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Just thought you might want to get in touch with Melissa and let her know about all the great opportunities being created by the Trump economy. I know you will want to promote this so your readers can participate in the prosperity of American.

Littleton Post Office is hiring! $16.78 – $17.78 per hour with limited benefits. Go to usps.com/careers. MAGA!

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  1. JohnInDenver says:

    How many jobs?  The Trump economy continues to create winners and losers. BizWest article by Christopher Wood — September 1, 2018

    According to a quick calculation of layoffs reported to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment through the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, layoffs thus far in 2018 already exceed the total for all of 2017, standing at 3,501 as of Aug. 28, compared with 3,099 layoffs for all of last year.

    The numbers do not reflect all layoffs in the state, only those that are required to be reported by federal law.

    • Powerful Pear says:

      More like winners and winners. I’m not tired of winning yet. MAGA!

      Do you know any truck drivers? I’ve been advertising for 12 weeks for a job that pays $60,000 plus. In fact I’ll pay you a $1,000 for any candidate you refer to me that will complete 4 months of employment. 

      Melisa needs to get her CDL, and ditch the poverty line.

      • Davie says:

        If we continue "winning" under Trump, I might be forced out of retirement and learn be a truck driver:

        Backfire economics – Trump’s tariffs are hurting US farmers and workers and putting the entire economy at risk

        It seems almost embarrassing to have to rehearse the case for free markets and free trade, a case thoroughly established centuries ago by the likes of Adam Smith and especially Frederic Bastiat. But Donald Trump is determined to make us learn that case all over again, the hard way.

        The key argument for free trade is that a tariff on imports may benefit one particular industry or group of producers, but it raises prices for everyone else, including other manufacturers who import the taxed material. You think the country is getting ahead because you see the increased profits for, say, domestic steel producers. The problem, as Bastiat famously pointed out, is what you don’t see—or at least, what Trump refuses to see—namely, all of the costs that tariffs impose on other companies and individuals.


        Part of the reason President Trump’s unilateral trade war is becoming such a quagmire is that it is carried out with no apparent plan or strategy. It is not a negotiating ploy to push other countries into a trade deal with the United States, because Trump announced this war by withdrawing from trade deal negotiations. Instead, his targets seem random and capricious. As with his hairstyle and many of his other political views, Trump’s attitude toward trade and industry seems to have been cemented in 1978, so he’s laying down trade barriers around the industries that associated with American economic might back then, like steel and cars.

        Yet he is finding that even the quintessential American firms of 1978 are connected to the world if vast webs of trade. Take one of the brands Trump has lauded, Harley-Davidson. These days, Harley sells a lot of motorcycles in Europe, so Trump’s trade war is causing them to move some production overseas to avoid European retaliatory tariffs. Rather than rethink the tariffs, Trump threatened the company and accused it of “surrender” in his trade war.

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