Vermont Takes Action on Gun Violence

Vermont Gov. Phil Scott

As CNN reports, Vermont Republican Gov. Phil Scott has signed his name to legislation with some real proposals for combating gun violence:

As he signed the measures, Scott, a Republican, called himself a Second Amendment supporter who owns guns and has hunted his whole life. But he said continued mass shootings in the United States and a recently foiled school shooting plot at Fair Haven Union High School in Vermont “forced me to do some soul searching.”

“I want every student and every school, every mom and dad, every victim of violence in any form to know that today we stand together as we take steps towards making our community safer for all of us,” Scott said.

Vermont’s new law raises the minimum age for gun buyers to 21; bans bump stocks; requires gun transactions to be facilitated by a licensed dealer who would perform background checks; and limits rifle magazines to 10 rounds.

We’re not holding our breath that either Congress or the Colorado legislature will advance any sort of meaningful gun violence legislation anytime soon, but kudos to Vermont lawmakers for showing that it can be done in a bipartisan manner.

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  1. Dotzero says:

    I own and shoot a gun and I think this is a very responsible and not over-reaching response to what is going on today.

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