his campaign, Coffman said, “It’s going great. A fantastic ground game. A great turnout by Republicans, and obviously it’s going to take cross-over votes in this district to win.”

Listen to Coffman on KOA Nov. 1 here:

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  1. unnamed says:

    That's loserspeak if I ever heard it.

  2. JohnInDenver says:

    Yep, goin' good.   Draw your own conclusions from Magellan Strategies' summary, as of November 1, showing CO-06 as:

    segment           2014          2018

    overall          162,540    169,891

    Rep                70,034      59,265

    Dem               50,976      58,280

    Unafilliated     41,530      52,346


  3. RepealAndReplace says:

    Sad. Even his ex-wife faced her fate with more dignity and class than he is facing his.

  4. Powerful Pear says:

    When you spend your time in Congress poking your constituent base in the eye and then need to rely on a “great turnout”, well I think many have grown tired of being poked in the eye.

    If you believe any newspaper, NYT or Colorado Times Recorder, Denver Post, or any other send your ballot in on November 7th.

    • mamajama55 says:

      When you spend your time in Congress poking your constituent base in the eye and then need to rely on a “great turnout”, well I think many have grown tired of being poked in the eye.

      Exactly, Pear. Thia is why Republicans are relying on voter suppression in Georgia, North Dakota, Florida, and Kansas, rather than running on their record (tax cuts for millionaires) and health care ( caring for the health of insurance and pharma companies, not people).

      • Conserv. Head Banger says:

        Not familiar with voter suppression in FL and not so much with GA. But…..

        If you live on one of the Native American rezs in ND, you likely have a post office box, not a street address. Republican legislature passed a law that says only those citizens with street addresses can vote.

        If you live in Dodge City, KS, the Republican county clerk moved the ONE AND ONLY voting place couple miles out of town due to non-existent work on the in-town polling place.

        • JohnInDenver says:

          And the responses came:

          Native Americans in North Dakota found ways to find "addresses" for virtually everyone, based on the 911 system or previous census systems. So many of those without addresses AND many offended by a Republican legislature setting up such a requirement are able to vote.

          County officials around Dodge City KS moved its voting place and courts refused to act to move it back or order two sites. So, Dodge City elected officials, businesses, nonprofit organizations and national ride sharing businesses all developed alternative ways for people to get to the polls, advertised them, and apparently anyone who wants a free ride can get one. Upshot appears to be more interest in the election and greater disdain for the Republican effort to restrict the vote. Some suggest the combination will significantly drive up Latinx participation in Kansas' only minority-majority city.

  5. CDW says:

    I haven't heard anything about this race recently, no polls, nonews, no nothing. What's the status…anyone know?

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