Dear Representative McInnis

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I know you’re very busy and all. I’m disappointed that you do not have time to sit down with me for an interview to give me, and the people who read my blog, a chance to find out what you want to do as Governor. But hey, there are only 24 hours in a day.

The thing is, with the economy in the toilet, who we elect as Governor matters – a lot. We, and by we I mean all of us voters, need to know what you will do. As I told one major Democratic officeholder – who we elect right now is too important to vote based on party identification. I am voting for the individual who I think will do the best job.

Now I know you would prefer to answer these questions after you are elected. But in these perilous times, we can’t afford to buy a pig in a poke. We need to hear from you now. Besides, it’s just not very Governor-ial of you to hide – we need a Governor who will stand up and address the problems we face.

I don’t think you can responsibly ask any Colorado citizen for their vote until you have given us direct and specific answer to the following questions. I hope even Dick Wadhams will expect solid answer to the following before he promises you his vote. Because we voters must select the candidate who is best for the state and the country.

  1. Where exactly will you cut the budget to balance it? If you say eliminate waste & inefficiency, please identify where that is as there is no line item in the budget with that description.
  2. Do you support the proposed ballot initiatives that will further reduce the state budget? If so, again what specifically will you cut if those initiatives pass?
  3. Where do you stand on FASTER? And is that stand subject to future (daily) changes?

Yes the state could be better managed – Ritter’s good but he’s not perfect. Yes we can find more sensible approaches to what the government provides (starting with K-12 schools).

But the fact is Ritter is doing a good job. And you need to convince us you can do better. Because face it, most of the primary major causes of the world of hurt we are in today are due to inept Republicans from George Bush to Doug Bruce.

If you want our consideration, we need real answers from you. If you can’t do it now, how on earth will you be able to do it for real as Governor. And if you can’t deliver as Governor, then how can you even ask for our vote?

thank you

David Thielen

ps – The offer of the interview still holds. I think if you have what it takes to be Governor, you should be able to handle an hour with me.

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  1. RedGreen says:

    Ritter’s campaign manager sent out an almost identical plea for answers from McInnis yesterday afternoon, with the same three questions. He wanted folks to send McInnis e-mails, but I suppose posting on Colorado Pols is a rough equivalent.

    From Kenney’s e-mail, titled “Stop Being Coy”:

    As campaign director, an important part of my job is knowing exactly where my opponent stands on the key issues facing our state. Problem is, even Scott McInnis doesn’t seem to know where Scott McInnis stands. So, I thought maybe you could help me figure this out.

    Consider the critical issue of the budget shortfalls our state faces due to the recession. Governor Ritter has shown true leadership on developing a specific strategy to address these shortfalls, and has built a solid path forward for Colorado to emerge stronger and quicker than other states from this recession.

    Scott McInnis? He said he won’t tell us how he will balance the budget until after he gets elected governor. In the meantime, he won’t give us any clue about his plan. I don’t know if he simply doesn’t have a plan, or just doesn’t want to fill us in. Either way, that’s not leadership.

    E-mail Scott McInnis today, and demand he tell Colorado voters how he plans to balance the budget.

    Take the highly dangerous ballot issues extreme right wing groups placed on the ballot for 2010, which would cut billions in funding from our schools, prisons, and transportation. Governor Ritter has called these ballot issues “reckless.” Even Republicans like Josh Penry and Mike May oppose them.

    Scott McInnis? He says he needs “more time” to figure them out. To me, firing thousands of teachers, jeopardizing public safety, and letting our roads and bridges fall apart doesn’t take a lot of thinking.

    E-mail Scott McInnis today: Demand that he come clean and talk straight with Colorado voters.

    Need another one? McInnis is opposed to Governor Ritter’s FASTER plan, which targets funds to quickly repair hundreds of unsafe bridges in Colorado that suffered from years of neglect during the previous administration. He won’t tell us whether he just wants to keep these unsafe bridges as they are, or what new plan he has to pay for them.

    See the trend here? Being an effective governor takes true leadership, and the willingness to be honest with Coloradans on exactly what it will take to move our state forward, even if sometimes this honesty isn’t politically popular. …

    • MADCO says:

      and Spartacus.  But not that other guy who shall remain nameless until and unless.

      • Libertad says:

        Like the Guv., I don’t think Scott McGinnis reads this blog.  Like the Guv, McGinnis will use mass media to give interviews.  Right or wrong its people like Adam Schrager at 9NEWS that will get the choice McGinnis opportunities.  

        You’re a great guy David, fair and balanced, but the numbers aren’t with you.

        This site is run by left leaning liberals for left leaning liberals.  

        Yeah sure, insiders come here to monitor what those on the outside are saying, but the meetings they are having this morning on the 1st floor, at some lobbyists office or at the local resturant won’t be blogged about here for weeks or ever.

        Right or wrong that’s the deal here.  I think you’ll have more success in getting Joel Judd, Claire Levie, Morgan Carroll or going to work as a real reporter.

        • DavidThi808 says:

          The above is asking him to answer the questions. Wouldn’t you like to know where he stands on those before voting?

          ps – thank you for the nice words 🙂

          • MADCO says:

            and when he wears the right hat no one can see it.

            And I don’t think he wants answers to the above questions that are nuanced or complicated. As any decent (electable) answers would be.

            Own the web. Own the web.  Campaign, fund raise. Own the web.  


            You are right about that.

        • RedGreen says:

          getting Republican candidates for top office to sit with him. Do your homework.

        • ClubTwitty says:

          and ask the erstwhile DeLay-era Congressman cum Lawyer-Lobbyist why he spells his own name incorrectly.

        • Another skeptic says:

          From what I read, it seems McInnis has answered the questions posed.

          He will wait for the governor to publish his new budget and respond. Opponents of incumbents always wait for the incumbents to commit to various policies and then try to pick them apart. Smart politics.

          McInnis has told the Post and bloggers that he hasn’t decided on the tax cut proposals that will be on next year’s ballot. Why commit before you see how voters feel about the proposed tax cuts, which don’t look very likely to pass. Smart politics.

          You need to explain FASTER for your readers. It’s about funding pork barrel spending on roads and bridges. What do you want to know about it? Where do you stand on motherhood and apple pie?

          If you Google “McInnis,” I think you’ll find that a lot of papers and some bloggers have interviewed him.

          • RedGreen says:

            It’s cynical politics, not smart politics, to wait until voters form an opinion. Are we electing a weather vane or a six-term congressman (and multimillion dollar lobbyist!) with some principles and judgment?

          • Ralphie says:

            cannot be equated to good governance.

            The latter is far more important.  Why should I vote for someone who won’t tell me what he will do in office?

          • Republican 36 says:

            The executive branch agencies submit their budget requests in early December. Mr. McInnis already has access to those requests. Govrernor Ritter has already published his next budget.

            Further, the revenue projections are already public information and there is a budget in place right now. Can’t Mr. McInnis tell us what he objects to in the present budget and whether he agrees with the cuts Governor Ritter has already made.

            Mr. McInnis has specfically stated he will increase funding for higher education and repeal the $250 million from the FASTER bill earmarked for CDOT but he will replace the FASTER funds with general funds from other agencies. Since he is going to increase funding to higher education, there is only one other agency with $250 million available and that is the Department of Corrections (the prisons). Since he has made these policy pronouncements he can certainly tell us what his early release policy for prison inmates is going to be because his budget ideas lead to only one conclusion . . . he has to close prisons and release the inmates. If he can’t tell us any of the consequences of repealing FASTER and increasing higher education funding then he obviously made policy pronouncements without thinking about them. That can hardly be called leadership.

            The information for him to answer the questions has been available in most cases for months. Either he has a plan or he doesn’t and since Sen. Penry and Rep. May are against the three tax initiatives which means they no longer want to repeal FASTER, then where is Mr. McInnis at on that issue since the leadership of his party, the Republicans, have decided that isn’t a good idea.

            It is time for Mr. McInnis to answer the questions. Waiting till after the 2010 election is a vacuous answer.

            • MADCO says:

              Why do you have jump into an emotional, sound bytey based rant and discussion with reasonableness and actual facts to support you.?

              C’mon at least …swear, or call someone a name or something.  You …you… reasonableist!  

            • Another skeptic says:

              Attackers get to pick their times and places.

              Right now, McInnis probably is smart to let Ritter stew awhile. Ritter created the mess and deserves to see how voters react to his budget. McInnis will go with the popular sentiment and await better information about the economy and budget. Smart politics. Smart leadership.

              • Republican 36 says:

                What is the mess and what did he specifically do to create it?

              • Republican 36 says:

                I’m interested in how he is going to fulfill the budget promises he already made to the voters. That has nothing to do with his attacks on Gov. Ritter. Surely, when he said he would repeal FASTER, replace the $250 million loss to CDOT with general funds from other agencies, and simultaneously increase funding for higher education, he had examined the budget and knows how he will accomplish all of that. Since he knows how he will do that shouldn’t he let us know his budget plans. How he intends to attack Govenror Ritter during the campaign isn’t relevant to fleshing out his budget and tax plans.

                These questions should be easy for him to answer since he has already thought through the answers.

      • Another skeptic says:

        He’s not governing the way he campaigned.

        So do candidates’ answers mean much?

        • DavidThi808 says:

          Where do you see him diverging greatly from what he campaigned on.

          As to your comment “So do candidates’ answers mean much?” – it’s sad that you don’t expect that from the candidates you support.

        • MADCO says:

          Their answers are meaningless.

          Anything they say is meaningless.

          We should ignore everything but the really important stuff, like … criminal background, private sector experience, and party affiliation.

          Of course the answers are meaningful.

          • Another skeptic says:

            I enjoy reading interviews and wish more candidates did more interviews and that interviewers asked better questions.

            I was just wondering.

            Ritter is not the governor I voted for.

            • DavidThi808 says:

              Granted things never play out as predicted. But I’ve yet to feel like Ritter has done anything substantially different from what I expected. There were places I hoped for more, but that’s different.

              • Another skeptic says:

                I followed the 2006 campaign closely and posted here several days on the gubernatorial race. I voted for Ritter.

                Shortly after he was elected he showed he not only was from a union family, which I knew, but that he was so scared to death of the unions, who he temporarily defied, that he gave the state’s workforce to them. That disappointed and outraged me big time.

                Then Ritter supported Obama’s health care reforms even though they will put huge burdens on the state’s budget and are just bad ideas.

                And he began promoting green jobs and alternative energy, which are a fraud. At a time the country needs to produce more energy to slow imports, he made energy exploration and development more costly and difficult in Colorado. This not only killed Colorado jobs but also hurt the whole country.

                Ritter’s a lawyer. And he’s acting like a lawyer who doesn’t appreciate the roles, trials or tribulations of small employers. He doesn’t understand private enterprise. And he believes in big government more than I ever dreamed.

                I can’t support him for re-election.

                • DavidThi808 says:

                  I think we all tend to read what we want in to politicians statements – which is a large part of why they try to keep it vague.

                  On the unions, I think Ritter was pretty close to what he promised – he gave state employees a central representative but vetoed the unemployment for locked out workers reinstatement. So he honked off both you and the unions.

                  On green energy he talked about it, but I do think most of us were surprised that he truly has put a lot of effort in to it. Again, I think this is in line with what he ran on.

                  On his fighting the O&G industry – there I think you have a very legit point that he has done a lot more than anyone expected. I’m thrilled he has, you’re upset. But I will agree this was far more than we heard about in the campaign.

  2. MADCO says:

    If this is the election theme- Ritter wins.

    And the house and senate majorities remain in place.

    • Car 31 says:

      When was the last time an incumbent Governor in Colorado lost his seat?

      I rely on One Queer Dude, the resident historian, for this answer, but it has been a long time.

      • RedGreen says:

        was 1974, when John Vanderhoof lost to Dick Lamm in a Democratic sweep (other Republican incumbents who fell were Sen. Peter Dominick to Gary Hart and Rep. Don Brotzman to Tim Wirth). But Vanderhoof wasn’t an elected incumbent — he took over when John Love was picked to be Nixon’s first energy czar the year before.

        Love, incidentally, was the guy who defeated the most recent elected governor to lose for re-election. That was in 1962 when the attorney ousted Democrat Stephen McNichols.

  3. Ellie says:

    David it’s hard to advocate an interview with someone that is so obviously biased.  (As I recall you thought Penry was going to kick McInnis butt last fall until the fundraising numbers came out.)  It’s a bit like a supporter of Obama’s advocating he set down for a Q & A with Glen Beck.  

    I will give you this – your letter makes great theater for so early in the morning.  

    • dukeco1 says:

      McInnis could just answer the damned questions.

      • Ellie says:

        Obama and White House weren’t going to give Fox News a scrap other than the daily briefings and then changed their minds after getting negative feedback on boycotting the whole network.

        I used Glen Beck for a reason..has he interviewed Obama?  Frankly I don’t watch Beck’s show.  He’s a showman – not a credible newsman.

        • Ralphie says:

          Because Obama sat down with him during the campaign.

          McInnis is ducking the interview.

          • gertie97 says:

            He has to come up with answers to impossible questions, such as how to cut highway funding and still fix the highways.

            It is a problem.

          • Ellie says:

            I thought about asking McInnis when he was in our neck of the woods last time but decided the time wasn’t right.  He’ll answer a lot of questions including these between now and next Nov.  You know as well as I do timings everything.  The answers may not come through an interview with David but when they do I lay odds most of the bloggers on Pols will deride them.  It’s the common denominator that keeps COPols going. (That and the Friday music which I thoroughly enjoy.)

        • DavidThi808 says:

          However the newsman I’ve most been compared to here is Larry King because my interviews are so soft & gentle. The liberals on this site wanted me shot for my interview of Penry because I treated him fairly.

          Anyways, I understand your guy McInnis not wanting to interview with me – he’s had a hard time even with fawning sycophants like Dan Caplis. That’s fine, every candidate should pick and choose who they talk to based on how it plays for them.

          What I don’t think is ok is for a candidate to run away from the fundamental questions they will face as governor. What happens if they are then elected and McInnis is unwilling to determine where to cut the budget – do we just shut down the state?

  4. Laughing Boy says:

    I wouldn’t talk to you.  Absolutely nothing good can come out of an interview for a far-left-leanng blog where many of the people can’t even be civil to Jared Polis.

    Nothing against you, at all.  You’re a fine man and I think you do a great job with your interviews, but it’s in his best interest to sit back and let the Dems continue to self-destruct a year out from the election.

    • DavidThi808 says:

      That politicians will only interview with a guaranteed supportive interviewer? Do you really want someone that afraid of being challenged as governor. I don’t.

      This is the same reason I am contemptuous of Udall – he was so scared of Code Pink that he stopped making public appearances. You are contemptuous of DeGette because she minimizes her public appearances.

      It’s not just a game of political advantage – we’re electing a Governor of the state. I don’t care (that much) if he interviews with me. I do care if he’s capable & willing to answer the above questions.

      • Laughing Boy says:

        I want Ritter out of the Governor’s mansion.

        McInnis talking to lefties that wouldn’t vote for him if he walked on water serves no purpose for him.

        Do you think DeGette would give me an interview?

        • DavidThi808 says:

          As I’ve said here before, I respect Owens (primarily his second term). I’d vote for Ritter over Owens (probably) but I would not say Owens was unqualified.

          But McInnis concerns me that he’s not of Governor caliber. Politics aside, we need someone who can step up and make hard decisions. If he runs away from questions like this, what are we going to have when he’s Governor.

    • ClubTwitty says:

      self-destruction will be more grand does not favor the GOP I am afraid.

  5. DavidThi808 says:

    About “David, you can’t expect McInnis to sit down with someone who doesn’t love him.” Interesting because no where in my post did I ask for an interview.

    All my post asked was for McInnis to give direct answers on three fundamental questions. Questions I think we should expect answers on from any candidate for Governor.

    So I’ll put it out there again – should we even consider someone who won’t answer those questions?

  6. dmindgo says:

    funny that Ritter’s asking the same questions of McInnis.  I would tend to say that it’s a growing concern that McInnis won’t answer the questions.  At some point, if he continues to evade, that will become the meme about his campaign.  He has plenty of time to change it but if we roll around into the springtime with this same attitude, I expect we’ll have another Republican flameout.

    Which, considering it’s McInnis, is great by me.

  7. onebigrepublican says:

    Just don’t do it.  What’s the point of giving answers to questions that could kill you in an election when you are raising money like he is and poling favors you.  Scott doesn’t need the interview from his vantage.  The interview or answers could only hurt him.  Stay on the phone, raise money and keep those numbers up with the voters.

    • MADCO says:

      If elected what would you do about pressing issues?

      Or don’t answer- play it quiet. And Let the campaign define you.

      OTW, OTW, OTW

    • redstateblues says:

      From a strategic point of view, trying to reconcile all of this at this point in the campaign is idiotic. The only thing that could be worse for him would be if he tried to debate Ritter.

      McInnis is up in the polls, incumbents are unpopular, Ritter is having trouble reconciling his own issues, why do something that will hurt him?

      From my personal point of view, however, I think it’s pretty awful that he’s avoiding answering these questions. I really worry about what he would be like as Governor.

      • DavidThi808 says:

        I’d prefer to see him figure that out before the election, not after the inauguration.

        It also worries me that his supporters are fine with Scott not laying out what he will do before being elected. They have no idea what they are getting.

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