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Catching Up on Former Legislators

We now have a a good sighting on Dr. Chaps, aka Gordon Klingenschmitt.  He is searching for relevancy in this complex world and has landed in his own alternative universe – again.  This time he is providing a lesson in how President-elect Biden will transform, that should be transition, the U.S. military from male to female and female to male.

In a recent newsletter to his followers, Klingenschmitt warned that Joe Biden was planning to form a “transgender atheist army for the antichrist”.

That will be a sight to see!


3 Years On

It looks like the NFL has been given permission, by some source unknown, to the teams desperate for a quarterback to do the NFL version of an interview.  They are going to watch Colin Kaepernic workout.  Right now the NFL is short a few good quarterbacks and the SFB hate of a man who kneels to protest is off due to another distraction. 

So even Elway is going to do something, like send a scout.  Perhaps Colin will overlook how much Elway has for the low intelligence racist narcissist and think about an offer from the Broncos.