Bizarre #FAIL at Spin from Brauchler Supporters

We’ve already discussed Saturday’s Attorney General debate hosted by Club 20 in Grand Junction, in which Republican George Brauchler was absolutely dismantled by Democrat Phil Weiser (read our Debate Diary for more). Brauchler refused to answer several important questions, including a query about his prior remarks opposing Roe v. Wade that drew boos from the assembled crowd.

How can you be sure that the Club 20 debate was a disaster for Brauchler? Well, because Republicans are trying like hell to promote something that never happened in a weird attempt to smear Weiser. Ernest Luning of the publication formerly known as the Colorado Statesman expressed his confusion on Twitter:

Anybody who watched the debate would have “missed the part” about Weiser agreeing with Brauchler on his courtroom experience…because IT NEVER HAPPENED.

As we noted in our Debate Diary, Brauchler was trying to pull off a gotcha moment near the end of the discussion and seemed to think that he succeeded — though he clearly didn’t actually listen to what Weiser said in response to his question. Here’s a clip of that exchange, followed by a transcript:


BRAUCHLER: Two last questions on qualifications, my man. Fair to say you have never, ever set foot in a courtroom to do a trial in Colorado, or for any other matter other than for maybe a tour. Fair? True?

WEISER: I have argued several appeals here in Colorado…

BRAUCHLER: In Colorado courts?

WEISER: In the court here, in Colorado.

BRAUCHLER: In federal court?

WEISER: In the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals here in Colorado.

BRAUCHLER: You’ve done nothing in Colorado courts?

WEISER: It’s a court that I clerked on, and it’s a court that I’ve argued before…absolutely.

BRAUCHLER: And is it fair to say that you have never practiced Colorado law at any time?


BRAUCHLER: Okay, we’re done.

Yes, George, we’re done here.

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  1. Davie says:

    Broccoli's listening comprehension skills are only matched by his expertise at butt tweeting!


  2. davebarnes says:

    Here is the confusing part to me.

    What does practicing law (anywhere) have to do with being AG?
    AG's have staff.
    AG's are managers first. Politicians second.

  3. spaceman65 says:

    Having spent time with both Brauchler and Weiser, the one who knows the law is Phil.  Brauchler isn't even a good DA.

  4. JohnInDenver says:

    Can we simply disqualify Brauchler for being smarmy?

    " BRAUCHLER: Two last questions on qualifications, my man. " [my emphasis — and I can't think of any way this sort of address could have been professional.]


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