Jane Norton, Seeking “Tea Party” Support, Calls For Dept. of Ed Abolition

Interesting report from a self-described “Tea Party guy” who had a chance to sit down with GOP Senate candidate Jane Norton recently. Seems he came away happy–will anyone else? Excerpts from the blog Perlstalker’s Ramblings:

I attended a meet and greet with Colorado Senate hopeful Jane Norton. There have been some that have questioned her conservative credentials. It was for that reason that I went to meeting.

There were fifteen or so people where when I arrived (I was a few minutes late), most of whom I recognized from the local Republican party and my Tea Parties. We met around a couple of tables and had a very frank and open discussion…

Mrs. Norton said all the right things regarding small government, low spending and low taxes. One thing I found especially interesting was that she felt that the federal Department of Education was part of the bloat that should be cut. Completely. [Pols emphasis] It was her opinion that individual states should be responsible for education in the state and the federal government should stay out of it.

She said that she is, in no uncertain terms, against cap-and-trade and ObamaCare. She also wants to put a rule in that, like Colorado, federal legislation should be limited to a single topic. It is her hope that such a rule would prevent some of these thousand page monsters that have come out recently. She also said that she is in favor of requiring the federal government to maintain a balanced budget…

The format led to a very candid exchange of views. She was honest with us when she didn’t know about a topic. Asked her about Net Neutrality and she had not heard of it before. She didn’t try to make up something on the spot, she admitted that she didn’t know and listed well as I explained my views on the topic.

I’m not going to say that I’d prefer her over Ken Buck or many others vying for the nomination, but I will say that, based on our conversation yesterday, I could support her as my Senator.

This blogger reports that he “never got to” the question of Norton’s 2005 support for the hated Referendum C, but apparently parroting John Andrews’ oft-voiced desire to abolish the federal Department of Education made enough of an impression for him to forget all about that.

Everybody do take note of what she just signed up to support, though–she’s going to have to start selling to the sane vote sometime, and more than one of these bullet points seem likely to come back and haunt her once she does.

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  1. Dearest Lt Governor Norton –

    I say this with the deepest respect – after all, as a Republican activist, I want us to beat Bennet/Romanoff, and clearly, you’re one of our best candidates

    In addition, I have a history of knocking on many doors and talking to many activists – I’m no expert, but I would like to think I know the grassroots ‘pulse’

    That said – if you really really really want the Tea Party vote, you need to address your past support of Ref C and D

    Love and peace –

    Ali Hasan

  2. One Queer Dude says:

       Reagan in 1980 was the first of a long line of GOP candidates to call for abolishing to Dept. of Ed (as well as the Dept of Energy).  

      How did that work out for you guys?

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