5 Facts You Can Learn From Generational Felony Crime Statistics

News reports on crime statistics tend to cherry-pick out certain information and give you less than a complete picture of the nationwide generational trends and figures with felony crimes and convictions. Below are five facts that are easy to see when looking at comprehensive felony statistics that are up-to-date.

Types of Felonies Committed Vary By Generation

One thing that current statistics bear out is the fact that each generation seems to have a tendency to commit higher levels of specific felonies than others. It varies with each progressive generation. The reasons are not exactly known, but it is a verified trend.

Younger Generations Commit Fewer Crimes

The Millenial generation, which tends to be a generic grouping of generation “Y” and “Z,” commit fewer felonies than previous generations. It does not account for states with larger populations but as a countrywide average. It provides some hope that there will continue to be a downward spiral in felony numbers.

Violent Crime Is Down Overall

Studying current felony statistics by companies like Intelius provide the demographic snapshots many organizations need to determine where to open new treatment centers, rehab facilities, therapeutic counseling, and more. An area that tends to have higher incidences of felony acts usually are in higher need of all sorts of socio-economic help and services. The good news that even with the included felony numbers, rates of violent felony crime are down nationwide.

Crime Spikes Remain In Areas of Higher Population

States that house larger cities such as New York, Boston, and Chicago will naturally see higher rates of felonies committed. Highly concentrated areas of urban population will suffer from the law of averages. The more people that are condensed in one area, the higher the numbers of felony convictions you will have due to the population number. A city of 5,000,000 people will see much higher felony convictions than a small town of 5,000.

Higher Felony Crime Rates In Generation “X” Reflects Higher Rates In Younger Generations By Region

The use and analysis of generational felony statistics does show an interesting correlation between generations and crime activity. Areas that have higher felony rates for older populations tend to have little or no effect on the younger population felony numbers. It does seem to show some generational influence on the younger generation crime rates if generation “X” populations are spiked in criminal behaviors. It shows a possible link in generational behavior hand-off, at least in some high-density population areas.

Gathering comprehensive statistics regarding felony crime rates and comparing the generational numbers can offer a view of what particular regions can expect with trending activity. Fairly accurate crime forecasts can come out of carefully documented data.

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