Americans Really, Really Hate GOP Tax Plan

In a nutshell, here’s what Americans think of the Republican tax plan.

The Republican tax plan has a whole lot of problems. According to a new poll, Americans absolutely don’t like the GOP tax scam — and that was before news came out that Senate Republicans screwed up language in the bill that could ultimately make corporations fare worse than ever before.

Business Insider sums up the results of a new CBS poll out today:

The Republican tax bill just got hit with another doozy of a poll on Thursday, adding to the growing amount of data showing Americans don’t like the bill.

A new CBS News poll found that 35% of Americans approve of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), while 53% disapprove. While approval was unsurprisingly split along party lines, independents were also opposed to the plan, with 33% approving rate and a 52% disapproving…

…The poll also suggested that Americans weren’t buying into the GOP argument that the plan was designed as a middle-class tax cut. Only 31% said it would help the middle class, while 69% said it would help wealthier Americans most and 76% said it would benefit corporations.

Also, just 28% said they believed businesses would create more jobs because of the TCJA, while 64% said they would not.

As John Harwood reported for CNBC earlier this week on a different poll from Quinnipiac University, Republicans are not seeing a political benefit to their sloppy bill-drafting:

The poll shows Americans oppose the Republican tax-cut effort by nearly two-to-one, as 29 percent approve and 53 percent disapprove. That’s a worse showing than Obamacare ever recorded, and more unpopular than former President Bill Clinton‘s tax increase plan when it passed in 1993. [Pols emphasis]

Just as daunting are results showing that most Americans don’t buy the core arguments Republicans have offered for their plans. Moreover, debate over the issue has harmed the party’s reputation…

…As a result, consideration of the matter has handed Democrats a fresh advantage over Republicans. In August, Americans split evenly over which party handles tax issues better. Now, Democrats hold an eight-percentage-point edge, 47 percent to 39 percent.

Watch out for that wave, Republicans.


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  1. ModeratusModeratus says:

    They "hate" it based on what the liberal media has told them about it. When they do their taxes and see they really are keeping more of their money, the numbers will flip. Americans know how to spend their own money best. 

    • unnamed says:

      You mean the Kochs and their ilk "know" how to spend the Middle-class' money.  Right nutlid?

    • Even the most optimistic estimate they could get out of real economists said this is a trillion-plus dollar budget-breaker. Steve Mnuchin is under investigation by the IG for saying he had an estimate that it would pay for itself – because he didn't ever get that estimate.

    • I'm not likely to get more money. As a small businessman, I will no longer be able to deduct my expenses. Most of my exemptions go away, in fact, and the over-hyped "we doubled the standard exemption – just don't look at the fact that we killed the personal exemption to do it" increase isn't going to cover it.

    • doremi says:


      They're going to hate it even more when Paul Ryan and company (as has already been announced) uses the debt (increased by this bill) to get cuts and privatization of Medicaid/Medicare/Social Security.

      Sorry…it sickens ME!  Even though I don't believe I'll get a tax cut….I want my tax money going to shoring up our society ….the elderly and those on the lower end of the economic spectrum, not creating a permanent aristocracy with the estate tax repeal or giveaways to big corporations. Besides SS and Medicare are systems we have all paid into for our whole working lives.  Now Ryan and his fellow travelers want to screw with that promise and investment.  SHAME on THEM and on YOU (for knee-jerk singing the party mantra). 


    • MADCO says:

      And if our taxes go up (mine will)?
      will you apologize? write me a check?

      Americans are dumb  smart enough to elect Trump – we're smart enough to know when we're getting screwed.

    • MADCO says:

      Mod – 

      The WIkipedia says Judge Moore was born in 1947.  That cannot be right – cause that would mean when he was hounding after teenage girls, he was .. like 35.

      She was 14. 
      And that ain't no liberal media lie.  

  2. ZappateroZappatero says:

    Let's unleash the bountiful capital that's ALREADY IN THE HANDS of America's Richest and Most Greedy Citizens by giving them even more profits, earnings, dividends, passthrus, exemptions, offshoring enticements and change stolen from their poorest workers…….so they'll not unleash any of it now like they never did the first time we urged them.

    And ha-ha, America's elite students at its elite university's will also get screwed even though they are prime Republican base.


  3. DavieDavie says:

    Our Republican elected officials realize they have gotten where they are through bald-faced lies and hypocrisy. 

    So despite the glaringly obvious unpopularity of this bill, they will vote for it nevertheless because they need to prove to the Kochs and the rest of their donors that when they are bought, they stay bought! 

    They have principles, afterall.

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