At Least It’s Not Your House

For all you Pols kids going to various picnics and outings today, please don’t drink and drive.

NEW YORK – Police say a drunken driver sped through a stop sign and hit an earthen mound before going airborne and smashing his Jeep into the second floor of a New York home.

The spectacular wreck happened just after midnight Saturday in East Moriches on Long Island.

The Jeep ripped a giant hole in the side of the house, then fell into a foyer on the first floor. It came to rest on its rear end with its headlights pointing skyward.

The only person home at the time was asleep on the couch on the first floor. He was not hurt.

As the Dead Guvs seem to be as yet unconscious from shenanigans yesterday, consider this your Labor Day Open Thread.

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  1. ClubTwitty says:

    Josh Penry

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    The WARNING also provides this helpful tip:

    For blatant advertising that would require a fundamental rewrite to become encyclopedic, use {{db-spam}} to mark for speedy deletion. (July 2009)

    Or you can just visit it and suggest your own edits…

    • ClubTwitty says:

      One day, as Josh was speaking and the crowd grew restless as the noon hour neared it’s end, he took from a person among the people arrayed at his feet a sandwich, divided it neatly in two.  Half he gave to his sponsor, who had grown weary with hunger.  The remainder he handed back to the crowd, which left hungry but filled.  Thus everyone was fed by His invisible hand.


  2. Colorado Pols says:

    We usually let the holiday weekend open threads roll into Monday. But it’s cool, go nuts.

    Just not behind the wheel, folks.

    • Libertad says:

      Numerous media outlets have contacted, asking us to “make sense” of Van Jones‘ “strange” behavior. We have issued the following statement:

         As the eighth anniversary of 9/11 approaches, what doesn’t make sense to us is that media outlets choose to impugn the character of the signatories rather than carry out your responsibility as watchdogs to call attention to the as yet unanswered questions raised in the 2004 statement. Five years later, we challenge you to finally print those same unanswered questions and pursue their answers with the same vigor with which you pursue the signatories.

      We are overwhelmed by all the messages of support that we have received in the last 24 hours. We apologize that we can not possibly respond to each individual message, but please know we do read each one and are grateful for your support. For those of you asking what you can do to help, we encourage you to use the questions of this 2004 Statement as talking points for calls to your local media outlets and national call-in programs, and letters to the editors. Perhaps with your help, we can finally get answers to these lingering questions. Thank you.

      For readers’ convenience, following is the actual Truth Statement signed onto by Van Jones in 2004, currently being discussed in the media:

  3. RedGreen says:

    A Grand Junction man is suspected of driving under the influence after crashing his sport utility vehicle through the front of a liquor store, then driving from the scene….

    The driver backed out of the store and drove away before police arrived.

    “He was not in there very long,” [police Sgt. William] Baker said….

    The store was closed and no employees were inside at the time.

    The vehicle broke the store’s two front glass doors, penetrated 12 feet inside, hitting a counter and beer displays and smashing bottles. Baker estimated damage to inventory at $25,000 and about $15,000 to the entryway.

  4. parsingreality says:

    .. of when I was a lifeguard and a coworker was home on the couch doing the horizontal bop when a car crashed in and dumped the couch further into the apartment, and dumping Bob and paramour naked, too.  And, of course, ruined a perfectly pleasant afternoon for two.

    Great story when he came to work the next day!

  5. sxp151 says:

    Really, nothing to see here folks.

    As someone who grew up in Lawn Guy Land, it’s hard to explain. Here, let Samantha Bee do it.

    P.S. Pols maybe you could make it a little easier to embed Daily Show videos, so I don’t have to edit all the HTML myself? Lots of disallowed tags here…

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