Trump Has Kept America Safe In An “Admirable Way,” Says Colorado’s Republican Candidate for Governor

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Over the weekend, the Associated Press quoted a top Republican congressional aid as saying that the “great danger” in the November election is an “enthusiasm gap,” and there is “nobody who can close the enthusiasm gap quite like the president.”

Here in Colorado, political analysts agree that Republican candidate for governor Walker Stapleton needs to somehow find a way to make his GOP base enthusiastic about his campaign–which could explain why Stapleton enthusiastically told a radio host again last week that he’d like to campaign with Trump here in Colorado. He said the same thing in June.

“Nothing has changed,” said Stapleton about his desire to campaign with Trump, “except that — you know, the Washington media scene is ugly.”

But it appears Stapleton won’t be seeing the president here.

Trump’s advisers have devised a strategy to send Trump to campaign “where he can be helpful,” according to the AP, and Colorado apparently isn’t on the list, while Texas is.

In response, Stapleton seems to be trying to whip up GOP enthusiasm by expressing hope that the president comes to Colorado anyway–and by praising Trump, particularly when Stapleton is addressing conservative audiences.

Stapleton said Trump has kept America safe in an “admirable way,”  and there’s “no change” in his desire to campaign with Trump in Colorado, as you can hear in his interview on conservative radio last week (Listen here at 27 min 30 sec.).

Stapleton also told KNUS radio host Steffan Tubbs that he backed Trump’s new tax law and, “I’ve been a supporter of the President’s economic policies and his immigration policies, as far as sanctuary cities are concerned because those are issues that directly either benefit or impact Colorado.”

Addressing whether he thought Trump would come to Colorodo, Stapleton said, “The President also has a busy schedule. He is foremost concerned with Congress, and making sure that Republicans hold Congress. And he constantly, you know, has to wear a suit of armor around D.C.. So, we’ll see what the future holds.”

Democratic President Barack Obama visited Colorado in the 2014 midterm election in support of Gov. John Hickenlooper, who was seeking re-election. Among other things, the pair played pool.

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  1. JohnInDenver says:

    No comment from Stapleton backing the *resident as he cancels, then says he's thinking about, a pay raise for the nearly 40,000 federal civilian workers?

    No explanation of the economy policies could possibly be so good and yet at the same time put federal employee pay on hold, based on Trump's authority to act when the United States has a "national emergency or serious economic conditions affecting the general welfare" ??

  2. DENependent says:

    If the Democrats can manage to get a good clip of Stapleton praising Trump and put it on the TV then this campaign will be over baring Putin arranging for a "terrorist attack".

  3. Moderatus says:

    No terrorist attacks. No one would be foolish enough to attack us when Trump is president. They know he will flatten their little Tinpotistans.

    • Pseudonymous says:


      Trump administration quietly files terrorism charges against a white supremacist

      Mr Wilson has been accused of an attempted terror attack in October, when he pulled the emergency brake on an Amtrak originating out of California, and travelling through a remote part of Nebraska at the time. The sudden stop lurched passengers forward, and made the car go dark. Mr Wilson reportedly had firearms on him, and plenty of ammunition — but was pinned down by Amtrak workers after he was found in the second engine of the train “playing with the controls”, according to the FBI affidavit.

    • unnamed says:

      Obama got Bin Laden.

      By your definition, no terrorist attacks during Obama's Presidency.

      Yet Trump sided with Putin against our intelligence and law enforcement.  So, why does he stand with Putin and against America?

  4. Half Glass Full says:

    I would challenge Stapleton to name a single specific policy or procedural initiative that Donald J. Trump has actually led his administration to create, that has "kept America safe."

    Just as in the Obama Administration, there are government employees in the CIA, FBI, and military working to keep America safe day in and day out. Trump has done nothing other than give Kim Jong Un credibility while in no way actually impacting North Korea's ability to keep developing nuclear weapons and missiles. Trump has done nothing to safeguard American democracy from Russia. 

    Trump is all hair and no cattle.

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