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October 09, 2018 02:41 PM UTC

It's Official: Coffman's Shots At Crow's Service Backfired

  • by: Colorado Pols
Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Aurora).

Politico’s Rachel Bade reports on a phenomenon being seen around the country with the midterm elections rapidly approaching–endangered Republican incumbents throwing wild haymaker punches at their opponents that are backfiring more than they help.

The local example? Rep. Mike Coffman, naturally:

Democratic House candidate Jason Crow received a Bronze Star for heroism in Iraq and a “lawyer of the year” award for his veterans advocacy. But according to his GOP adversaries, he has “neglected” Colorado veterans…

Democrats say the spots, aired mostly by the outside GOP super PAC Congressional Leadership Fund and the National Republican Congressional Committee, smack of desperation. In some cases, local Republicans, religious leaders and newspaper editorial boards have denounced the attacks.

…Backlash was swift. Local veterans who know Crow showed up at Coffman’s office to protest. Crow’s campaign highlighted the thousands of pro-bono hours he’d dedicated to helping veterans with substance abuse issues, as well as the “lawyer of the year” award he received in 2010 from the Denver Bar Association for his veterans advocacy.

It’s an old adage in politics, especially latter-day conservative politics, that it’s desirable to attack one’s opponent on the issues which they consider themselves strongest. John Kerry’s core asset running for President in 2004 was his decorated service in the Vietnam War, so George W. Bush’s chief political strategist Karl Rove ruthlessly attacked Kerry’s service record to both reduce Kerry’s advantage and shift attention away from Bush’s avoidance of combat service in Vietnam via the National Guard.

Likewise, the principal asset for Jason Crow in this race is his service in the Army Rangers, for which he earned the Bronze Star for his heroism at the Battle of As-Samawah in 2003. Although Mike Coffman is also a combat veteran, his record is not nearly as distinguished as Crow’s–and that’s part of the reason why Coffman’s campaign and backers have tried to “swift boat” Jason Crow by attacking him on his fictional “lack of support for veterans.”

What the polls show is that Coffman has finally met his match in Jason Crow, and the desperate attacks on Crow have only underscored to voters in CD-6 Coffman’s own inadequacies. By neutralizing Coffman’s advantage of military service, and then shrugging off Coffman’s dishonorable attacks on Crow’s own service, Crow has completely turned the tables in a game Coffman has become very comfortable about winning against the tide.

It looks like Coffman’s not the only one going down this way, but his fall will be momentous for Colorado politics.


20 thoughts on “It’s Official: Coffman’s Shots At Crow’s Service Backfired

    1. in a small "defense" of Coffman, the article does point out that it is the OUTSIDE groups running the ads.

      so, this may not be the best Coffman's got, but it is what is chosen by the CLF (which has dropped its ad reservations going forward) and the NRCC.

  1. The campain to attack Jason Crows military service was stupid. Who ever it was that controlled the PAC, did Coffman no favors. All of this was so predictable that even a political novice,  in the District, tried to sound the alarm. 

    It’s amusing that Crow has said he would not vote for Nancy Pelosi, when the man does not have an original thought that is not from Nancy Pelosi. Yes he will vote for Nancy. 

    No Congressman will do a better job of campaigning than Mike Coffman. Makes you wonder why he is so vulnerable.

    1. Maybe Coffman is vulnerable because he’s an asshole who attacks a veteran who actually does something for vets? Just a thought.

      (Yeah, yeah, I know…no coordination, yada yada yada. If you believe that…)

      1. John, did you read any of Pelosi’s web site? Love this one,”Upon taking office, every Member of Congress makes a solemn pledge: to protect and defend the American people.” Wrong! Protect and defend the Constitution.

        Democrats (Crow/Pelosi) 

        Against tax cuts, against Citizens United, against NRA, against Kavanaugh, against the wall, against abortion restriction. For Indivisible, for Antifa, with Soros and every other Kook, fringe group.

        Pelosi and her henchmen Hoyer conspired to knock out Levi Tillman in favor of Crow. You think he’s going to go against Nancy, not if he want’s the perks of being a congressman.

        1. Against tax cuts, against Citizens United, against NRA, against Kavanaugh, against the wall, against abortion restriction

          You make it sound like those are bad positions

        2. About those tax cuts…

          If money can be speech is it really a stretch to think that We the people can’t be the Constitution

          For someone who purports to be powerful via your pseudo name you sure spend a lot of time fixated on a grandma from San Francisco.

        3. Uh oh, folks.  Pitiful Pair has discovered our vast left wing conspiracy to slow the shifting of the tax burden from the wealthy onto the shrinking middle class, prevent dark money from a few wealthy fascist billionaires from buying our elections, halt promoting temperamentally unfit lawyers to the supreme court, stop wasting tens of billions on a modern day Maginot Line, prevent the religious right from stripping women of their liberty, and much, much more!  

          At least he has the presence of mind to only get his updates from the most reliable of RWNJ conspiracy sites that follow Soros' secret network of money spigots where any registered Democrat is welcome to tap!

          That more than one Democrat besides Nancy Pelosi is part of our conspiracy is obviously of great concern to PP, even if a few of them think it's time for younger leaders to step up.

          1. For what it's worth, I still oppose the Trump/Ryan/McConnell tax cut for billionaires in part because there was no corresponding reduction in spending.

            "Against the NRA:"  the NRA is not the innocent entity that Pear might think it is. Exactly where did the NRA get the $30 million it gave the Trump campaign? Rumored to be money laundered through the NRA by Russian interests. 

            "Against the wall:" with the massive uptick in the federal deficit due to the unpaid-for tax cuts, the country can't afford a "wall." And putting up a "wall" sends a strong message that the hard working agents of the Border Patrol can't do their jobs. The "wall" won't work anyway. Examples of past walls that didn't work: Great Wall of China, Berlin Wall. Those who don't learn from history, Pear, are doomed to repeat it.

        4. Nice reading of topline conservative headlines and repeating them, Pear.

          I'd love to see you find ANYTHING from either Pelosi OR Crow that hints at backing Antifa. And outside general "oppose Trump" positions, I doubt you'll find much from either one saying "For Indivisible" — or, from the other direction, much from Indivisible that says "For Pelosi" or "For Crow."

  2. One of the outside PACs attacking Crow has tried to show that Crow missing a few meetings of a VOLUNTEER BOARD (emphasis is mine) somehow means that Crow doesn't care about veterans.

    I have to wonder who thinks up this s**t for these outside PACs. Colorado is the 2nd highest educated state in the country. Do these idiots think we're fools here? 

    1. I've seen pictures from Area 51 of their super-secret hypersonic hydrogen-filled dirigibles!  For safety, they are again using monkeys as test pilots before passenger flights begin.

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