Bennet Raises More than $1 Million. Again.

Senator Michael Bennet’s campaign announced yesterday that they had raised more than $1 million for the third straight quarter, for a total of $3.65 million raised in about 8 months.

No official word on how much money Bennet has in COH, though the National Journal (no link available – subscription only) reported that Bennet was sitting on $2.85 million. If true, that would indicate a pretty high burn rate, but we’ll wait for the filing to be available to check ourselves in a day or two.


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  1. RedGreen says:

    also released his final third quarter tally today — $292,689.67, which is almost 50 percent higher than his initial estimates.  

    • redstateblues says:

      Those numbers seem pretty solid. Assuming he hasn’t spent very much, that’s roughly 1/10 of Bennet’s cash on hand. Doe she need to get to 50% of Bennet’s COH to run a real campaign? Even assuming he gets past the primary, will that be enough to be competitive for the general?

      • RedGreen says:

        at the end of the quarter was $243,172.39, so somewhat (but not a lot) less than 10 percent of Bennet’s. Assuming both Romanoff and Bennet make it through caucuses and are nominated, Bennet’s cash advantage won’t be a huge deal until next summer, when any television advertising starts. Romanoff should have enough money to keep doing what he’s doing, which is probably enough to make it through the caucuses at least.

        It’ll be interesting to see how much of Romanoff’s donations are for the primary, as opposed to the general (I would guess a higher percentage than Bennet’s).

    • wade norris says:


        *  Total Contributions: $292,689

         * Total Contributors: 1443

         * Total number of donors that contributed less than $200: 1236

         * 94 percent of donors from Colorado

      • RedGreen says:

        It means almost no one outside Colorado cares that Romanoff is running for one of the most competitive Senate seats in the country.

        Oh, wait — wade meant this as a noteworthy accomplishment. Sadly, TV stations and actual primary voters don’t care where the dollars come from, especially if both candidates demonstrate they’re getting plenty of in-state support.

        It’s really rather sad Romanoff’s vaunted DLC connections aren’t coughing up the bucks.

        • longtimedem says:

          What kind of jackazz talks about someone in the third person while replying to that person’s post?  

          “Oh wait –wade meant this as a noteworthy accomplishment…”

          Actually, it is noteworthy because each one of those Colorado residents who gave Romanoff less than $200 gets to cast their very own individual vote for him (as well as the ones who didn’t give him anything) where as Phil Anschutz can still only cast the one vote, no matter how much he gives.

          And, to use your condescending tone, Sadly, you do a great disservice to “actual” primary voters when you assume that they pick a candidate based on the shininess of a campaign brochure or a good ad buy.  I choose to give them (us) more credit than that.

        • indipol says:

          out-of-state contribs never seem to resonate with the voting base

      • Ralphie says:

        But where’s the freakin’ money?

        Seems like if the base was really as glad he was running as you make them out to be, they ought to be throwing money at him.

        They’re not.


  2. Middle of the Road says:

    –1,700 donors

    –72% of donations came from within Colorado


  3. silverandblue says:

    Bennet has about $2M COH that is available for the primary.  Bennet campaign has a high burn rate that will get higher faster and because of Bennet’s high end donor base about $800K is in his general account that cannot be used in the primary.

    Bennet also raised more money in the previous two quarters than in the one just reported.  Not a good sign when the “incumbent” senator endorsed by the president sees his quarterly total go down rather than up.

    On the Romanoff side where did the $200K number come from?  It has distracted from the achievement of raising $292K in 20 days.  Extrapolate the $14,600 per day to the August primary date and Romanoff has potential to raise $4.3M for primary.

    If the current trends continue there will be parity on the money front between Bennet and Romanoff come time to but media.


  4. silverandblue says:

    Must have struck a nerve to be honored with a serenade by the sock puppet chorus.

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