Gardner Sneaks In Another Mute-Button “Tele-Town Hall”

If you blinked, you missed it–yesterday morning, Sen. Cory Gardner announced another one of his trademark “tele-town halls,” set to take place this morning at 10:00AM:

Even if you didn’t blink, and managed to take time at the beginning of a busy weekday to “talk” to Sen. Gardner on practically no notice, hopefully you didn’t miss this morning’s last-minute time change!

Pretty much if you’re either 1. on Cory Gardner’s staff or 2. have nothing whatsoever else to do on a Thursday morning, a last-minute-and-then-rescheduled conference call is something you might reasonably be expected to be able to accommodate. For the rest of us–meaning, well, most of us–this is all kind of farcical. There’s nothing about this experience that makes a constituent feel like they’ve been reached out to for anything like actual feedback.

There’s more to say about the subject of Gardner’s “outreach,” but this off-putting miscue tells its own story.

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  1. Moderatus says:

    As usual, circumstances beyond the Senator's control are seized on by political opponents. The press pays no attention to these silly complaints. I applaud Senator Gardner for taking time out of his busy day to connect with constituents back home.

  2. Davie says:

    So The Con Man will bump up his tally of "Town Halls" by at least two, right?  Just because no one is able to show up doesn't matter…

  3. mamajama55 says:

    This was deliberate misinformation. Gardner posted the tweet about the 10/19 10 am tele-town hall on October 18 at 10:35 am. The Senate vote schedule had been set since Gardner made a motion at 10 pm on October 18, (per CSPAN record) for the Senate to come back to business at 9:30 on the 19.

    Since Washington DC time is 2 hours earlier than Mountain Time, there would have been plenty of time for Gardner to get on the call at either 7:15 (for the 9:15 MT call time) or at 8 am DC time for the 10 am MT call.

    Yet, Gardner's tweets and instagram accounts posted both contradictory times. The 10 am was listed on the Tweet itself (posted above), and the 9:15 am call "adjustment" was visible only when one clicked on the link to sign up for the call.

    The Senate vote schedule did not interfere with the call.  This was bullshit – an attempt by Gardner to confuse his constituents about the actual time of the call,  and make most of them miss getting on the call. 

    That's pathetic, when a sitting Senator resorts to such pathetic stratagems to avoid hearing his constituents real thoughts on tax and health care policies that will make their lives more difficult.

  4. mamajama55 says:

    Audio: Gardner's series of vacuous monologues in response to intelligent questions from constituents on 10/19/17. I don't think this deserves the courtesy of being called a "town hall", as there was no give and take, no risk on Gardner's part, no follow-up questions, no opportunity for rebuttal.

    Certainly Gardner avoided answering these pointed questions, and in some cases, he actually lied. If I get time this weekend, I'll do a Q&A summary.

    But you can judge for yourself: Here's the soundcloud link, courtesy of Jason Salzman and the BigMedia folks. Thanks, Jason



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