Joe Biden Endorses Joe Neguse in CD-2

From one Joe to another

‘Tis the season for political endorsements, and today the campaign of Joe Neguse for Congress announced a big one: Former Vice President Joe Biden.

From a press release:

“Joe Neguse is the embodiment of the American Dream and I couldn’t be prouder to endorse his campaign for Congress. We need to send him to Washington to fight for working-class families and to protect the ideals that this nation was founded on.” said Vice President Biden. [Pols emphasis]

If elected, Neguse, 34, would become the first African-American ever elected to Congress from the State of Colorado, and would be one of the youngest members of Congress. Neguse, whose parents immigrated from Eritrea, is an attorney who previously served as a member of the University of Colorado Board of Regents, representing the 2nd Congressional District for six years from 2009 through 2015. He also co-founded New Era Colorado, the state’s largest youth voter registration and mobilization organization.

“Joe Biden is an American icon with a tremendous record of service to this country. Having his support is an incredible honor.” said Neguse

Why Biden, and why now? As The Hill reports, the former Vice President seems to be picking up steam as a potential Democratic candidate for President in 2020:

The former vice president has been the front-runner in some early 2020 Democratic primary polls while drawing a constant stream of news coverage. He’s scheduled to headline a series of events for Democrats running in the upcoming midterm elections.

Some Democrats are becoming increasingly convinced that the plain-spoken Scranton, Pa., native — decidedly not a fresh face for the party after serving eight years as vice president — nonetheless is the one to take on President Trump in the next election.

Biden has been traveling the country lately, both to stump for Democratic candidates and to promote his latest memoir, “Promise Me, Dad.”

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  1. davebarnes says:

    Biden is too old.
    Time for the Boomers to step aside.
    The Dimocrats need to set an upper age limit of 56.

    • JohnInDenver says:

      Even if you don't want to be "ageist" and reject him based on that standard, there are several other reasons why he shouldn't (and for my guess, won't) be the candidate.

      Start with his two prior national campaigns for President, both of which went basically nowhere. Add on his long history of votes in the Senate and expressed positions while serving 8 years in the Obama administration, creating plenty of history to antagonize nearly everyone. Add in his general stance of being a "centrist" — which I think would make a challenging barrier to attracting younger activists. Throw on being male, chairing the committee hearing for Clarence Thomas, and having lots of pictures worse than the ones which sent Franken to a flaming resignation in an era of #MeToo and a surge of women's activism. And then consider what has charmingly been described as his "loquaciousness" and history of randomly emerging as a good spokesman and debater OR "blurting out pretty much anything."

      It is great he is endorsing and trying to encourage the next generation of leaders.

      • Voyageur says:

        It's not ageist to say Biden is too damn old.  He's too damn old.  He'll be 77 in 2020. — if elected and re-elected, he'd be 85 — or dead.

        It's even more ridiculous for Bernie — 79 in 2020 — to run.  If he lived out his second term he'd be 87!  But since average male life expectancy is 76, he'd probably be dead.

        I'm 73.  I can say it.  Bernie is too damn old, Joe is too damn old.   It's time for the Democratic Party to find some leaders who aren't on Medicare.

        Amy Klobuchar might do the trick just perfectly.

  2. allyncooper says:

    In JFK's inaugural address given when he was 43, he said "the torch has been passed to a new generation". I think Biden is a good and decent man, but its time to pass the torch Joe.

  3. mamajama55 says:

    Joe Neguse is the real deal. One of the best political speakers I've heard. Obama-level oratorical skills. Smart, funny, relateable, great personal story, good progressive politics.

    Probably "Uncle Joe"Biden sees all that, wants to mentor a future star.

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