Radio host calls himself “middle-of-the-road” but says he voted for Trump and thinks Clinton “should be in jail”

Tubbs announces new show on KNUS -2018-02-01-11-29-06-918If you’re one of the three people who follow the Denver radio scene closely, you know that longtime KOA morning host Steffan Tubbs was fired last year, after his arrest on domestic-violence charges, which were later dismissed.

Now Tubbs is jumping over to conservative KNUS radio, joining a lineup of ultra-conservative local yappers. The local part I like; the monolithic conservatism is ugly and getting uglier in the age of Trump.

So I was glad to see that KNUS was adding Tubbs, who I thought was less of a predictable conservative than other KNUS hosts. Tubbs often asked decent questions of his guests on his KOA show, and I admired his book about an African-American serviceman.

But it looks like Tubbs is a moderate no longer, if he ever was one. Judging from a KNUS guest appearance Jan. 19, it looks like his departure from KOA has sent his right wing flapping.

“If you’re just tuning in, and you wonder who I am, I consider myself very, very middle-of-the-road. I consider myself to be a reformed Democrat. When I was younger, let the government help, and all this sort of thing.

“And as I’ve become more mature, and I hope a little fiscally more responsible, you know where I am voting now. And so, just to be clear, as my old friend at KOA Mike Rosen said, let me know where you stand before you sit, I think Hillary Clinton right now should be in jail, I voted for President Trump, I wish the President didn’t tweet as much, but I think we need more common sense.” [BigMedia emphasis]

Wishing Hillary Clinton were locked up. Voting for Trump. Moderate?

I tried repeatedly to reach Tubbs to discuss this, but alas he did not respond to me. In response to my first attempt to contact him last week, he asked for my email address. But radio silence ever since. Oh well.

“I’m not trying to big time, but I am a text away from Senator Cory Gardner,” said Tubbs on air, illustrating his conservative connections, while it’s “very, very tough” for him to reach U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO), whom he did say was a “very decent man.”

Tubbs will be taking the KNUS slot currently occupied by social-conservative lawyer Dan Caplis, who announced Jan. 18, that he was going to take “a little sabbatical” from the regular radio show to spend more time with his family and write the definitive book on the “Colorado disaster” with marijuana. He said he plans to return to radio work after his daughter goes to college.

I’m hoping Tubbs won’t turn into another Caplis on the ideology scale. But it’s not looking good.

Listen to Staffan Tubbs say he’s a moderate despite voting for Trump and saying Clinton should be in jail.

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  1. JohnInDenver says:

    Interesting that he is "a text away from Senator Cory Gardner." The true test is whether Gardner responds and responds with something other than boilerplate.

    • mamajama55 says:

      Does anyone know why we don't have a progressive radio talk station in the Denver market anymore? I used to really enjoy AM760. 

      Jason asked the question in 2014:

      Why do conservatives dominate the political talk-radio medium?

      but nobody has answered it, as far as I know. There are a few good college stations like KNUS. Is that it? Is talk radio such a low revenue proposition that it has to be subsidized by a college or a conservative PAC?

      Duke, how's that Mesa County radio station coming along?


      • Roger Edwards, Candidate CO 6th District says:

        You might check with Progressives like the  Al’s…..Gore & Franken. Or check in with the radio stations in Venezuela.

        • mamajama55 says:

          Al Franken was one of the hosts on "Air America" which was a regular news hour on AM760 – and Franken did a great job with it, as he did as a Congressman. If he can ever get that "personal boundaries" thing figured out, he could have another successful career in radio or commentary.

          Al Gore, of course, was elected President of the United States until the Bush Supreme Court decided that they weren't going to honor the voters’ wishes. Our planet and future generations would be in much better shape today if the Supremes had decided differently.

          As for Venezuela, that has nothing to do with anything except the demons in your head.  Should we expect a "V for Venezuela" on your campaign blog soon?

        • RepealAndReplace says:

          Roger….Isn't your time better spent hunting that great white RINO, Mike Coffman, than trying to convince us that Al Gore, Al Franken and Nicholas Maduro are one in the same?

      • Duke Cox says:

        They have been up and running for better than a year and doing well as far as I know.

        I have relocated, so I am not able to listen to the broadcast, but I occasionally hear them when I am in town. It is the only progressive voice in the area, to my knowledge.

        All of our existing TV, print, and radio news industry here has been completely dominated by conservative corporations since the demise of the Free Press a few years ago. It seems like our local media is little more than a sounding board for the chamber of commerce, Club 20, and the cops.

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