“Tea Party” a Weapon in Red-On-Red Senate Infighting

Last week, a total of seven Republican state senators voted against the “Race to the Top” enabling legislation, SB10-036–Mike Kopp, Scott Renfroe, Ted Harvey, Dave Schultheis, Bill Cadman, Kevin Lundberg and Greg Brophy. But the Senate Minority was far from unanimous voting to take Colorado out of the running for hundreds of millions of federal education dollars, and this has set off a furious round of intra-GOP acrimony.

According to sources, at least three of the Republicans who voted no on the bill called their respective “Tea Party” contacts–we’ve not confirmed, but we’ve heard it was Brophy, Schultheis and Lundberg–and told them that the Republicans who voted for the bill (list helpfully provided)  “sold out to the teacher’s union.”

Over the weekend, many Republicans who voted for the bill were reportedly slammed with irate, with a few veering closer to creepy, phone calls castigating them for their vote. Furious about being thrown under the bus by their peers, Sen. Keith King on Tuesday morning allegedly demanded to know who did this–even going so far as to threaten the future leadership prospects of Republican caucus members who call in the “Tea Party” mob on their own.

Depending on whether or not Schultheis and friends decide to make a habit of this (it’s not like the retiring Schultheis can be threatened), we could be witnessing the beginning of a new and rather unpleasant chapter in GOP party comity…

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  1. DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

    We’re looking at improving our education system and getting in much needed money – and they’re fighting it because it’s not perfect. Guys, if you want perfect as a choice – don’t go in to politics.

    Yes the state rolled over for the unions. Yes tenure reform elimination is a key part of fixing the system. But guess what, with the proposed measurement tools it’s going to be real obvious to identify the crappy schools, administrators, teachers, programs, etc. And that will generate a ton of pressure to fix or remove those problems.

    Grow up and learn to work with the world as it is.

  2. WesternSlopeThought says:

    does not have to worry about the wrath of Mesa County teabaggers, Janet “Bestiality” Rowland bigots and all the assorted Aryan Nation and skinhead types, maybe he will actually and finally start doing something for Colorado instead of voting with the wacko extremists.  You have a chance here, Josh, for redemption and to turn your piss-poor legacy around.

    “Me? I ran for Governor, but fortunately I got that out of my system before the New Year.

    Many of you offered words of encouragement when I made the difficult decision to get out

    of the race. But I’m not going to lie: getting out of the race hurt my pride and bruised my

    ego…which might explain why Senator Romer has been trying so hard to get me to join him

    on a marijuana dispensary tour.” –Josh Penry

  3. sxp151 says:

    is that there are Colorado Republicans more liberal than Olympia Snowe.

    Republican legislators on the national level would never cooperate with any Democrat initiative. Literally none of them, literally never.

    Republicans here once in a while care about things, even when Democrats are involved. Fucking commies.

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