Will Udall and Bennet vote against health care reform bill?

The Denver Post says Udall and Bennet should vote against the health care reform bill.

We call on Colorado Sens. Mark Udall and Michael Bennet to take a principled stand against the travesty the Senate legislation has become.

We do so because the deal-making and the concessions made to reach 60 votes have created a bill so poisonous to the stated ideals of both senators that they should be unable to attach their good names to its passage when it comes up for a scheduled vote on Christmas Eve.

To buy a “yes” vote from Sen. Ben Nelson, for example, the bill will fully fund the Nebraskan’s home-state Medicaid program, at a cost of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars over the next decade.

Better to take up the quest for true health care reform next year and try once again to craft meaningful legislation than to accept this ghastly gift to the insurance industry and hodgepodge of pricey perks to legislators.

Without a public option, without an expansion of Medicare and without other significant changes that stand the greatest chance of holding down surging costs, the Senate’s legislation would leave working Americans pretty much where they are today: facing the prospect of double- digit inflation in insurance premiums for as far as the eye can see.

In fact, health care inflation could actually escalate.

Businesses, too, will continue to be rocked by higher costs.

Yes, 2010 is an election year and Democrats need to show they can make progress on major issues.

But shouldn’t the immediacy of a political race be all the more reason to demonstrate to constituents an ability to show true leadership?

Tolerating a bad bill simply to say you passed something would be irresponsible.


Will Bennet vote against health care bill?

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  1. Another skeptic says:

    Try this scenario.

    Bennet goes to Harry Reid and tells him to strip the bill of all pork or he will kill it.

    Reid does, and the bill passes with GOP votes.

    Would that get Bennet elected?

    • There is not a single Senator on the GOP side of the aisle interested in the slightest in voting for this bill.  Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins were the only two possible GOP votes, and they’ve made it pretty clear they weren’t going to vote for a bill this year.

      • Another skeptic says:

        What would happen if Bennet had the imagination and courage to send the bill back to the drawing board and it passed in March, April or May?  

      • Another skeptic says:

        I wonder what the odds are?

        • Sen. DeMint, on Republican obstruction of health care reform: “If we’re able to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo. It will break him.”

          This isn’t about whose ideas of reform are good or bad, at least not to Republicans.  Sens. Snowe and Collins would probably vote for a reform bill if they weren’t being pressured to keep their caucus unified so that they could regain their majority.

          • Another skeptic says:

            Republicans have proposed numerous real reforms and some silly ones over the years, just like the Democrats. I think several would vote for a bill that the Democrats allowed them to amend and debate.

            • And they’re still voting against it.

              • Another skeptic says:

                Why do Dems perpetuate the lie that the Republicans have anything in the health bill?

                • Is that they get to put their own bill in place instead of the Democratic bill.

                  The Democrats listened early on to Republican ideas and had some of them incorporated before the thing even came to the House (or Senate) floor.  The Senate listened to Republican Olympia Snowe’s demand (carried to its conclusion by Sen. Lieberman) that there be no public option – a huge concession.

                  But it wasn’t enough.  The Republicans wanted their own bill, not a few ideas included.  The GOP had its main proposal rated by the CBO.  It sucked. (I believe that wasn’t the official wording used, but it didn’t save as much money and it didn’t help nearly as many people…)

  2. At least for this round, before Christmas.

    If the bill comes out of conference with Nelson’s pet project intact and not enough other improvements made, then perhaps I’d agree.  For now though, getting the bill into conference is worth the effort.

    PS – Nelson’s provision might not survive, as I understand they’ve upped compensation for rural primary care providers generally now.

  3. DavidThi808 says:

    It’s always taken favors & pork to pass legislation like this. It sucks but that’s how politics works. So if we wait a year, you’ll be making the same complaints.

  4. redstateblues says:

    You need to provide a link to the story you’re quoting. It’s called blogging, welcome.

  5. Aaron Silverstein says:

    “He’s stuck on the Democrats’ fringe left wing.”

    I am not sure the word “fringe” means what you think it does.

    Bennet voted with the 60 Senators for cloture. Not with the 40 that voted against. You see, that 60 vote side? That is the big side.  

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