Dear Teachers for Kennedy Independent Expenditure Committee

I went to my mail box this afternoon and found your huge three-color mailer. It didn’t motivate me to vote for Cary Kennedy. It made me wonder why, in last night’s debate, she refused to call you out on misleading and negative ads.

The fact that Cary Kennedy, who promised a clean campaign, would not see how negative your mailer actually is, convinces me that she is NOT the right leader for Colorado. Leaders don’t profit off of lies and innuendo.

Jared Polis started a charter school. That is true. It was a school for immigrant children who needed a little help because of language and cultural barriers. Please explain to me how that “aligns him with conservatives” who want to separate mothers from their kids at the border and deport them all? Don’t bother. It doesn’t.

What bothers me most is you took things from 10 or more years ago to try to tell me that is how Jared Polis is thinking today or would govern tomorrow. I’ve read his plan for education, and honestly it makes more sense to me than anything that I’ve seen from Teachers for Kennedy.

What pissed me off the most is your comment “now he’s spending millions hoping you’ll forget it.” He is spending his own money on his campaign, that is true. But he isn’t hoping I’ll forget anything. I’ve met him on several occasions. I’ve asked him questions. He has always answered the questions candidly.

I can’t say that about Cary Kennedy, who seems to be clueless about the impacts of oil and gas development in Colorado, or the growing body of work that equates health issues in communities near that development with exposure to toxic chemicals in the air, soil and water.

I was supporting Jared Polis before I got your mailer. I always thought that Cary Kennedy would be a good second choice. Her acceptance of your support changes all of that. I will not vote for a person who accepts the support of salacious negative advertising. Yes, I know that she cannot coordinate with you. But she had the opportunity to condemn your ad in a debate and she refused to do so, just as she delayed talking to environmentalists in Longmont after she was endorsed by Anadarko Salazar. Sheesh. Even Frackenlooper said he was disappointed in that ad.

You blew it for your candidate. I do believe our actions define us. Your actions prove that you are nasty and irresponsible, and by extension that your candidate does not deserve my support. #JaredPolis4Gov#CaryKennedy4rehabilitation

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Retired banker, community and economic developer. Born in Deadwood, but raised in Colorado.

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  1. mamajama55 says:

    Preach it, Konola. KDVR's truthcheck even found some of the claims in the "Teachers for Kennedy" mailers to be somewhat misleading.

    If I really thought that Polis was advocating taking money out of public school budgets to pay for vouchers for private schools (as Betsy Devos wants), I would absolutely not support him. But…..he doesn't. He has started and supported a network of public charter schools, (the New America schools) which has had mixed results, but serves the kids that nobody else is serving well.

    I know some of the people who put this together, and they are hearing from me that it is making me less likely to vote for Kennedy in the primary, even though I voted for her at Assembly.

  2. DavidThi808 says:

     just as she stopped talking to environmentalists in Longmont after she was endorsed by Anadarko Salazar

    Is that true – that she stopped talking to the anti-fracking environmentalists?

    • mamajama55 says:

      I don't really know – I'll have a chance to ask her myself tomorrow at the Action Stop / Big Tent dinner in Brush.

    • Ckonola says:

      I heard that from a person in Longmont. I am checking to make sure it is true. If I am wrong, I will post that. 


    • Ckonola says:

      My source said She is going to go visit an individual environmentalist this week  Another small group asked her to meet with them and she is.  I'll edit my original diary to say she delayed talking to environmentalists. Thank you for the question, which prompted me to follow up. 


  3. Ckonola says:

    The NBC Affiliate in Denver will be live-streaming a debate of DEM candidates this evening. I will be watching from Grand Junction. I hope that someone asks Cary Kennedy again if she will denounce the horrible mailings being produced by Teachers for Kennedy Independent Expenditure Committee. I received a second mailing today, which was even uglier than the first one.  I hope someone asks her about O&G regulations too.

    • Ckonola says:

      She did not try to distance herself other than saying that she could not coordinate with a campaign. She said it would be illegal for her to make any comment other than she didn't think teachers should be silenced. It is NOT a violation of campaign finance laws to call for a supportive ad to be condemned–as was pointed out by Mike Johnston in the debate. I'm sorry, it is my belief that Cary Kennedy does not have the leadership qualities I'd like to see in a Governor. 


      • JohnInDenver says:

        What an uncommonly narrow basis for determining "leadership qualities" you'd like to see.

        None of the candidates is responsible for all of his or her supporters. Nor do I expect each candidate to criticize every "attack" on others, every deviance in policy preference or every variation in campaign style.


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