Penry: Let No Facts Stand In My Way

We’ve been talking about gubernatorial candidate Josh Penry’s problems recently with some of his central campaign themes being the subject of deconstructive media scrutiny. It’s worth pointing out that although we are the ones taking heat for zeroing in on some of the wider gaps between Penry’s rhetoric and the factual record, particularly with regard to this business about the state’s recent “hiring spree,” the actual assemblage of those facts has been carried out by the Denver Post, Grand Junction Sentinel, and other newspapers of record. You can’t really blame us.

But you would think that at some point, once the deconstruction had reached a certain inarguable level, that Penry would find new things to talk about. After all, it’s really no good to keep using talking points that get you laughed at. Reporters just start looking at you cock-eyed, and down you spiral. You’d think so, but as Fox31 reported uncritically last night:

“There just may have to be layoffs, is the unfortunate reality,” said Sen. Josh Penry, R-Fruita, who is one of three Republicans vying to challenge Ritter’s reelection next year. “Government has grown so expansively in the last few years — with literally thousands of new jobs. If we’re going to fund roads, schools, this may not be the end of it.”

Who wants to go first? We’re a little mystified–here we thought these canards had been factually bombarded into surrender by the state’s flagship media outlets, and then there’s Josh Penry sneering them at us on Fox last night. What gives, people?


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  1. ClubTwitty says:

    Gubernatorial candidate Senate Minority Leader Penry on selling off state assets, eliminating DOLA, halting energy planning, and otherwise attacking his (hoped for) opponent courtesy of the Colorado taxpayer:


    Oct. 28, 2009

    Contact: Lori Brown

    (303) 866-2638






    Colorado Senate Republican leader Josh Penry issued the following statement in response to Gov. Bill Ritter’s budget reductions:

    “We’re in this budget mess for two reasons: a bad economy, and a legislature and governor that spent too much when times were good. While some of these reductions are overdue, most are gimmicks, half-measures, or short-term fixes that only kick the can down the road. It’s time to start thinking about the fundamental reform of government.”

    “Is it time to abolish the Department of Local Affairs? Is it time to consolidate the bureaucracy over Higher Education? Is it time to eliminate duplicative boards and commissions? Is it time to abolish silos of patronage like the governor’s energy office? Is it time to consolidate administrative functions among the state’s 178 school districts? Is it time for the 357 state employees making more than $125,000 a year to take a permanent pay cut? Is it time to cut other bureaucracies and give those responsibilities to the lieutenant governor, whose office otherwise lacks any real responsibilities? Is it time to sell off state buildings or other assets to get old liabilities off our books and out of the General Fund? Is it time to repeal some of the battery of new or expanded programs that this governor has created? And yes, is it time to permanently reduce the state’s payroll demands by eliminating certain non-essential state jobs?”

    “These are not easy questions with easy answers, but these are the kinds of fundamental reforms that government must make in order to pay for essential services like schools, roads and public safety.”


  2. Republican 36 says:

    He continues to make false assertions that are factually incorrect (4,000 new state employees hired by the Governor) and, worst of all, that he knows because of his experience in the legislature are facially false. As the Denver Post editorial stated last week, he needs to get his facts straight if he wants to have any credibility. I’ve never seen a major party candidate so flippant about misrepresenting or intentionally lying about easily ascertainable facts.

    He has become odd and absurd because he continues to campaign against his credibility.

  3. ClubTwitty says:

    of Alaska.

    But how did he put all that shale gas underground and closer to markets?  He sure is a tricky one, that Bill Ritter is.

    According to a new report by the Energy Information Administration, the high costs, high risks and long lead times to develop Arctic natural gas supplies don’t stack up well against the huge reserves of natural gas in the Lower 48, close to strong markets.

    …But its author, Philip Budzik, an operations research analyst with EIA, expects the huge quantities of shale gas to push an Alaska gas pipeline to the back burner, at least for awhile.

    “The Alaska gas pipeline has been a gleam in the eye of producers and the State of Alaska ever since the 1970s,” Budzik said in a phone interview. “But no one anticipated that the shale gas formations would be viable production possibilities.”

    …By some counts, shale gas reserves in the U.S. hold more than 2,000 trillion cubic feet of gas. As a comparison, Alaska may be home to 193 trillion cubic feet, according to estimates by the nonprofit Potential Gas Committee in Colorado.

    …The proximity of shale gas prospects to major markets — and to an existing or expanding network of distribution pipelines — offers a financial incentive for producers that’s lacking in the $26 billion to $30 billion, 2,000-plus mile Alaska pipeline planned by two separate entities.

  4. WesternSlopeThought says:

    1.  Why do you refuse to provide your own plan for Colorado’s economic recovery?

    2.  Why do you associate yourself with bigots like your former campaign manager, Janet “Bestiality” Rowland, Dave Schultheis, Dave Renfroe and racist Mesa County Republicans?

    3.  What do you believe are the reasons behind your Conservative hometown newspaper concluding that your Democratic opponent would be the better choice, instead of you, to represent our community?

    4.  What do you believe are the reasons behind your Conservative hometown Republican assembly choosing your opponent, instead of you, at their convention?

    5.  What were the inappropriate things you did to piss off respected former DS publisher, George Orbanek?

    6.  Why does Orbanek write that if voters knew what Orbanek knew about you, that everyone would think twice about ever considering you for public office?

    7.  Why did you blatantly lie to me when I asked you an honest and perfectly legitimate question at your trash America festivities?

    8.  Do you believe that “supplements” taken during your football school days could be a factor in difficulties controlling your temper?

    9.  After all Scott McInnis did for you, why is it you feel you need to stab him in the back now?

    10.  Will you change course and provide any kind of leadership this coming legislative session or will it be just another “Sine Die” year for R’s?

    11.  Did the out-of-state hydrocarbon companies who wrote $100,000 checks to back your failed A52 ask for their money back?

    12.  Why do you waste taxpayer dollars with your purely Kabuki theater failed filibusters?

    13.  Why do you make pledges in front of an audience if you do not intend to keep them?

    14.  What are you doing to end the racism and bigotry and hate Mesa County is becoming known for?

    15.  Did Tim Foster’s master plan for you include hiring your family members and failed R operatives like John Marshall at Mesa State?

    16.  Why is it you want our school children to be taught that the earth is only 6000 years old?

    Feel free to post your reply here.  I’d even accept a reply from, what is it your fellow Republicans call them?  Penry’s lemmings?

  5. Automaticftp says:

    a fact if it bit him.  And that’s the truth.  

    He is off in some kind of fantasy land.

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