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June 01, 2018 06:46 AM UTC

Friday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“My great concern is not whether you have failed, but whether you are content with your failure.”

–Abraham Lincoln


31 thoughts on “Friday Open Thread

  1.  Context is everything. Lenny Bruce and George Carlin and Richard Pryor did time and suffered career setbacks to be able to push the boundaries of satire and say the "7 forbidden words"(plus the "N word" in Pryor's case).

    Samantha Bee committed her offense in the correct context of an adult comedy show,  with her viewers properly warned with a TV – Mature rating. (and it was an offense – I'm no fan of Ivanka Trump, but she can be criticized without attacking her in that way) Bee should not have to lose her show, or anything more than some viewers, possibly advertisers.

    So now we allow those words in the context of adult comedy. We don't allow them in political discourse. We don't allow them in teaching. We do allow them in art, music, literature, drama, poetry, for adult audiences.

    Rosanne Barr mistook the context. She thought she was her character, and could espouse  her character's beliefs, in real life as herself on the public stage. She found out differently, quickly and harshly.

    Had her character, Roseanne, in the context of the show, made some racist remarks, it would have been a dramatic conflict, resolved by her character being shown to be bigoted and wrong.

    If you're old enough to remember "All in the Family", Carroll O'Connor was a master at that. His character, Archie Bunker, was an unrepentant bigot who said some pretty unforgiveable things. 

    He always came up against reality; his black neighbors' humanity, his own self interest as a working man, etc.  The premise of the hit show was that bigots can be wrong-headed but loveable, and that we as a country need to be able to talk about and deal with difficult issues.

    I never watched the new "Roseanne", so I don't know if that was the same premise, or if it was just, "We need to understand Trump voters better".  At any rate, Roseanne was no Carroll O'Connor.  The premise of the show, whatever that was, exploded when she revealed that she truly is a racist. Then it wasn't funny anymore. Someone who actually watched the show can say whether it was funny and worthwhile, or not.

    We have a "leader" who doesn't know if he's on TV or not half the time, and says stuff completely inappropriate for a leader to say. We're stuck with him for the time being. But let's hope his show gets cancelled, too.

    -partly copied from a comment on another thread.

    1. The thing about it is Roseanne the Comedian is almost indistinguishable from her character.  So, I doubt she has the same filter between her character and the real her the way some actors do.

    2. What do you mean "we," White man?

       Uhh, no, "we" don't "allow the c-word in adult comedy."  You do. "We" don't.  Me don't, that's for damn sure.  

      Should Bee lose her show?   That's up to the network.  Her ratings are down 34 percent.  This seems like a calculated effort to raise them, frankly, and deserves to fail.

      We've long been fans , my wife and me.  Her interviews with clueless fundamentalists on the old Daily show were its best feature.

      but Full Fumble, her current show, seems to have just one premise, that there is some thing truly hilarious about watching a middle-aged woman scream Fuck a lot.  

      we still set our recorder to catch her show, but I haven't got around to watching this episode.  Every week, it takes me longer to watch a show that seems adrift and groping for a theme.

      Shouting "fuck" a lot isn't really funny and her idea that screaming it ten times is ten times as funny as bellowing it once is flawed.  The f-word isn't obscene, it's trite and boring.  So, if we want shock value, we need to move on to the c-word, right?

      Wrong.  Like the n- word and " faggot" it has no purpose except to hurt and dehumanize.  It ain't funny.

      As to the Roseanne comparison, Bee's is the worse offense.  Roseanne is just a drunken old bigot who showed her true colors at two a.m. in a tweet.  Bee sat at a conference table and nodded eagerly as some hack writer said "Let's call the president's daughter a c—.   That 's a real knee-slapper."

        She may have coined the line herself, she undoubtedly approved it, delivered it on tape and let it sit for hours before it aired.  Then she apologized after two advertisers dropped her.

      I frankly don't care if TBS drops her show.  She has committed the worst sin a comedian can commit.

      She just isn't funny.


  2. Ivanka is truly repugnant. If SB had called her a feckless bitch, the comment would probably have been ignored. By using an obviously controversial term, she is going to get a YUGE ratings bump because of all the earned media…Donald should be proud and should congratulate Samantha Bee for adopting his style.

    The right is attacking the language because they can't defend Ivankas' soulless, immoral, behavior. 

    The thread that holds the White House together is shared, unmitigated, greed on the part of almost every player there. With the exception of Kelly, Bolton, Miller, and the rest of the racist and xenophobic staff with which T***p has surrounded himself, who mix their hatred in with the avarice.

    The White House has become a clear expression of everything that is wrong with this country.

  3. My reaction is to try to set partisanship aside. If someone used that term on my spouse, my sisters, the memory of my mother, or anyone I know personally, I would object. Vehemently.

    When someone I knew on Facebook insulted Hillary with a similar term, I blocked him.

    So, I won't be looking for additional Samantha Bee content. I leave it to the more informed to judge the amount of intention in the statement, the adequacy and completeness of apology, and the consequence to a career.

    1. That’s pretty close to my position John. Wasn’t a SB follower and I hate how we’ve devolved as a society. I don’t think she should be fired; let the viewing audience decide. Her show had an M warning so you know what you’re getting. I’d been OK with Roseanne not being fired and letting the market speak in that case, too. I think it would have been a brutal response.

      I’m thankful my kids are grown; my kids are doing a stellar job with my grandkids and I’m glad I don’t have that full-time job  (my grandparents probably said the same thing of my parents raising kids in the late 60’s/early 70’s)


  4. Could you write this plot?  Trump goes full socialist to help destroy the environment.

    Trump Prepares Lifeline for Money-Losing Coal Plants

    Trump administration officials are making plans to order grid operators to buy electricity from struggling coal and nuclear plants in an effort to extend their life, a move that could represent an unprecedented intervention into U.S. energy markets.

    The Energy Department would exercise emergency authority under a pair of federal laws to direct the operators to purchase electricity or electric generation capacity from at-risk facilities, according to a memo obtained by Bloomberg News. The agency also is making plans to establish a "Strategic Electric Generation Reserve" with the aim of promoting the national defense and maximizing domestic energy supplies.

        1. I give up. Tried using the direct link from PostImage but when I use that method the comment literally disappears. When I try it a second and third time it says it is a duplicate post, even though the first one never posted.

          Copied/pasted from my photo roll and it was there for a minute then disappeared.  

              1. I’ve tried it both ways – using the direct link from PostImage (which almoa always works except for times like today where it just disappears.  When I tried copying from my camera roll and pasting into the box the picture displays temporarily then disappears. I notice when I hit ‘Source’ in that situation it shows a CoPils url

                1. PS: it’s been asking me about on almost every post today to prove I’m not a robot. If I’m only responding in text it posts; it there is any embedded link in my post it promptly disappears once I hit continue 

                  1. Here's your pic:

                    I just put it into postimage and copied the direct link. I notice the postimage url first directed me to – don’t know if that’s significant.

                    1. There’s also a .org (which I use) and a .cc that I avoid (not sure it isn’t a phishing site)

      1. Apparently there is a problem with postimage. Their "domain got blocked without notice".

        postimg.ORG domain is locked by Registry, no prior notice.
        While we hope to resolve the issue, we chose postimg.CC as our new home.
        Please update codes embedded in your websites.

        So… The is the right one to use now, according to the geeks out there. (no offense, geeks – we love ya).

        I found this explaining how to convert a image link to a link, but it's kind of beyond me.  I guess if you have old images posted from the previous website, it would allow you to update them.

        Probably all my old pics are gone again. (sigh).

        1. Ugh. I tried posting from both .cc and .org but ended up with the same result.  I’ll go back to using .cc if this gets resolved. 

    1. Meanwhile, there's a hearing today in Grand Junction to tout the brilliance of the Coos Bay, Ore., project to ship natural gas to the Far East. The gas purportedly would come from the Piceance Basin (jobs, jobs, jobs!) but we've seen no guarantees from the Canadian company pushing this that the gas would be American, let alone from western Colorado.

      Can't these clowns make up their minds?

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