Stormy Daniels 60 Minutes Interview Open Thread

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Did you watch Stormy Daniels’ interview with Anderson Cooper on “60 Minutes” tonight? Probably. I did.  You can see video highlights on CBS 60 Minutes Overtime here:

Wikimedia Commons Stormy Daniels

By Toglenn (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

I  was frankly impressed with Stephanie (“Stormy Daniels”) Clifford.  I found her story to be believable. She did not claim victimhood, took responsibility for her own decision to go alone to Trump’s hotel room, was frank about seeing her involvement with Trump as a business decision.

Her description of the threats against her and her daughter were chilling, and also quite credible. We know that the President is a ruthless man.


We know he surrounds himself with ruthless and truthless people, who by some saving grace are also mostly incompetent at their jobs.

It seems likely that it all went down as “Stormy” said it had, and that the subsequent Non-Disclosure-Agreement, hush-money coverup, and legal brangling had also happened  as she recounted.

Expect Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer and attack dog,  to be the next person thrown under the Trump bus. (If he doesn’t turn against Trump first) Since he paid out $130,000 to Ms. Clifford, why did he pay it? If there was no affair, as Trump says, then why pay?

Since no one who signed the NDA was using their real names, does it have any force in law? Is it a legally binding document?

Was the $130,000 a campaign contribution from Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen to the Trump campaign? If so, why wasn’t it reported? And why was it paid to a pornographic movie actress?

Prosecutor Mueller will likely be investigating these and related questions. Cliffords’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, said on Twitter: “Tonight is not the end — it’s the beginning.” – CNN

Meanwhile, here’s the “money quote” (pun intended) from Ms. Clifford, on the occasion of her declaring intent to run against Louisiana Congressman “Diaper Dave” Vitter:

“Daniels said she has been a registered Democrat throughout her life. ‘But now I cannot help but recognize that over time my libertarian values regarding both money and sex and the legal use of one for the other is now best espoused by the Republican Party’.”[25]

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  1. JohnInDenver says:

    "Expect Roy Cohn, Trump’s lawyer and attack dog,  to be the next person thrown under the Trump bus. "

    uh … Roy's not going under the bus. Googled his name and found Life Magazine (now THERE'S a blast from the past) tells me "At the time of his death on August 2, 1986, Roy Cohn was 59."

    You may want to update to Micheal Cohen, lawyer to DJT and the Trump Organization.


    • Diogenesdemar says:

      I kinda’ like the idea Roy’s grave having been paved over, and that buses regularly transit the route . . . 

      . . . I hope they built a rest stop there, too!

  2. mamajama55 says:

    Fixed it, thanks. The irony is that Roy Cohn (the original McCarthy-era red-baiting closeted gay lawyer) was also Trump's lawyer and mentor early in Trump's career. Makes some kind of sense in Trump world. So when I searched for Cohn Trump lawyer, it did come up. 

  3. notaskinnycook says:

    The part of this sordid tale that keeps sticking in my mind is the amount of the payment. $130,000. It's an odd figure and it makes me wonder what, specifically it paid for.

    • mamajama55 says:

      It may have been that $130,000 was all that Michael Cohen could finance from his home equity line. And Cohen complained to friends that he never got reimbursed from DJT or the Trump Organization.

      Who would have reimbursed him, one wonders? Do Russian money launderers pick up and deliver?

    • Voyageur says:

      It's a guess, but I suspect the $100,000 went to stormy and the $30,000 went to her lawyer.

    • Diogenesdemar says:

      Silence.  (Admittedly, not a perfect plan, but, well, it’s keeping Melania quiet . . . )

      “I thought of it as a business deal,”

      Stormy's usual pretend-billionaire one night fee, deferred, plus interest compounded quarterly for ten years, less the industry standard 30% cut for her manager shyster?

      But, it really isn’t the amount, it’s who paid it and where it came from? . . . 

      . . . lift up any corner of the Drumpf scampaign or imperial kleptocracy and just try to count the scurrying cockroaches . . . 

      . . . always, always, always follow da’ money!

      Shoulda’ put her on The Apprentice, Donnie!

  4. Diogenesdemar says:

    Lake Tahoe?!? . . . 

    . . . Shoulda’ gone to Vegas instead!!!!


    (Brought to you as a courtesy reminder by the Las Vegas Tourism and Advertising Board.  What happens in Vegas . . . )


  5. MADCO says:

    I have seen Stormy Daniels naked.
    Except for her potential to embarrass President Trump and his lawyers, I could not care less about her.

    But white evangelical voters support the president.  He is an adulterous liar who is ethically damaged and mean.  So Stormy it is.

  6. mamajama55 says:

    Stormy's  interview had 22 million viewers – the best ratings on 60 minutes since the Obamas in 2008, and  higher than Trump's 20 million viewers for his  inaugural interview in 2017.

    Did somebody get an ego owiiee? Awwww. Just imagine Donald Trump, wanting so badly to tweet his put downs and contempt, and being restrained from doing so.

    It would be ironic if Trump, who has undermined our democracy, treasonously sold us out to the Russian government,  is currently tanking the economy, and looks to be anxious to start World War III, is brought down by a woman over a mediocre fuck in 2006.


  7. RepealAndReplace says:

    and  higher than Trump's 20 million viewers for his  inaugural interview in 2017

    Can't you hear him now? "Fake news! Fake news! I'll get the FCC to change those numbers!"

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