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► As POLITICO reports, momentum continues to build for impeaching President Trump:

House Democrats are moving quickly toward impeaching President Donald Trump as early next week, a reflection of the seething outrage that remains over his incitement of deadly riots inside the U.S. Capitol.

Timing remains in flux and Speaker Nancy Pelosi has yet to make a decision on exactly how to proceed, including whether to pursue a constitutional process that could remove Trump without impeachment. Top Democrats are still in talks with all their members and will hold a caucus-wide call at noon. But they are expected to decide today on their next steps, according to several lawmakers and aides.

Whether or not Trump could officially be impeached before his time in office expires at noon on January 20 is less important than holding Trump accountable for this week’s assault on the U.S. Capitol:

If Democrats pass articles early next week — and Pelosi immediately sent them to the Senate — the Senate would be required to begin a trial immediately under congressional rules. Trump’s first impeachment trial, on charges he abused his power and obstructed a congressional investigation, ultimately lasted four weeks before the Senate delivered its verdict.

That timetable suggests the goal of any impeachment is unlikely to be Trump’s removal and is much more focused on the option to prevent him from holding federal office in the future. Some Democrats believe that possibility could woo Senate Republicans, some of whom are eyeing a 2024 bid themselves.


CNN reports on another tragic loss resulting from the Trump mob’s attack on the Capitol building:

Prosecutors in the US Attorney’s office plan to open a federal murder investigation into the death of Brian D. Sicknick, a US Capitol Police officer who died Thursday night, a law enforcement official tells CNN.

Sicknick was injured Wednesday when a mob of President Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the US Capitol. He died at approximately 9:30 p.m. ET Thursday “due to injuries sustained while on-duty,” Capitol Police officials said in a statement.
The death is being investigated by the DC Metropolitan Police Department’s homicide branch, the US Capitol Police and their federal partners.

Sicknick was many Capitol Police officers who were attacked with lead pipes and other blunt instruments.


 As Marianne Goodland reports for the publication formerly known as the Colorado Statesman, there is a growing list of high-profile names and organizations calling on the resignation of Rep. Lauren Boebert and Rep. Doug Lamborn for taking part in trying to overturn the results of the 2020 election:

The letter said the two lawmakers “have betrayed the trust of Colorado voters by helping incite violence against the body you were elected to, a body designed to serve us. By endorsing the president’s unsubstantiated and repeatedly debunked, discredited, and false claims of voter fraud, you encouraged and tacitly endorsed the actions of these terrorists and threatened the basic foundation of our democracy.”…

…Signatories to the letter include seven Democratic members of the Colorado General Assembly, city council members in Aurora, Broomfield, Denver and Edgewater; former Democratic U.S. Senate candidates Trish Zornio and Lorena Garcia, and two dozen progressive organizations, including unions, Planned Parenthood and ProgressNow Colorado.

Meanwhile, Boebert appears to have no concept of the harm she and fellow Trumpians have caused. In a video released today, Boebert sounds absolutely looney:

Boebert says that she wants people to view her floor speech on Wednesday. We agree. Here it is.



More political (and coronavirus) news is available right after the jump…



Spare Us, Bob Beauprez

Mike Keefe carton from the 2014 gubernatorial election.

FOX 31 Denver ran a story yesterday featuring former Congressman and two-time GOP gubernatorial loser Bob Beauprez, who still wields a great deal of influence within the dysfunctional Colorado Republican Party, bemoaning the violence committed by fellow Republicans at the U.S. Capitol this week in the name of outgoing President Donald Trump:

“I woke up this morning feeling like I had a hole in my soul, my American soul,” Beauprez (R-Colorado) said. “It hurts. It hurts deeply.”

Beauprez occupied the seat for Colorado’s 7th district in the U.S. House of Representatives from 2003 – 2007. He also ran for governor in 2006 and again in 2014…

“We’ve got a serious problem in America. We’ve lost faith in all our institutions. We’ve lost faith in our leaders. We’ve lost faith. And that’s just not who America is,” he said.

Speaking to FOX 31 yesterday, Beauprez said that the vandalism outside the Colorado state capitol affected him so much that he couldn’t even drive by the building for weeks after this summer’s protests over racial justice and police brutality. Here Beauprez commits his first major foul, by even mentioning protests over the killing of Black Americans by police in the same breath as Trump’s fact-free “Wild Protest” to undo the results of a free and fair election that didn’t go Trump’s way. These were not morally equivalent events in any way, and what looks like a coordinated messaging attempt by local Republicans to liken them is just another act of misinformation.

But with Bob Beauprez personally, there’s another problem with hand-wringing over the state of civic discourse in America.

Bob Beauprez is part of the problem.

Bob Beauprez has been on the political scene in Colorado for a long time. In those years he has seen political movements come and go, and himself tried to benefit from the “Tea Party” movement that exploded in response to the election of the nation’s first African-American President. Although Trump has certainly debased the discourse in American politics since he came on the scene in 2015, it was the Tea Party and the factually-disconnected campaign against the Affordable Care Act under President Barack Obama that created the environment in which Trump’s “post truth” politics could flourish.

The video above is from an interview with Beauprez in 2012, in which Beauprez is asked if the U.N. Small Arms Treaty (ratified in 2014 after which the world did not end) would would result in a “modern day civil war for this country.”

ATKINSON: You know Congressman, this, this, I don’t even like going down this road, but if this saw the light of day, and God forbid that it would, but if this saw the light of day, wouldn’t this be a modern-day civil war in this country?

BEAUPREZ: Well, some are wondering what will be the, the line that gets crossed eventually, where, where people actually rise up and say enough. I mean, our founding documents refer to it, that people have every right, a free people have every right, that when government becomes too obtrusive, too obsessive, too overwhelming, and infringes on their individual liberty and freedom, free people have the right to overthrow that government and establish a new one.

I hope and pray that, that we don’t see another revolution in this country. I hope and pray we don’t see another civil war, but this administration is pushing the boundaries like none I think we’ve ever, ever seen. [Pols emphasis]

It’s a phenomenon we’ve witnessed many times now in our sixteen years of covering Colorado politics, where a has-been Republican politico tries to rehabilitate their image by sounding off reasonably about the immoderate turn their party has taken in recent years. In Bob Beauprez’s case, however, this requires pretty much complete ignorance about his record and long, long history of eagerly participating in the Colorado GOP’s slide to the fringe. Susan Greene of the Colorado Independent documented Beauprez’s political devolution ahead of his 2014 gubernatorial loss:

[I]n the eight years since his last bid to govern the state, Beauprez wandered away from the mainstream. Far away. He spent much of his time in private life pushing ultra-conservative causes. He wrote a book calling for a revolution to shift the Republican Party far to the right. And in several interviews over several years, he espoused extremist conspiracy theories, including one that Americans – whom he likened to sheep – eagerly would let the government implant microchips in their bodies.

Make no mistake, folks. There is a desperate need today for a voice of reason in the Republican Party to begin the process of rebuilding whatever the conservative movement in American politics is going to look like after Donald Trump. What’s needed now is honest leadership among political conservatives to admit not just how they were led astray by one man, but by a whole movement built around divorcing their coalition of voters from reality.

Bob Beauprez is not that voice of reason.

Friday Open Thread

“What enables us to achieve our greatness contains the seeds of our destruction.”

–Jim Valvano

The “Buckpedal” Is Back


Rep. Ken Buck (R).

Asked yesterday by the Colorado Sun if he blamed President Donald Trump for the violence committed by Trump’s supporters after Trump directed them to the Capitol during yesterday’s “Wild Protest” riot, Colorado GOP chairman Rep. Ken Buck at that moment was standing by his man:

“I was a prosecutor for 25 years. When people do stupid things, the people that do those things are responsible,” Buck told The Colorado Sun during a brief interview on Wednesday. “The president didn’t order anybody to do this. This is a country that welcomes protest — peaceful protest. I don’t blame the president at all for this.” [Pols emphasis]

But by this morning on KOA radio, Rep. Buck was singing a 180-degree different tune:

Obviously Buck was closer to right the second time! The question is, what happened between the first quote and the second quote to invalidate Buck’s quarter century in the prosecuting business that made him initially conclude incitement isn’t, well, ever a thing? If one of these quotes is true, pretty much by definition the other one cannot be. Longtime readers will recall the term “Buckpedal” coined during Buck’s failed 2010 U.S. Senate for these moments, and a decade later it’s still a signature move.

This is why, even when Rep. Buck occasionally lands on the right side of an issue in the midst of generally landing on precisely the wrong side, you really can’t put much stock in what he says. Like when he promised to teach Democrats how to “spell R-E-C-A-L-L,” the man just kind of flaps his jaws for the sake of the flapping.

Lauren Boebert’s Ominous and Odd Floor Speech

Shortly before the U.S. Capitol was overrun by Trump-supporting terrorists on Wednesday, freshman Rep. Lauren “Q*Bert” Boebert was among the first Members of Congress to deliver a speech on the House floor about her objection to counting the electoral votes from the State of Arizona.


You can view the entire speech above, but we’ve also transcribed every word so that there can be no confusion about what Boebert was saying. Boebert’s speech was strange and unsettling at the time, and it is even more concerning when you consider what was happening outside of the U.S. Capitol building at the very moment in which she was speaking. Here is the entirety of Boebert’s objection to the counting of electoral votes from Arizona:

BOEBERT: Thank you, Madam Speaker, and to ease everyone’s nerve, I want you to know that I am not here to challenge anyone to a duel like Alexander Hamilton or Aaron Burr.

Madam Speaker, my primary objection to the counting of the Electoral Votes of the State of Arizona is based on the Constitution and the direction of state legislatures through state law as spelled out in the following two clauses: Article 2, Section 1, Clause 2, states in part — and I quote — each state shall appoint in such manner as the legislature thereof may direct a number of electors, AND, the election clause of the Constitution provides state legislatures with explicit authority to prescribe — and I quote — the times, places, and manners of holding elections. End quote.

For more than three decades, Arizona law, set by the state legislature, has required that voter registration end no later than 29 days before an election [Pols note: Boebert is shouting at this point]. This is clear. It is law. Unless amended by the state legislature, this is the way it needs to be carried out. In Arizona the deadline for voter registration for the 2020 Presidential election was October five, 2020.

Using COVID as a reasoning, Democrats filled a…filed a lawsuit to extend this deadline by 18 days. And an injunction was made by an Obama-appointed judge preventing the Arizona Secretary of State from enforcing the constitutional deadline set by the state legislature.

As a result of this frivolous, partisan lawsuit, 10 extra days were added via judicial fiat to allow voter registration…these 10 days were added after voting had already begun. This is completely indefensible. You cannot change the rules of an election while it is underway and expect the American people to trust it [Pols note: Still shouting]. Now, in this 10 day period, at least 30,000 new voters registered to vote in Arizona. All of these votes are unconstitutional. It does not matter if they voted for President Trump, or if they voted for Vice President Biden. They did not register in time for the election.

We’ll stop here for a moment, because this next section deserves its own highlighting:

The law states October fifth. Either we have laws, or we do not. [Pols emphasis]

If we allow state election laws as set forth by the state legislature to be ignored or manipulated…

Boebert is interrupted here by numerous shouts of “Order, order” from other Members of Congress. Boebert pauses for a moment, then abruptly continues.

…partisan lawsuit. Unelected bureaucrats. Un…

Boebert is again drowned out by shouts of “Order, order!” She stops speaking, takes a step back, and looks around in a confused manner. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi uses the gavel and says, “The House will be in order.”

Boebert continues:

If we allow state election laws as set forth by state legislatures to be ignored and manipulated on the whims of partisan lawsuits…unelected bureaucrats, unlawful procedures, and arbitrary rules, then our Constitutional Republic will cease to exist. The oath that I took this past Sunday to defend and support the Constitution makes it necessary for me to object to this travesty. Otherwise the laws passed by the legislative branch merely become suggestions to be accepted, rejected, or manipulated by those who did not pass them.

Here’s another particularly creepy section:

Madam Speaker, I have constituents outside this building right now. I promised my voters to BE…THEIR…VOICE. [Pols emphasis]

Yikes. Boebert almost could have said that she had constituents who were about to be inside the building.

In this branch of government, in which I now serve, it is my separate but equal obligation to weigh in on this election and object. [Pols emphasis]

We have no idea what this means, either.

Are we not a government of, by, and for the people? They know that this election is not right, and as their representative I am sent here to represent them. I will not allow the people to be ignored. [Pols emphasis]

Madam Speaker, it is my duty under the U.S. Constitution to object to the counting of the Electoral Votes of the State of Arizona. [Pols note: Boebert is basically screaming now] The members who stand here today and accept the results of this concentrated, coordinated, partisan effort by Democrats, where every fraudulent vote cancels out the vote of an honest American, has sided with the extremist left. The United States Congress needs to make an informed decision, and that starts with this objection.

I yield the balance of my time to the gentleman from Florida, Mr. Brian Mast.

This seems like a good time to point out today’s editorial from The Aurora Sentinel calling for the resignation of Boebert and fellow Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn (who also objected to counting electoral votes in several states)

Let The GOP Riot Backpedal Begin

“A couple young folks got into the Capitol,” said Rep. Richard Champion (R).

Yesterday’s violent assault on the U.S. Capitol by thousands of supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump has once again completely upended national politics with less the two weeks remaining before Joe Biden is sworn into office. In less than 24 hours, Trump’s much-balleyhooed “Wild Protest” devolved from a final bit of catharsis for the defeated President and his fact-averse diehard supporters into a galvanizing moment of national unity–against Trump, and against the “post-truth” politics that resulted in yesterday’s violence after every rational investigation and court case since the election has found no evidence of election fraud that could affect the result.

As the old saying goes, “victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan.” And in the aftermath of unprecedented violence that left four people dead and resulted in the first storming of the U.S. Capitol by hostile forces since the War of 1812, local Republicans who helped incite and even participate in yesterday’s mayhem are hard at work writing an alternative history of these disgraceful events. Yesterday, Colorado Springs Gazette editorial page editor, who was present at the rioting in D.C. yesterday Wayne Laugesen repeated the totally baseless story that “Antifa” protesters had actually broken into the Capitol, not Trump supporters.

Then yesterday evening, a GOP state representative from Colorado who was also on the scene of yesterday’s rioting had this to say to the Littleton Independent:

[Rep. Richard] Champion called the event that culminated in the storming of the House and Senate chambers “very peaceful.”

“It was very well organized and without mayhem or anything else,” Champion said by phone from a hotel room near the Capitol. “Apparently a couple young folks got into the Capitol, which we never saw.”

…Champion called the evacuation of Capitol overblown.

“I don’t think anyone was in danger,” he said. [Pols emphasis] “There was nothing I saw that warranted that kind of response.”

“There was nothing I saw that warranted that kind of response,” said Rep. Champion.

We can only hope these words were spoken before Rep. Richard Champion learned that four people died.

Not to be outdone, Rep. Mark Baisley of Douglas County, who last year made a disgrace of himself after falsely claiming health departments were “altering COVID death certificates,” has decided this must have been Antifa, it just must have! And when you’ve got no credibility to lose, connecting the dots is effortless:

It does not make any sense to me that Trump patriots would storm the US Capitol to interrupt a congressional challenge to the electoral college results. The violent and arrogant actions of this attack (scaling walls, breaking windows) matches the signature of Antifa rioters.

Rep. Baisley might want to have a talk with West Virginia Delegate Derrick Evans, one of the first high-profile Republicans who has been identified from footage inside the building and is facing calls to resign. Or with Nick Fuentes, the anti-Semitic friend of local right-wing columnist Michelle Malkin who also posted incriminating selfies from inside the building like a dumbass.

Yesterday’s disgraceful riot inside and outside the U.S. Capitol could well go down in history as the moment Trumpism died. It makes sense that as this crushing reality begins to dawn on Trump’s diehard supporters, they are going to start rewriting the history of yesterday’s events in order to save face. But the facts are irrefutable: Donald Trump called for these people to come to Washington. Trump sent them to the Capitol. And Trump refused to call the rioters off for hours as they smashed windows and rampaged through congressional offices.

If Republicans meant what they said when they said “enough is enough” after yesterday’s pro-Trump violence inside the U.S. Capitol shook the nation to its foundations, the road back to sanity starts with repudiating Wayne Laugesen, our resident Colorado “House Crazies,” and anyone else who wants to pretend this failed attempt at violent insurrection was not what it plainly was. It is their fellow Republicans who did this. There can be no reconciliation without acknowledging this truth.

Trump, and they themselves, have brought the nation to this precipice we must now all back away from.

Trump Concedes

The Tweet from Dan Scavino went out at 1:40AM Mountain time:

AP reports via KDVR:

President Donald Trump for the first time acknowledged his defeat in the Nov. 3 election and announced there would be an “orderly transition on January 20th” after Congress concluded the electoral vote count early Thursday certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

Trump’s acknowledgement came after a day of chaos and destruction on Capitol Hill when his supporters stormed the Capitol, forced members into hiding and halted the formal congressional tally for more than six hours.

So ends the most severe test of our small-d democratic institutions in 160 years.

We passed, but not by enough.

Gazette Editorial Page Editor: Trump Mob Was ‘Probably Antifa’

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Wayne Laugesen.

In a Facebook exchange today, the editorial page editor of the Colorado Springs Gazette wrote of the mob that attacked the U.S. Capitol: “They looked nothing like members of the typical Trump rally crowd. Probably Antifa.”

The Editor, Wayne Laugesen, did not respond to inquiries via email and Facebook Messenger asking for evidence for his view that the mobsters were likely Antifa, a left-wing protest group. There is no evidence of Antifa involvement.

The Colorado Springs Gazette, owned by conservative billionaire Phil Anschutz, has criticized right-wing activists, like those at the Capitol today.

In one editorial, possibly penned by Laguesen, the newspaper criticized Republicans for being “sore losers” for trying to recall Democratic lawmakers.

“Our country chooses representation with fair, civilized, regulated elections,” wrote the Gazette in October of 2019. “Losers in that process should focus on winning the next time, not on changing the last election’s results. Sore losers, from both parties, look ridiculous.”

Laugesen’s comment today appeared in a Facebook post of his wife, Dede Laugesen, a former Trump campaign staffer who recently promoted election fraud conspiracies at pro-Trump rally in December.


NBC News Calls Georgia for Ossoff; Democrats Control Senate

As NBC News reports:

Jon Ossoff defeated Republican David Perdue and Raphael Warnock won over GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler in Georgia, NBC News projects.

The twin wins for Democrats in Tuesday’s election give the party control of the Senate, which will stand at 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans, allowing incoming Vice President Kamala Harris to cast tie-breaking votes. The Georgia election results are a big boost for President-elect Joe Biden, who would have faced stiff opposition from Republicans had they retained the Senate.

CNN is also projecting that Ossoff will defeat Perdue.

Chaos in Washington D.C. as Protestors Storm Capitol

UPDATE #7: Via CNN and Getty Images:




UPDATE #6: President Trump has repeatedly declined to say anything further that might defuse the situation.


UPDATE #5: President Trump Tweets a very weak response after encouraging the protests earlier:


UPDATE #4: Congressman Jason Crow (D-Aurora):



UPDATE #3: U.S. House and Senate have adjourned as protests outside the Capitol intensify.


UPDATE #2: Rep. Joe Neguse gets his first chance to shine in today’s climactic debate:


UPDATE #1: We have our first objection. Congressman Paul Gosar of Arizona objects to the votes in his own state. Senator Ted Cruz objects from the Senate side. The House and Senate now go back to their respective chambers to debate on the Arizona objection. We might be here until February.


Here we go…

Merrick Garland for Attorney General

Merrick Garland

As POLITICO reports:

Joe Biden has selected Judge Merrick Garland to serve as his attorney general, according to two people with knowledge of the decision.

Biden selected Garland over former Sen. Doug Jones (D-Ala.) and former deputy attorney general Sally Yates, choosing to elevate the chief judge of the United States Court of Appeals in D.C. to run the Justice Department…

…In a Republican-controlled Senate, Jones was viewed as the easiest candidate to get confirmed given his strong relationships across the aisle. Garland was also considered a risk in that it would be difficult to confirm a replacement for him on the appellate court.

But with Democrats expected to have won the majority with a pair of upset victories in Georgia, confirmation issues with other candidates largely dissipated. The announcement of the selection could come as early as Thursday, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) told reporters on Wednesday.

Call it karma. Call it poetic justice. Pretty soon, you can call it reality.

2020’s Top Story (Tie): The Pandemic And The Struggle For Justice

If there’s anything we’re sick of in these first days of January 2021, it’s coming up with fresh superlatives to describe the year that just ended. 2020 in the United States and in Colorado was one of the most challenging years in the lifetimes of everyone now living–a true annus horribilis if ever there was one. As we attempted to sort out the top ten stories of political importance in the state of Colorado in 2020, it became clear early on that two separate but intertwining storylines that dominated the news last year needed to be given parity at the very top: the COVID-19 pandemic, and the racial justice movement catalyzed into renewed action by the most recent spate of deaths of Black men in police custody.

President Trump and Gov. Jared Polis.

COVID-19 upends the world

Although Colorado began 2020 dimly aware of a fast-spreading respiratory infection first detected in China in December of 2019, most of us expected at that time that what would become known as COVID-19 would remain a remote threat, perhaps with some high-drama stories about stopping the disease at the border or the first hospital before it could spread. This false sense of security was deliberately promoted by President Donald Trump in the early months of 2020, even though we now know Trump was fully lucid about the danger. The deliberate choice by the Trump administration to downplay the pandemic initially, then to politicize to necessary measures taken by state and local governments to control the spread, is a principal factor in America now having the most cases and deaths from COVID-19 of any nation on Earth.

In Colorado, our Democratic-controlled state government responded to the dual threats of the pandemic and politicization of the response as best they could with limited resources and haphazard-at-best federal assistance. Gov. Jared Polis, one of the richest men in Colorado and keenly aware of the economic damage done by restrictive public health measures, tried desperately to balance the necessary restrictions with the need to keep the economy functional enough to literally feed and house the population of the state. The failure by the federal government to provide sustained economic relief for most of 2020 exacerbated the hardship of the stay-at-home orders, and helped galvanize partisan political resistance to them.

We can’s speak for the results everywhere, but in Colorado, voters were not swayed by this manufactured political dilemma. While it’s possible that COVID-19 restrictions blunted Democratic success in some other states, Republicans in Colorado were shellacked once again by voters who were far more upset about Republican “COVIDiocy” than necessary measures to keep people safe in a pandemic. Now ex-Sen. Cory Gardner tried to reinvent himself from a hard-line fiscal conservative into “Santa Cory,” who voted for every economic relief bill in sight–but Gardner’s close association with Trump’s incompetence, and a major political backfire after Gardner tried to intervene in the co-opting of ventilators ordered by Colorado by the federal government, made a cruel joke of Gardner’s earnest promises. When workers at a meat packing plant in Greeley didn’t get the tests Gardner personally promised before they were forced back on the job, they went public and further damaged Gardner’s credibility.

Because as of this writing the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage out of control, and months remain before a majority of the population is vaccinated allowing pre-pandemic normal life to resume, it’s not possible to fully assess the impact on Colorado politics today. Although the resistance to measures to fight the pandemic became a partisan political battle, the results of the 2020 elections suggest strongly that Republicans in Colorado have lost that battle. Gov. Jared Polis weathered a storm of unhinged attacks and a second half-baked recall attempt and remains popular–coming in for more criticism when he tries to appease the irrational right than when he took action to fight the pandemic. For the majority of Coloradans who have taken a science-based approach in their own handling of this unprecedented crisis, the choice between Polis’ reason and the GOP’s willful ignorance remains easy.


Get More Smarter on Wednesday (January 6)

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► Holy crap, Georgia!

Democrats are close to capturing majority control of the U.S. Senate after Raphael Warnock defeated Republican Kelly Loeffler in Georgia’s runoff election on Tuesday; Warnock becomes the first Black Senator from the State of Georgia.

In the other Senate contest, Democrat Jon Ossoff holds a narrow lead over Republican David Perdue, with the majority of the outstanding ballots still to be counted concentrated in Democratic-leaning counties. As National Public Radio reports, Ossoff has declared victory:

Democrat Jon Ossoff — who as of 9 a.m. ET Wednesday leads Republican David Perdue by about 16,000 votes in the Georgia runoff that could give Democrats control of the U.S. Senate — claimed victory Wednesday. The Associated Press, which NPR relies on for its results, has not yet called the contest.

“It is with humility that I thank the people of Georgia for electing me to serve you in the United States Senate,” Ossoff said in remarks Wednesday morning.

When Vice President Kamala Harris is sworn-in to office on January 20, she will become the tie-breaking vote in the Senate that will change Mitch McConnell’s title to “Minority Leader.”

Via The New York Times (9:15 am, 1/6/21)


► With a new Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate, expanded coronavirus stimulus payments could be just around the corner.


► Tuesday’s big victories in Georgia for Democrats will undoubtedly sour the mood today when certain Republican Members of Congress — including Colorado Reps. Lauren “Q*Bert” Boebert and Doug Lamborn — will make a no-hope attempt at preventing Democrat Joe Biden from becoming President. As POLITICO explains:

…the bicameral session of the House and Senate — which could stretch into the early hours of Thursday — will be the stage for this last stand by Trump allies who have refused to accept the election results.

Inside the Capitol, the effort has splintered Trump’s party, with more than 100 House Republicans and at least a dozen Senate Republicans objecting to Biden’s victory while Senate GOP leadership warned their caucus against the effort. Already, senators are signaling they’ll challenge results in Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania.

But the most intense focus will be on Vice President Mike Pence, who will preside over the 1 p.m. joint meeting, where he’ll be required by the Constitution to count the electoral votes certified by the states. Biden earned 306 electoral votes to Trump’s 232, and a wave of legal challenges by Trump to reverse several states’ results failed at every level of state and federal court.

Are you familiar with the phrase, “it’s all over but the shouting”?

Congressman Joe Neguse (D-Boulderish) will play a key role in today’s nonsense-fest as one of four Democrats assigned to handle the arguments against overturning the election results.

Here in Colorado, local Republicans are promoting a QAnon rally in Denver aimed at showing support for President Trump, or something.


POLITICO reports on an absolutely amazing bit of karmic justice:

Joe Biden has selected Judge Merrick Garland to serve as his attorney general, according to two people with knowledge of the decision.

Biden selected Garland over former Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) and former deputy attorney general Sally Yates, choosing to elevate the chief judge of the United States Court of Appeals in D.C. to run the Justice Department.

In 2016, President Barack Obama nominated Garland to serve on the Supreme Court, but his nomination languished in the GOP-controlled Senate at the end of the former president’s term. In recent weeks, Garland has been recusing himself from cases involving the federal government, fueling speculation that he was a leading candidate for the job.


More political (and coronavirus) news is available right after the jump…