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“The most practical kind of politics is the politics of decency.”

–Theodore Roosevelt

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    • mamajama55 says:

      Winkler, Lebsock's replacement, has a Facebook Page. Skinny says he admires Rand Paul and he's most like Justin Everett. More of a libertarian. He doesn't appear to be a huge Trump fan, but he has that huge logical void in his head that said that Hillary Clinton would be worse.

      He seems to be pretty far out there in supporting the oil and gas industry.

      He's a millenial with a shaved head, lots of earrings, and an adorable family. He thinks that leftists should talk more with people, especially with people with whom they disagree.

    • unnamed says:

      Colorado State Legislatures newest Broservative.  At least he looks like one.

  1. Voyageur says:

    Trump stinks.  Bolton inhales.

    Stay upwind, America.

  2. RepealAndReplace says:

    Is he related to Henry Winkler?

    • mamajama55 says:

      Good on the Pats. Here's video of Emma, including 6:20 minutes* of silence, from the March for Our Lives in DC. "Hundreds of thousands" in attendance.

      Denver and Ft Collins are expecting thousands at their sister events.

      *The amount of time it took the killer to take 17 lives.

  3. Davie says:

    Early returns from the Denver County Assembly — Cary Kennedy knocked it out of the park!  Her reception among the delegates was even stronger than at the caucus.

    In our HD8 meeting, they announced she got over 600 votes to Jared's 200-something.  Mike Johnston came in a distant third. 

    This is not official, but I think Cary got about 2/3rds of the delegates (at least from HD8) to the state assembly, and Jared got the other 1/3rd.  I don't believe Johnston made the cut — they only asked for delegates to represent Kennedy or Polis (is there a 15% viability cutoff per district at county?).  

    • RepealAndReplace says:

      So this may end up being a two person race unless Donna Lynne miraculously has enough signatures. Johnston got about 8% on caucus night. If those folk are not even staying with him, his petition signatures get him no where.

      • Davie says:

        I'll be interested in seeing the official numbers, but yeah, I was surprised.  Not looking good for Johnston assuming I got my facts straight.

        • Pseudonymous says:

          One of you is going to have egg on his face.

          In February, we made history. Today, we made the ballot! Thank you to the amazing staff and volunteers who made it possible. #MikeforColorado #GettingThingsDone #OnTheBallot #COGOV #copolitics #MikeDrop https://t.co/knVXqDXwaz

          — Mike Johnston (@MikeJohnstonCO) March 16, 2018

          Mike’s not committing to the assembly process. You’ll have to ask your chair why his name is popping up. I don’t know the specific mechanics for Colorado Dems.

          • mamajama55 says:

            Johnston does have about 8% support overall at Colorado caucuses and assemblies. Across the state, except in his home district of Eagle County, and a few other counties that were in his Senate district, his support was under 10%.

            We'll see what primary voters have to say. The assemblies still have to weigh in, and he’s going to have to crack that 10% ceiling at assembly, or he won’t be on the ballot no matter how many petition signatures he has. Per Colorado Candidate Information Guide.

            So Johnston may have bought his way onto the ballot with pro-voucher money, but party activists are solidly behind Kennedy, with Polis second, and Johnston a (very) distant 3rd.

            If elected as Governor, Johnston would try to complete the right wing task  of discrediting and undermining teacher's unions, making every teacher an at-will employee with no due process rights.  He isn't any friend to public employee or any other labor organizations, either.

            • JohnInDenver says:

              Johnston already has "sufficiency" announced by the Secretary of State, qualifying him for the ballot. Why would he allow his name to be placed in nomination at the assembly if the only thing he would get is a small delegate count and continued access to the ballot? The downside, as you point out, is if he doesn't have 10% support, he gets pulled.

              • Davie says:

                I suspect he was going for the credibility associated with a good showing among the activists.  But it appears to be backfiring on him.

                • Duke Cox says:

                  Johnston appears to have made the ballot by paying for signature gathering with the $1,000,000 given to him by Michael Bloomberg. Who else is giving him big bucks?

                  For instance…

                  With the political demise of Hicks' chosen successor, Donna Lynne, where will the O&G money go? It is doubtful that either Polis or Kennedy will be quite the sold out industry toad that is John Frackenlooper, so maybe they will back the one Democrat in the primary that seems to have shown his prediliction for large contributions from potential benefactors.

                  Of course, the Oily Boys will back the Trumplican© candidate for governor in the general, but always like to have a sold out Democrat or two in case their favored party backs a loser. It worked out well for them with the election of Frackenlooper, who saw to it that all the reforms started by Governor Ritter were undercut and eviscerated by the COGCC put in place by the petroleum geologist turned governor.


                  • mamajama55 says:

                    Johnston's platform includes 100% renewable energy by 2040. It's tough to see how he sells that to COGA, except that he does advocate for LNG as a "bridge fuel". You know better than I what that means in the real world.

                    Johnston's not bad on environmental issues. But anytime someone sells themselves as a "centrist", I know that they are going to sell out progressive changes just to seem bipartisan. (h/t Zappy).

                    And I don't trust him on education, having experienced the effects of his legislation on education reform. Johnston has never met a high stakes test he didn't like. And he's fine with closing schools, dismissing teachers,  and replacing them with low-accountability charter schools that still don't get the "results" he wants.

                    To answer R&R, below (out of reply boxes) there needs to be a real process, not just one administrator’s whim. Otherwise, administrators have and will move to dismiss teachers who are outspoken, critical of curriculum or policies, too strongly pro-union, even too pro-student. It’s happened to me. It’s happened to teachers I know. CDE is moving to “multiple measures” evaluations, but state test scores are still 50% of the criteria.

                    And sorry, but test results are not really the best indicator of “competence”. I had two years in which my students performed beyond expectations on standard tests, and I still had to prove myself worthy of retention. Why? I was outspoken (shocking, I know). That same thing has happened to SPED teachers with 25 years of experience. Do you know how hard it is to recruit and retain a SPED teacher who works effectively with the most troubled kids? But he was too outspoken and too pro-union.
                    This shit happens.
                    Johnston encourages it to happen.

                    • RepealAndReplace says:

                      dismissing teachers….

                      What is so wrong with getting rid of the incompetent ones?

                      Or rewarding those who excel in the teaching profession with higher compensation?

          • Davie says:

            I don't pretend to understand what constitutes "commitment" obviously.  Johnston showed up, gave a speech to about 1,400 delegates, and got about 100 votes.

            The rest is up to the Colorado Democratic Party…

            • mamajama55 says:

              According to the Candidate Guide, page 8:

              No candidate who attempted and failed* to receive at least 10% of the votes cast at the assembly for a particular office shall be placed in nomination by petition on behalf of that party for the same office.

              [1-4-801(4), C.R.S.] *bolding mine

              It sure looks as though Johnston has attempted to receive 10% of the votes – he has, as you wrote, showed up, made speeches. People have showed up and made speeches on his behalf. He got 8.8% overall in Colorado.

              But yes, this is why Johnston is being coy about whether he is "committed" to the assembly process.


              • Davie says:

                Thanks MJ.  I looked at the Candidate Guide and didn't see anything about "committing" to the caucus process or not.  Certainly by Johnston's actions, one would make the assumption he has.  But if Pseudo is correct that there is some legal step requiring formal commitment, then he might back out after crossing the finish line, then who knows?

                Anyway, I'll be at the state assembly and will try to take better notes on the results next time.  The acoustics in the gym where HD8 met were atrocious which is why my numbers are vague, with little added insight.

                • mamajama55 says:

                  My guess is Johnston will stay in until all assemblies have met and votes are recorded, which is supposed to be by April 1. Perhaps Johnston's plan B is to be a kingmaker and throw his delegates to Polis, since they are closer on education reform?

                  The very last assemblies are Alamosa's on March 31,, and El Paso’s, so this could be a cliffhanger for Johnston supporters until then.

                  Democrats in El Paso County have to be canny survivors. It will be interesting to see where they throw their support.

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      Polis is probably north of 30% so he is going to be on ballot.  Kennedy is in the drivers seat for hard core Democrats but the addition of the independents creates a big unknown for this primary.  Will be interesting to see who stands out heading into June.

      • The realist says:

        It will also be interesting to see how many unaffiliateds are even interested in voting in the Primary. Turnout is not that high for the Primary anyway, and I'm not assuming there'll be a big wave of unaffiliated interest. But we'll see.

        • Gilpin Guy says:

          This is the 1st time that unaffiliated voters will get to vote in a primary election so there should be some added interest in doing something new.  It will be interesting to see how hard core Democrats react to rat fucking on their turf.

          • Davie says:

            The articles I've seen indicate that unaffiliated voters still have either conservative or progressive leanings — they just aren't joiners.

            Interest in this election seems to be pretty strong, not just among Democrats, but also progressive-leaning unaffiliated voters (who are twice as likely to vote than conservative unaffiliateds this year).

            With the exception of davebarnes, I don't think rat fucking the other party will be that significant.

            Here is a link to a recent article with more info.

            • Gilpin Guy says:

              Thanks Davie.  I'm just speculating that about the only way Polis can win the nomination is to persuade the progressive unaffiliated voters or get conservative unaffiliated to vote for him because they think he is the weaker candidate.  He has the means to air persuasion campaigns 22.5/6.  Kennedy is going to get most of the hard line Dems but she is still going to have to reach out to the unaffiliated progressives to blunt his inroads with that block of voters. Should be fascinating political gamesmanship in the next eight weeks.

          • RepealAndReplace says:

            To the extent that Johnston and Polis have similar views on education and to the extent the education issue is important to both of them, Johnston should withdraw and endorse Polis. If both are on the primary ballot, they split the education reform segment of the Democratic Party – which is not all that big of segment to start with – and the teachers’ unions guarantee a win by Kennedy.

    • MADCO says:

      I am sure you guys are just conspiring to be funny. It's working. Ha!

      2% of all Colorado registered D's caucus.  They love Donald Duck.   Later, when the ballots are printed Daffy Duck and Howard the Duck are on the ballot too.

      What?  That's right duck fans – 2% means not as much all by itself when compared to however many ballots are going to be cast in the real election. 
      Yes- caucus is not real.

      At my assembly yesterday, when we broke out by House District to start choosing delegates to the next level of caucus/assembly joy, the chair announced that anyone who wanted to could leave.

      How's that…. the number one (#1) rule of caucus is, you must be present to win. But he said delegate wannabes to the next level could leave.


      a) he had no idea what the 2018 <county > Democratic Party Delegate Selection Plan says

      b) we preference polled when we signed in 

      c) no one really cared because everyone is already on the ballot

      d) all of the above

      Caucus is unimportant.  
      All the reasons given by people who claim to love it for why it's so valuable are demonstrably false.  

      Including all the math challenged observers who misinterpret the relative delegate count and the apparent meaning.
      Just in my memory – caucus goers loved Mike Miles and Andrew Romanoff, who both lost the eventual primary for Senate. 

      Donald Duck is well loved by D caucus goers. But Daffy or Howard may appeal to more D's in the other 98%.  

  4. Diogenesdemar says:

    I predict a run on ginger beer today, so better stock up early!  

    Perfect this evening for your tomorrow morning’s hangover . . .


    Dark and Stormy:

    2 oz. dark rum

    3 oz. ginger beer

    1/2 oz. fresh-squeezed lime juice


    Moscow Mule:

    • 2 ounces vodka
    • ½ ounce fresh lime juice
    • 3 ounces ginger beer
    •  Lime wedge

    Either drink may be served on ice in a Collins glass, or a copper mug (traditional), but for this evening an orange tin pot would also seem to be very appropriate . . . 

    . . . also tonight, for a bit of a change for those adventurous souls wanting more kick, skip the ice all together and enjoy yours bareback!


  5. Davie says:

    Trump's flip-flops and pirouettes leading to thrashing in his administration are picking up speed:

    President Trump has decided not to hire two lawyers who were announced last week as new additions to his legal team, leaving him with a shrinking stable of lawyers as the investigation by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, enters an intense phase.

    Trump's reaction — "What, huh?"

    On Sunday, one of Mr. Trump’s closest friends, Christopher Ruddy, said the president was “perplexed” by reports of turmoil in his administration. 

  6. mamajama55 says:

    Another GOP Rep in PA will cut and run….

    City and State Pennsylvania quotes sources as saying Rep. Ryan Costello (R-PA) has informed the GOP state chairman that he’s decided to drop out of the May primary and not run for re-election. That, in spite of the fact that Costello just this past week turned in his nominating petitions. 


    It seems that the redistricting, which was upheld by the PA Supreme Court, turns his +1Dem district into a +9Dem District in a blue wave year.

    Ruh Roh!

  7. MADCO says:

    "“How about kids instead of looking to someone else to solve their problem, do something about maybe taking CPR classes or trying to deal with situations that when there is a violent shooter that you can actually respond to that,” the Republican (Rick Santorum) said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

    Sure. I mean,  do both.

    It's like when oil and gas companies scream about subsidies tax credits and also extract oil and gas.  Or the banks need a bailout while also opening fake accounts.  Or farmers need subsidies while also harvesting a crop.  See – what Santorum gets all upside and wrong is that these citizens can't do both.

    • Diogenesdemar says:

      “. . . their problem . . . ”???  WTF Rick?  Jesus Christ!!!!

      • Duke Cox says:

        What a cretin…

        "looking to someone else to solve their problem"…like adults, maybe? How rude of these children to expect us adults to solve their problem. Ungrateful little fuckers…didn't we give them new cell phones for Christmas?

        Just because they are more honest, articulate, and compassionate than you are, Santorum, doesn't mean they aren't still children. They are being robbed of their childhood because you won't stand up to the NRA. Shame on you Rick Santorum.

  8. The realist says:

    Hello?! Is anyone in Colorado taking a closer look at the 2014 GOP legislative races, in which foreign employees of Cambridge Analytica played an active role? Could be some interesting campaign stories to blow wide open, i.e. breaking of laws re: foreign citizens actively involved in more than low-level data crunching.

    To be clear, Colorado was one of the states Cambridge Analytica operated in in 2014.

  9. davebarnes says:

    More and more I am coming around to Cary for Governor.

    That would give Jared plenty of time to mount an offensive against the Cock Brother’s puppet. 

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