• Republican candidates are now removing Trump from their websites….

    Since the Dobbs Supreme Court ruling, Republicans have been scrubbing/erasing their previous views on abortion. That’s a pretty big deal.

    However, on MSNBC tonight Senator Claire McCaskill mentioned a major shift.

    Republican candidates are scrubbing/erasing Donald Trump from their websites.

    That’s a BFD…
    Maggie Astor NY Times

    For months, the campaign website for Adam Laxalt, the Republican Senate nominee in Nevada, greeted visitors with a huge banner exalting his endorsement from former President Donald J. Trump in all capital letters. Now, that information is nowhere on his home page.

    Representative Ted Budd, the Republican Senate nominee in North Carolina, also made Mr. Trump’s endorsement far less prominent on his website last month.

    The silence from Trump defenders (here’s looking at you Senator ‘riots in the streets’ Graham) is telling.

    Today, the crickets in my yard are drowned out by the TFG’s defenders’ silence.

    Trump’s endorsement did not help Palin and now it seems Republicans who once bent over backwards to get Trump’s blessing, are now ‘exiting stage right’ from him.

    Let’s continue to watch the tables turn on TFG’s influence in our Democracy (that he tried to overthrow)

    Driver rams Capitol barricade, deaths, and of course Boebert

    hat tip to annieli from Daily Kos

    Friday, Apr 2, 2021 · 12:44:44 PM MDT · annieli

    Presser: Capitol Police Chief PIttman reports: incident was at the north side of the perimeter. one of the injured officers has died.

    Friday, Apr 2, 2021 · 12:51:03 PM MDT · annieli

    There is video of the incident. The suspect was not previously known to law enforcement. US Capitol Police and Metro DC Police spoke. Presser ends. The investigation is ongoing.

    Friday, Apr 2, 2021 · 1:44:04 PM MDT · annieli

    25 year-old Noah Green from Indiana was the deceased driver. The vehicle had Virginia plates.

    and of course…

    About the Suez Canal….

    You may have heard about the Suez Canal being blocked by the Evergreen super cargo container.
    But you might not know this:

    Toilet Paper Is Next Likely Victim of World’s Container Crisis
    By Fabiana Batista
    March 24, 2021, 3:15 PM MDT Updated on March 24, 2021, 10:00 PM MDT

    The world really doesn’t need more toilet paper problems. But unfortunately the biggest producer of wood pulp — the raw material for products including bath tissue — is warning that the global crunch in shipping containers could start creating supply snags.

    Suzano SA primarily ships its pulp in cargo vessels known as break bulk. With demand surging for ships that carry ribbed steel containers, the squeeze is starting to spill over to break bulk and threatens to delay the company’s shipments, Chief Executive Officer Walter Schalka said in an interview.

    For visual size comparison:

    Lauren Boebert promoting #LaurenBoebertisSoDumb



    Lauren Boebert

    Seeing #LaurenBoebertIsSoDumb trend at number one just proves what I’ve been saying all week.

    The Left hates women & I’m their top target.

    As the 2022 cycle heats up, I need your support more than ever. Everyday is a full-scale attack on me! Chip in now!

    (hat tip to Aldous J Pennyfarthing)

    um, What?

    Let’s get Republicans to take a stand on Rick Scott’s advice on the Stimulus package

    Former Florida Republican Governor and current Florida Senator took time to express his opinion in the USA Today to say that, in regards to the massively popular Stimulus bill, states should reject the money and

    quit recklessly spending other people’s money.”

    To which I have only one thing to say to all other Republicans in the country:

    do you agree with Rick Scott? He is, after all, widely seen as a hopeful for the GQP 2024’s Presidential race… but out crazying each other has it’s limits when it comes to the Stimulus,

    even Florida Governor and another 2024 GQP hopeful for President, Ron DeSantis knows this is a bridge too far:

    The Senate didn’t correct the fact that Florida is getting a lot less than what we would be entitled to on a per capita basis,” DeSantis, in an apparent jab at Scott and Sen. Marco Rubio, said Monday at a press conference.

    The polarization on spending comes amid rumors that both DeSantis and Scott have eyes on the White House in 2024. At odds on numerous issues, DeSantis has for almost a year blamed Scott for the massive failures of the state’s unemployment system, which was developed and implemented when Scott served as governor.

    In the immortal words of Major Biden after his biting incident :


    Can someone see the rift coming as Republicans both try to hate Biden’s stimulus while at the same time telling people not to like free money in the time of a pandemic?

    Call your local Republican now and get them to go on record on Rick Scott’s idea…

    or just ask them why Republicans hate giving you money.

    Governor Jared Polis: Suspend Rent, Mortgage, & Utility Payments During the Coronavirus Crisis

    This is the link to the online petition. Please sign.

    Text of the petition:

    To Colorado Governor Jared Polis:

    COVID-19 (also known as coronavirus) has been classified as a global pandemic. Colorado already has at least 132 cases statewide, including 1 death. State and federal officials are encouraging people who feel sick to stay home, but many workers already struggle to make rent or mortgage payments. The choice to skip work for the sake of community health could leave them and their families unsheltered.

    In order to protect the health and housing security of our community, we, the undersigned, call on Governor Polis to act now so workers won’t have to make that choice. Specifically, we call for a suspension of all rent, mortgage, and utility payments for 2 full months to allow people to do what they need to in order to take care of themselves, their loved ones, and the community.

    The legacy of every public official currently serving will be determined in the next few months.
    It’s time to act now, and choose the right side of history. Choose the people.

    Swalwell enters it into the record : Lev Parnas Helped Rep. Devin Nunes’ Investigations

    Watching the impeachment hearings on CNN I just saw Rep. Swalwell ask to have a report from the Daily Beast linking Devin Nunes to indicted conspirator Lev Parnas — be sworn into the public record as part of the Impeachment hearings.

    From the Daily Beast:

    Lev Parnas, an indicted associate of Rudy Giuliani, helped arrange meetings and calls in Europe for Rep. Devin Nunes in 2018, Parnas’ lawyer Ed MacMahon told The Daily Beast.

    Nunes aide Derek Harvey participated in the meetings, the lawyer said, which were arranged to help Nunes’ investigative work. MacMahon didn’t specify what those investigations entailed.

    Nunes is the top Republican on the House committee handling the impeachment hearings—hearings where Parnas’ name has repeatedly come up.

    Congressional records show Nunes traveled to Europe from Nov. 30 to Dec. 3, 2018. Three of his aides—Harvey, Scott Glabe, and George Pappas—traveled with him, per the records. U.S. government funds paid for the group’s four-day trip, which cost just over $63,000.

    The travel came as Nunes, in his role on the House Intelligence Committee, was working to investigate the origins of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian election-meddling.

    Parnas’ assistance to Nunes’ team has not been previously reported. A spokesperson for Nunes did not respond to requests for comment.


    When congressional investigators began probing Russian interference in the 2016 campaign, Nunes made a late-night visit to the White House and announced the next day he’d found evidence of egregious wrongdoing by Intelligence Community officials. The move appeared to be an effort to corroborate a presidential tweet claiming that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower.

    Now the circling drain of those people tied to Trump and Giuliani’s criminal activities has reached to ranking member Devin Nunes. Is he about to be implicated as well?

    Bernie Sanders coming to Colorado to support Amendment 69 / Single Payer

    From the Daily Camera:

    The ColoradoCareYES campaign announced today that Bernie Sanders will speak at the University of Colorado on Monday in support of Amendment 69, his second visit to the campus in two years.

    Sanders, the independent senator from Vermont, will appear at CU’s Farrand Field at 5 p.m Monday for a “YES on 69” rally, according to a news release from the ColoradoCareYES campaign.

    Amendment 69 would establish a political subdivision of the state called “ColoradoCare.” The measure was designed to establish a statewide program to provide universal health care coverage and finance health care services for Colorado residents.

    “There is an important ballot initiative in Colorado which calls for a ‘Medicare-for-all’ health care system,” Sanders said in a statement. “It is absurd, it is beyond belief, that here in America we remain the only major country on Earth not to guarantee health care to all people. If that proposal can win in Colorado, I believe that idea will spread around the country.”

    ColoradoCareYes said the event would be free and open to the public, and spectators will be allowed in starting at 4 p.m. The field holds about 10,000 people but the organization anticipates about 2,000 people will show up for the rally.

    This is important, because Bernie won Colorado overwhelmingly in the Caucus, and he was the Senator who wrote the language into the Affordable Care Act to have a provision for States to pass Single Payer individually. This is very important for our State and Country, especially with reports of large insurance companies like AETNA pulling out of the ACA, hamstringing the ability of the Affordable Care Act to work.

    As a candidate for State House, I support Amendment 69 as a sensible way to provide Single Payer, since we are one of the few major Countries that do not provide Universal Healthcare.
    Join the fight for Amendment 69.

    Bernie Sanders endorses Single Payer in Colorado

    On August 24th, over 2500 house parties were held for Bernie Sanders’ new movement, Our Revolution, which would support over 100 candidates all over the country,

    ( I hope to be in that number)

    and more importantly, 5 ballot measures in 5 states.

    At my house party, we had one of the organizers for Colorado’s Amendment 69

    or Single Payer / Public Option for Colorado.

    Seth Meyers explains it quite well…

    As Bernie read through the first 4 ballot measures, we all waited nervously,

    then Bernie said

    “and in the State of Colorado”

    and the room erupted in applause!

    WE did not even hear the rest!
    But the Denver Post did:

    “It is absurd, it is beyond belief, that here in America we remain the only major country on earth not to guarantee health care to all people,” Sanders said at the event, according to a news release from the pro-ColoradoCare campaign. “If that proposal can win in Colorado, I believe that idea will spread around the country.”

    This is so important because like Saskatchewan, who introduced Single Payer to the Canadian Provinces, Colorado can be the test model for United States,

    leading us to Single Payer — something now evidently necessary with

    Blue Cross, United Healthcare, and now AETNA pulling out of

    the Affordable Care Act.

    Not to mention that EpiPens have had their prices jacked up with no consequence.

    Despite the fact that here in Colorado, a few establishment Democratic groups have come out against this Amendment,

    brave Democrats like Senator and Doctor, Irene Aguilar have stood with us.

    and now, Bernie Sanders’ supporters will be the extra push in this state to get our country started on the path to providing a public option in healthcare just like every major country.

    Thank you Senator Sanders!

    David Sabados challenging Rick Palacio for Chair of State Democratic party

    (Promoted by Colorado Pols)

    Dave Sabados, Rick Palacio.

    Dave Sabados, Rick Palacio.

    This should be news here on Colorado Pols…

    From the Colorado Statesman:

    Campaign consultant David Sabados announced late this week that he is challenging Colorado Democratic Party chairman Rick Palacio, who is seeking a third term as head of the state party at the Democrats’ reorganization meeting next month.

    I had not heard about any issues with Chairman Palacio, but apparently part of this challenge was spurred by Palacio's decision to give himself a $25,000 raise.  More from The Statesman:

    Palacio won reelection to a second term as state chairman without opposition after Democrats scored big wins in 2012, including carrying the state for President Barack Obama for the second time and taking back control of the state House by a wide margin.

    But it was a revelation at a December meeting of the Democratic state executive committee meeting that sealed it for Sabados, he said.


    In pivotal election year, Colorado Students Considering Recall of Conservative School Board Members

    The bold protest of Jefferson County, Colorado students to the actions of the conservative majority on the Jefferson County School Board in Colorado has already drawn national and international press.

    Yet the school board is still proceeding with a curriculum review committee that would not just examine AP History, but would have the ability to review and change many courses, including English, Health, and Science. Organizations funded by the Koch brothers support such candidates, and would benefit from curriculum that not only promotes what the Board is considering ‘American Exceptionalism’ but also avoids questions related to Global Warming or Climate Change.

    But this goes deeper — this could threaten critical thinking in the classroom.

    This could not only impact Jefferson County students, but could affect all students in the country.

    On October 11, 2014 students held a rally at Clement Park in Littleton, Colorado — adjacent to Columbine High School. There, they began collecting names for a potential recall.

    Ashlyn Maher, Thomas Sizemore and Mali Holmes

    “We are not a political agenda, and we’re not a profit margin; we are students that need to be educated.”

    This issue is not just important for Colorado, but the nation. If anything the Koch Brothers have shown us, is that once they have succeeded with a conservative agenda, they will replicate that agenda everywhere they can.

    There is a saying in Colorado elections, as Jefferson County goes, so goes Colorado.
    Jefferson County is the biggest county and usually its voters are the pivotal votes in a statewide election. With Ballots going out as of this week – how will the extreme actions of the School Board impact the races for Governor and the even the US Senate?
    And will that also be a referendum on the conservative effort to white wash our History and censor our Public Education curriculum?
    Here is the extended rally video — where Colorado’s Lieutenant Governor (who is also an educator), Joe Garcia, dropped by to lend his support for the students.

    From Mali Holmes — student from Evergreen High School:

    Since our protest began, we’ve been featured in the Huffington Post, USA Today, and the New York Times. We’ve been covered by the Guardian and other International news outlets.

    America is listening. We won’t be taken down so easily. Like pawns, the students are on the front lines of this issue. We will stand together and fight until we win this battle.
    We will be the ones to call ‘Checkmate‘.

    Professor Chad Kautzer of University of Colorado at Denver:

    I just have one thing to say to (the Jefferson County Majority)
    RESIGN. (Cheers)

    I have a feeling if they don’t resign, the people of Jefferson County will push them out.
    Because they are an embarrassment to Jefferson County, they are an embarrassment to Colorado, they are an embarrassment to our Country and they need to go.

    Everything bad in American History has been coupled with social struggles and these are the people that we need to read about, that we have to learn about, and we need to honor that history.

    Rachel Hillbrecht of Golden High School:

    We will not cut out History. We will not cut out Science classes. We need to know the truth every single piece of it!

    Casey McAndrew:

    The Jeffco School Board of Education has failed to do the single most important thing that any elected board has to do – to listen to its people.

    We will not be censored. People did not die so that they could be erased. Jefferson County will not be erased. WE will stand together.

    Lt. Governor Joe Garcia:

    In high school, I had the opportunity to take AP History. In college, I had the opportunity to take Ethnic Studies. Those classes did not make us hate each other. They did not make us hate America. They made us hate oppression and injustice.

    The students have given me hope and inspiration. Because these high school students now represent potentially a four-year block of students — from Freshman to Senior — that will associate the most important social education protest of their lives with Republican over-reach.
    If you have been so inspired, then I will share with you this message from a parent of one of the students – a request.

    “Recalls are expensive, right now, the Students don’t know if there is enough support from the community to go ahead with the effort. But maybe someone who reads your article might know someone like Matt Damon or Diane Ravitch or some other well connected person who would be willing to get behind the students with this effort.”

    If you do now someone or feel this effort is worth supporting, please visit Jeffco Students for Change and like their page – let them know that they do have support for this effort.
    Thanks also to Redfoxrun and to From Thin Air
    who performed live at the event at Clement Park.

    New York Times USA Today covers Colorado / Jefferson County Student Protests

    In Colorado, the newly conservative Jefferson County School Board has made headlines because the board seeks to remove information about civil disobedience from the High School AP history class. Ironically, this has actually created real time civil disobedience among students.

    And this story is no longer local, it is being covered Nationally by the New York Times

    As well as in USA Today
    From the New York Times

    A new conservative school board majority here in the Denver suburbs recently proposed a curriculum-review committee to promote patriotism, respect for authority and free enterprise and to guard against educational materials that “encourage or condone civil disorder.” In response, hundreds of students, teachers and parents gave the board their own lesson in civil disobedience.

    “It’s gotten bad,” said Griffin Guttormsson, a junior at Arvada High School who wants to become a teacher and spent the school day soliciting honks from passing cars. “The school board is insane. You can’t erase our history. It’s not patriotic. It’s stupid.”

    From USA Today

    “I think it’s awesome that students understand and recognize their First Amendment rights and they’re taking action,” John Ford, president of the Jefferson County Education Association, told KUSA.
    “Trying to create a board that in some ways purifies our curriculum is a little bit concerning and somewhat chilling,” Ford said.

    I learned a word in High School – irony – or ‘poetic justice’ which is what I think this next sentence sums up…

    (Mr. Witt) said that some had made censorship allegations “to incite and upset the student population.”

    That would be your doing sir.

    Almost from the outset, the three conservative newcomers to the five-person board clashed with the two others, and a steady stream of 3-to-2 votes came to represent the sharp divisions on the board and in the community. Critics of the new majority have assailed the board for hiring its own lawyer, calling it a needless expense, and accused them of conducting school business outside of public meetings….

    “We’ve had conservatives on our board before,” said Michele Patterson, the president of the district’s parent-teacher association. “They were wonderful. These people, they’re not interested in balance or compromise. They have a political agenda that they’re intent on pushing through.

    (As of this post the USA Today article has over 1700 Shares and The New York Times has over 900 comments)

    The Green Beer Fest Celebrates Clean Water for Colorado Craft Brews

    (cross posted at Huffington Post)

    The 2nd Annual Green Beer Fest is coming to the Boulder Bandshell Amphitheater on Saturday September 27,2014 from 2-10pm.

    This is not just any beer festival, this is an environmentally themed festival with an emphasis on Water conservation for the Beer industry.

    The designated beneficiary is the Colorado Ocean Coalition which was formed in 2011 to raise awareness about preserving the Ocean. I spoke to Vicki Nichols Goldstein who founded the Colorado Ocean Coalition (COCO).

    Here is the extended interview with Vicki on the Colorado Ocean Coalition:

    In 2011 we incorporated under the Ocean Foundation…. This year we started the Ocean Ambassadors certification program that we launched this year with the support of the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation and that allows us to train a whole cadre of volunteers who can then go out in the community and share the knowledge of Ocean Conservation.
    We also started ‘Blue the Dive’ – Believe it or not Colorado has more certified Scuba divers than any other state.
    We’re partnering with the different dive shops to get a conservation voice from that group of people who are saying we see the Ocean underwater, we see decline the demise, and we want to unify to do something about that.

    The Green Beer Fest was also featured on the Colorado Craft Beer Show with John Turk and Nicol the Thirsty German

    Music Line up includes
    Flynn and Company,
    Two Girls with Guitars,

    Foxfeather, and
    Dan Treanor and Afrosippi with Erica Brown.

    The Festival also features BEER!
    There are unlimited beer cups for sale $20 in advance, $25 the day of the event and these are the tasty Brews you can look forward to having.
    Asher Brewing,
    J. Wells Brewery,
    Sanitas Brewery, and
    Upslope Brewery.

    For tickets to celebrate good beer and great music and to help raise awareness about Water conservation

    Jefferson County Democrats honor Mary Ann and Dennis Larsen with Lifetime Achievment award

    The Annual Jefferson County Democratic party of Colorado is having it’s 40th annual Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner. At this Dinner, the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ was given to Mary Ann and Dennis Larson.
    I asked them what this meant to them.

    Question “Why is this so important to you, why does this inspire you to work for the Democrats?”

    Mary Ann Larsen

    When we moved here, I can remember the spot where I was, I was driving and I heard that there was some people in Congress who said that
    ‘No, Women don’t deserve Equal Rights’
    and I stopped my car and I said
    ‘Am I not a human being?’
    ‘Am I not a citizen of the United States?’

    Why do I have to spend my time and my money to fight for something that should just be mine. That was the turning point for me.
    I want something better for my daughters, granddaughters and all the other women of the World.

    Dennis Larsen

    With Regards to Veterans, I’ve always been concerned with how they are treated after they’ve left service.
    (I’ve worked on) Getting people that are like minded that want to support candidates that support Veterans issues.

    “How has this area changed since you moved here”

    Dennis Larsen

    When we first moved to this area, (Jefferson County) you could not get elected as a Democrat.

    Mary Ann Larsen

    There have been a lot of good leaders in the Jeffco Democrats and I want to thank everyone of them and I want to thank all of the politicians.

    Dennis Larsen

    We really feel privileged that we have been given the honor to represent all of the volunteers that are out there because they’re hard working and they’ve given a lot of their time and even their money to make this a better World.
    Because of the honor that has been bestowed upon we give thanks to the Democratic Party of Jefferson County.

    The Colorado River, the California drought and how you can help from Sara Lu

    Do you like Blueberries? Tomatoes? Fruit and Vegetables in general?
    Pay attention. California supplies the half of the United States produce and California is in the midst of a drought that could effect all of our families.
    And at this critical time, when we need every drop of water, the EPA and US Senate are going to be ruling on which water systems should be protected – and your public comment to the EPA can help that cause.

    I talked with Sara Lu of Colorado Clean Water Action on this subject and the coming ruling of the EPA and the Senate on the
    “Waters of the United States”, a ruling that could restore protection to our waterways in this critical drought period.

    (Question) Tell me about the Waters in the United States…

    One of the Biggest campaigns we are working on is to define through the best scientific information available, what constitutes a ‘Water of the United States’ as covered by the Clean Water Act. Really what this rule does is re-establish protections for our waters that constitute the drinking water and recreational water and the agricultural water for over 117 million Americans.
    When the Bush administration reinterpreted the Clean Water Act over 65% of Colorado’s Waters and Streams were put ‘at-risk’.
    (the Ruling) is open for public comment until October 20 after which the US Senate has to vote to adopt that rule or not.
    We are working to educate the public and help them to know that they have a voice and can submit their own comments.
    They can go to the EPA website or they can go to the CleanWater.org website which will give them directions to submit their comments.

    This ruling will return the EPA standards to Pre-Bush Era standards, which is barely a decade old. Yet there are some, like at Fox news who are asking
    “Will EPA Water Grab tip US back into Recession?”

    I think the real question is can we afford not to protect as much of the water ways as possible when you look at images like these before and after pictures of Lake Shasta?

    Take a moment to visit the comment page at CleanWater.org or go directly to the EPA Waters of the United States page and let the EPA hear why expanding protection of water is important to YOU.

    Rachel Zenzinger deserves to return to Colorado State Senate

    I had the opportunity to talk with Colorado State Senator Rachel Zenzinger. A little on the background of Senate District 19. After some very partisan recall elections in Colorado, She stepped in for the former Senator,  who graciously resigned. But as you hear in this interview, Rachel Zenzinger is no mere office placeholder, she has the experience, enthusiasm and most importantly a history of Bi-partisan achievement – something this state needs more of at the Capitol. Here is a clip on that Bi-partisanship experience.


    Question: What do you bring from your experience on the City Council (of Arvada) and as the Mayor Pro-Tem?

    I think I brought with me to the State Legislature a really collaborative spirit. One of the reputations that the State Legislature has is that nobody works together. Working in a non-partisan election and politics, I really have an ability to work across the aisle, because there was no such thing as an aisle. Working with my colleagues both Democrats, Republicans, and Independents and I really felt like I brought that experience and background with me to the State Capitol. I am very proud to say that I have a 100% bi-partisan record down at the Capitol and I hope to continue to be collaborative and work across the aisle.

    There also needs to be real insight and leadership on Education issues. I believe that Rachel's experience in Education will continue to bring Colorado forward.



    Why is Education important to the people of your district and Jefferson County?

    I am very excited to talk about Education. Education is my passion and my profession. I am a former Teacher. I also had the privilege to be on the Senate Education Committee…. I think that having a good strong Public Education system is the foundation, the basis, for our Democratic Society. In the last 2 years I worked at Regis University in the Masters of Arts and Education program, and my focus was on Teacher leadership. I really feel one of the untapped resources we have in our schools are the leadership capacities of our Teachers.

    Here is the extended interview:


    Question: Senator Zenzinger, what are the issues that you feel are most important for this campaign and in this District?

    The 3 issues I am mainly focused on while working at the State Legislature are the same issues I hear when I am knocking on doors, and that's really what I call the 3 E's – Education, the Economy and the Elderly. So I am going to keep focusing on those 3 areas because I know that is what is important to my voters here in this district.

    Question: How do you plan to use your experience to move the State forward?

    I think that voters should elect me because I understand the issues that mean the most to them, good schools, a strong economy with plenty of good jobs, and the needs of our seniors. I really think that I am the candidate that will get real results.

    I couldn't agree more. In a time when divisive issues and campaigns are all too common, Colorado needs a legislator with experience for the challenges we face, and who has a real history of collaboration and Bi-partisanship to move our District and our State forward.

    And that's not just me talking – Typically Republican leaning groups like Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry and the North Metro Chamber of Commerce have endorsed Rachel Zenzinger.

    For more information on Rachel visit http://www.rachelforcolorado.com/

    Where Divesting from Fossil Fuels was born

    There is a lot of news about Colorado lately, but I bet this story is still under the Radar.
    I interviewed John Powers who is the founder and visionary for the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado and found out that the idea of Divestment from University Portfolios from Fossil Fuels was birthed at a place made to find Energy solutions, the Alliance Center. (a movement needed internationally for Low Lying Islanders)

    On the Divestment movement at 3:28 in the video

    “There’s a movement now Divest – Invest, I want to go on record that this idea was conceived on the 3rd floor of this building. Here at the Alliance Center, a group called “As You Sow” and other folks happened to be meeting here… they came up with the idea that you have to divest. Take your investments out of fossil fuels and then you have to invest them into something alternative.”

    Read on for John Powers’ views on the problem with Natural Gas as a ‘bridge fuel’, the future of Renewable energy, warning about the future of our energy portfolio, and changing the model on which businesses operate from the ground up.

    Colorado recently has been in the midst of a fight between pro-fracking and anti-fracking ballot measures that were pulled as ‘compromise’ which left environmentalists upset.

    From John Powers:

    “When you are talking about a ‘bridge fuel’ (Natural Gas), a bridge starts at some place and ends some place. We are putting all this infrastructure for Natural Gas…
    That infrastructure is money we should be putting into demand side and most benign supply side energy (Renewable Energy)
    And now Utility scale Solar is the cheapest form out there.
    Colorado and the U.S. has the chance to provide the leadership to take these steps…Colorado has the the potential to be a leader internationally.”

    On that subject, John knows what he is talking about. He built a coalition to pass the ground breaking Amendment 37 in 2004, which required our State utility, Xcel to make their energy portfolio include renewable energy.

    On the Climate forecast of Storms, Droughts, and Floods:

    (Question) What things have we seen in real time, the example I want to use is the (Colorado) Flood of September 2013…. When is that point when 50 plus 1 gets that something has changed?

    “We can either anticipate what’s coming at us, which is irrefutable, or we can wait for these crises to mount, (if that’s the case) there’s going to be a lot of heartache, sorrow, and economic pain.
    People in the short term say that economically, we cant afford to these controls…
    I’m saying economically long term if you don’t do them now, you’re TOAST

    And on the Grand Re-opening of an even more Energy Efficient Alliance Center on August 14th:

    The Alliance for Sustainable Colorado was founded to bring points of view together to find long term solutions. When you are part of creating solutions, you are more likely to implement those solutions. (The Building Remodel) We tend to think in terms of costs in a building per square foot. Instead of per square foot, the deeper more sophisticated question is how much is this building going to cost per worker? This is a model we are looking for people to implement in existing buildings, and IT’S PROFITABLE!

    Thanks to John Powers for being the visionary for the Alliance Center and to all the people who are part of the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado for helping navigate the way in which we plan our Renewable energy future.
    And come to the Grand Reopening of the Alliance Center August 14th!

    Clear Channel axes Colorado’s liberal radio AM 760

    I was astonished to find my local progressive station running the Bloomberg News. Here is what I found :


     “AM 760” KKZN Thornton/Denver is next in line to shift to another Talk variation following similar moves in recent months at sister stations in Portland and Los Angeles…. Clear Channel registered RealTalk760.com last December that could potentially be used for KKZN. With the company also owning News/Talk/Sports 850 KOA and Conservative Talk 630 KHOW perhaps the company will follow in the footsteps of its Los Angeles and San Francisco clusters and move Rush Limbaugh off of KOA to enable it to focus on all local programming.

    This is a shocking move for me, since we have an increasingly trending Progressive voter base in the state. And the article says 630 is the Conservative station in the area, but there are many others and 850 also runs conservative talkers too.

    But that is not the only evidence, since I moved here in 2000, our state governance has gone from a Double Republican house and Senate, Republican Governor, Republican Senators,  and majority Republican Congressional Caucus to now being the opposite – Democratic Senators, Democratic majorities in legislature, and Majority Dem Caucus in Congress.
    So what gives?  I can't believe that the Denver Metro Market can not sustain a liberal radio station. I mean Boulder is the Berkeley of the Rockies.

    And I speak not only as someone who listens to the shows, but I also was on air as a progressive radio show host from 2007-2009.  And I can tell you – if there is not a radio station covering these stories – many times they won't get covered at all:
    That interview with Colorado Ethics Watch – prevented a scheme by then Secretary of State Mike Coffman from disenfranchising THOUSANDS of newly registered voters in the 2008 election.





    In mid-September he (Coffman) issued a memo to the County Clerks telling them specifically to not register anyone who does this.
    Consequence: Thousands of new voters are attempting to register to vote, thinking they are successful because they signed up through some organization such as ACORN or any of the political parties, but are not registered and will not be allowed to vote if they do not correct their forms.

    When I say thousands, I am not over-exaggerating. In Denver County alone (the only one I have numbers for so far) this ruling has resulting in approx. 3000 denied voter registrations! And that is just one county, and one with thousands of more forms to even look at!






      Secretary of State Mike Coffman broke the law last year by allowing his database manager Dan Kopelman to manage the database while he was running a Republican voter database company on the side. See story by Dan Whipple

        Coffman's State Elections Director was discovered to be staying at a loft owned by the software salesman who manages the Voting Machines for our state, machines that have already been de-certified, then re-certified by Coffman. She resigned pending an investigation, and it calls into question the veracity of our voting machine process.




     And Coffman himself ran for Congress that year when he was supposed to be supervising the election – several conflicts of interests.
    At that time, I was working the Obama campaign and our team had personally registered many of these first time voters – and we were all concerned that a close race with Colorado going to the Republicans could have won it for McCain. Fortunately – the pressure we brought through rallies and covering it on Progressive radio and blogs forced caused a lawsuit to be filed and a judge ruled that the Sec. of State had over stepped his bounds.
    Now Mike Coffman is in a Congressional Race vs. Andrew Romanoff – and it is the top watched race in the country for 2014.
    So the story from 2008 is still relevant – if someone will be on air to cover it.
    I can't help but think someone in the corporate news room is taking Liberal talk off air to favor Republicans in the mid terms and onwards.
    It also seems that in a year when issues like controlling Fracking, Marriage Equality, income inequality, Marijuana legalization and other social and environmental issues are becoming increasingly majority issues – it would make since that these issues would be profitable to cover.
    I would like to hear the community offer suggestions on a way to remedy this.



    When Beer and Natural Gas collide

    What happens when Oil and Gas companies contaminate the Water that Brewers rely on for their Beer in the State of Colorado?
    What happens after the citizens of the towns with those Beers (Da’ Beers!) passed ballot initiatives to protect their towns?
    What happens these towns are sued to force Fracking against their will and their best interests?
    Find out when the Beer lovers of this great state (more Microbrews per capita in the Union)
    come together for the Frack Free Brew Festival on Sunday August 25th 2013 at the Boulder Bandshell Amphitheater – at the heart of the University of Colorado’s campus.
    When planning the festival back this winter, be based it on the Reinheitsgebot or the German Beer Purity law of 1516.

    In May, the Brauer Bund, or German Beer Brewing Union warned Chancellor Angela Merkel that Fracking could ruin the Beer industry.

    And this summer, 26 Brewers asked Governor Hickenlooper to strengthen regulations on Fracking, after a fracking spill of Benzene in the rivers of Western Colorado
    and the Governor is responding….

    One Brewer told me he is all for jobs for people in the Oil and Gas industry, but at the same time if their job drilling is going to take away his job brewing beer, then he has to draw a line.
    And the current form of Fracking that pollutes water has only been around since 2005, while Brewing Beer has been around for 5000 years and is venerated in almost every culture.

    So now, together Breweries, Bands and the People are coming together
    to send a message – Save Our Beers!

    And this is just the Beginning of the Frack Free Brew Tour.….

    ‘Safe’ Governor embraces Fracking, will face primary

    If you were to Google the name of Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper as recently as a couple of months ago, you'd see articles such as
    John Hickenlooper 2016 Presidential Buzz Continues, Dispite His Best Efforts
    but now, if you Google his name, most of the search results are

    Gov. John Hickenlooper Tells Senate Committee He Drank Fracking Fluid
    and my own
    CO Democratic Gov. Hickenlooper switching to Republican Party?

    For those outside of Colorado, Governor Hickenlooper testified before a panel in Washington D.C. that along with his Halliburton buddies, he 'drank fracking fluid' – a now infamous quote that has been used in countless newspaper articles around the country to defend the 'safety' of Fracking.
    Lastly, in response to two cities, Longmont and Fort Collins passing fracking bans – the same Governor took to the airwaves to announce that he would sue any city attempting to ban fracking on behalf of the Oil and Gas industry.

    This article is not to further vilify Governor Hickenlooper any further than he has already done by himself, but to point out the Governor's expanding vulnerability to a primary and to get feed back on who would be the best to defeat the Governor and hold the seat for the Democratic party.
    And, this is also an article that will show potential challengers to the Governor how they can chart their path to a primary victory.


    Like I mentioned before, I watched and blogged for a 2010 Senate Primary challenge for Michael Bennet by Andrew Romanoff.
    That race had several key advantages for Senator Bennet who retained his seat.
    1) As an appointed Senator to replace Ken Salazar, he had not really voted on anything controversial so there was no real record to attack.
    2) He said little that was controversial – he kept his head down and just stayed out of the spotlight
    3) He had the endorsement and campaign support of President Barack Obama – this I believe was the deciding factor on why he was able to fend off a challenge by Andrew Romanoff.

    That was a tough battle – as we waited and hoped for the gaffe from Bennet that would give Romanoff an opening – but it never came and Bennet won the primary. Both sides came together and helped Bennet beat a tea party candidate in the General.

    This week, ironically, Senator Bennet announced his endorsement of Andrew Romanoff in his Congressional bid against Mike "Obama is not an American" Coffman.

    So that's good news.
    Like I said – we waited for a gaffe or a chance mistake – but Bennet kept out of sight and uncontroversial.

    Now let's look at the Governor's actions – he has embraced fracking – and threatened to sue 2 cities who have banned fracking.
    Longmont was the first – and it is a nearby neighbor to Boulder – and many of the environmental activists involved with the ban came from Boulder.
    The second city is Ft. Collins – home to Colorado State and a fairly liberal enclave.
    My point here is – Fort Collins, Longmont (and by association Boulder) are liberal enclaves – in fact in a general election, the city of Boulder is the counter weight to conservative Colorado Springs.
    Hickenlooper might could afford to alienate these liberal places in a General – but alienating these democratic strongholds is a fatal flaw in a primary.

    The Governor has basically ceded the majority of the votes to his opponent from these areas in a primary.
    Some 'smart' people will say – 'but he has the Oil and Gas industry and their money on his side'
    good for him, he will need it.
    In Longmont, for instance, the Oil and Gas industry spent half a million dollars to put up negative ads against the November fracking ban ballot initiative, yet lost 60% to 40% against a completely unfunded grassroots people powered movement.

    Boulder – Longmont – Fort Collins votes – is also home to some of the finest Microbreweries who depend on clean water for their beer and business model.
    So when you pick up a Fat Tire, Left Hand, Dale's Pale Ale, Avery, or Oskar Blues – think of how the Governor is putting those businesses in peril.

    And Hickenlooper has not just ticked off his local constituents and businesses – by going to Washington and telling everyone how 'safe' fracking fluid is, he made himself the national figure of Environmentalist's anger.
    Whomever challenges him will have not just local donors, but donors from outside of Colorado – and celebrities like Josh Fox and Mark Ruffalo or Matt Damon who have made stopping fracking a number one priority.

    And this is not just my opinion –
    in a recent article it highlights statements Hickenlooper made further comments to anger voters to the Coloradoan:
    Hickenlooper Says State Willing To Compromise Over Fracking Ban In Fort Collins To Avoid Lawsuits

    “When you ban fracking, you’re telling all those people that paid their money, their savings, their investments to get their mineral rights now they’re being taken away,” Hickenlooper said to The Coloradoan. “That’s called a taking."

    His 'compromise' is that these cities might be able to keep the ban in place if they can raise the money to compensate the Oil and Gas companies who are not allowed to frack.

    Gee, how generous of him.

    Now, for those wondering if this primary is my idea alone, read these comments from the article above:

    As far as some of us Democrats are concerned, Hickenlooper need not bother to seek re-election…. wonder if Romanoff, who is not running for the House, would change his mind and seek the governorship instead? As far as this Colorado Democrat is concerned, I would vote for him over "Hickups" any day of the week.

    Ridiculous! The governor is willing to compromise with an industry that will destroy our natural resources in the name of what …jobs? They people will destroy our environment and leave..slam bam etc. Shame on you Hick!

    Colorado. I've been watching this online from N.H.. Please be wary of eminent domain, It could be around the corner! Just ask land owners in Texas, who had to sell to TransCanada (thats right Canada) in the name of public good.(Keystone pipeline) THAT IS CALLED TAKING! Oh yeah and "trade secret", thats like pissing in someones pool and calling it "biological property".

    I voted once for him and I think it will be the last time.

    I will support Ken Salazar and 99.9% of Hispanics will too…if he runs..

    Don't worry, we'll be running a primary opponent against Frackenlooper!

    Draft Salazar

    John's campaign slogan will be "Stick a fork in Hick,he's done"

    And it goes on and on….

    My environmental friends are wondering if Hickenlooper is acting so brashly against his base because maybe the administration has plans for him… who knows… but he doesn't deserve re-election us, and I doubt the President will get involved in this race.

    So who makes for the best challenger?
    My choice as I mentioned before is Morgan Carroll – she introduced several pieces of fracking legislation last year that were killed by the Republican led house. Now she has the chance to re-introduce them in the majority and further protect cities wanting to limit fracking.

    There is also Andrew Romanoff just starting his congressional race.
    Ken Salazar who just stepped down as the Secretary of the Interior.
    Others might be Congressman Ed Perlmutter or Congresswoman Dianna Degette.
    Or it could be someone else – your thoughts?

    2013: Ground Zero for Fracking

    (Crossposted at Huffington Post)

    This November, against all odds, the town of Longmont, Colorado, passed the first Fracking ban in Colorado. This ballot initiative was necessary because when the city council passed a ban in the summer, ‘Democratic’ Governor Hickenlooper threatened to sue the city to overturn it. Hickenlooper has sided with the Oil and Gas industry on every occasion, even cutting a commercial for the Industry which stated there were ‘no instances of contamination’ from Fracking.

    Then, the Governor signed an Executive Order creating an Industry friendly task force that takes away the rights of local communities to regulate fracking.  

    Undeterred, the people of Longmont turned to the Ballot Box and put the question to the Longmont voters.  Against enormous political pressure, the people of Longmont won, and now the industry-funded Colorado Oil and Gas Association (COGA) is suing the city over the voter-approved ban.

    This is ground zero because this fight pits establishment politicians, even Democrats, aligned with the Oil and Gas industry, against the people who live in the communities who are endangered by fracking. If the Colorado Oil and Gas Industry wins their lawsuit it will most like be appealed to Federal court or even to the Supreme Court.  How will our President side on this issue?

    In support of the citizens of Longmont and to inform and encourage other communities in Colorado, the grassroots group Be the Change held a rally and performance

    event in Boulder on December 2nd.  Environmental Activists rallied in Colorado in solidarity with the City of Longmont.

    Present was Bill McKibben of 350.org, Josh Fox of ‘Gasland’, Wes Wilson – Wes Wilson, former environmental engineer with the EPA, Phil Doe of Be the Change (CO), and

    Michael Belmont of the Longmont activists who helped pass the ballot measure.

    There were activist groups like Mothers for Sustainability and the Sierra Club.

    Musical performances included Josh Fox, Laura Goldhammer, Earth Guardians, Elephant Revival, Pressure Point and Kunundrum.

    Listen to the speakers and the bands lead the charge for support for the citizens of Longmont, and everyone opposed to fracking in this video here, with quotes from the speakers below.

    Josh Fox of Gasland


    The speakers are during the first hour, and the music starts with Josh Fox on Banjo at 1:12 into the video.

    Bill McKibben of 350.org

    (7 minute mark)

    It was really good to see that pledge of resistance going around, and with a few thousand names on that (pledge) it will be harder for the powers that be to ignore what’s going on.

    We watched 1200 people arrested in Washing last year. It was enough at least to temporarily slow down this big Tar Sands pipeline – the Keystone pipeline….

    All these fights are coming together in great ways. And I am so grateful to you all for the work you are doing.

    Michael Belmont -emcee and Longmont Activist with Our Health, Our Future, Our Longmont

    (10 minute mark)

    I entered this fracking fray because of a deep concern that the American Democratic process is being sold to the highest bidder. But the Giant doesn’t always win. In spite of a bullying Governor, a trillion dollar industry who threw half a million dollars at us, and 7 former mayors of Longmont who opposed our efforts, the ordinary people of Longmont prevailed.

    On November 6, 2012, in Longmont, Colorado,against all odds and in the face of oppressive state laws, 60% of the voters from virtually all political persuasions reclaimed their constitutional right to health, safety and wellness by prohibiting the dangerous industrial operations of Fracking and the disposal of its toxic waste in our city limits.

    Wes Wilson of the EPA:

    (22 minute mark)

    Lisa McKenzie of the Colorado School of Public Health showed in her studies that if your live within 1/2 mile of a gas well, you were more likely to have cancer and other illness….

    So the science is now in. We know that fracking wells poisons people nearby.We can’t allow this to continue.

    Josh Fox of Gasland:

    (35 minute mark)

    I don’t think Obama wins this state without Boulder.  I don’t think (Governor) Hickenlooper doesn’t win this state without the people like you going to bat for him. And if he is coming out there and saying to you ‘Well were going to sue you for defending your health.’ (boos) I mean this is an outrageous position for a Governor to be taking. For citizens to be democratically organized and standing up for your rights and saying ‘We don’t want the Fossil Fuel Industry, the chemical contamination and the lies of the 19th century… and 20th century in our future. We are going to defend our sanctity of our health, defend the character of our homes, defend the character of our towns… and then the Governor takes sides against the citizenship and sues them!?! (BOOS) I mean this to me seems to be an untenable political position if you are loud enough….

    Our fate in New York is also tied to what you guys decide to do…

    We need you badly… California, which has an enormous shale, the Monterrey Shale which stretches from East of San Francisco to East of Los Angeles and over the entire Central Valley –  the Agricultural Breadbasket and almond bakset and artichoke basket of the United States,  is in direct conflict for water, land and territory with the Oil and Gas industry and that’s coming…

    If we can find a way to make Colorado a base of support, I think we are going to be able to help all of those fights.

    Other Notable Quotes:

    Sonia Skakich Skrima – founder of What the Frack?!

    I tell people that this is not just the Oil and Gas industry Fracturing for Natural Gas. They are Fracturing our water, they are Fracturing our representative democracy, they are Fracturing our health, all for profits.

    Angela Monti of Mothers for Sustainability

    (47 minute mark)

    Colorado is moving in the direction of the so called ‘New Energy Economy’. Many elected officials, state agencies and state environmental leaders… public universities are collaborating with the Oil and Gas industry to develop Colorado’s Natural gas reserves, thereby committing Colorado to decades of Hydraulic Fracturing. In 2010 under the leadership of Governor Ritter, and with the support of several state level environmental organizations, the state legislature passed the Orwellian and erroneously named Clean Air, Clean Jobs act making Colorado the first state in the nation to pass a fuel switching bill. It requires Public Utilities to transition some of their units to  Natural Gas and requires it must be produced here in Colorado, effectively mandating Hydraulic Fracturing in Colorado.

    The musicians were concerned and outspoken as well.

    The Earth Guardian’s singer Mr. Martinez – who gives me a lot of hope from the younger generation:

    I went to Washington, D.C. and filed a lawsuit against the state of Colorado and against our country for not protecting our atmosphere, and our air, and our water. (it’s filed) on behalf of the Our Children’s Trust campaign that says all the water, the air and the Earth is to be protected for future generations to come… We are filing in all 50 states to reduce our carbon emissions….and we actually won in Texas in New Mexico, so they are lowering their carbon emissions every year and are now planting trees…

    The group Pressure Point added

    It is not our right but our duty to peacefully protest any and all actions that contradict the interest of We The People. We see a huge injustice today in the political arena where politicians are ruled by banking and special interests groups that is becoming a concern for the future generations of this Country and our World.

    Kunundrum Guitarist Joseph Diehs :

    Like many, I did not know what Fracking was or just how bad it is. But I do know I like a good beer. For those of you outside Colorado, the areas they are talking about Fracking – Longmont, Boulder, Fort Collins, they supply the water to some of the best breweries in the state, if not the country. There’s New Belgium (Fat Tire), Left Hand, Oskar Blues (Dale’s Pale Ale), Avery… Think how that would hurt those businesses if the water they used was ruined by fracking.

    Other shout outs went out at the event to Sam Schabacher of Food and Water Watch for organizing various actions across the state, Shane Davis of Poudre Canyon Sierra Club, the Unity Center of Boulder for hosting and all of their excellent crew in charge of lighting, sound and stage management.

    Thanks to Tommy Golec for editing and sound for this video.

    Most of all, thanks to the people of Boulder county and Longmont for standing up to  the Oil and Gas Industry and our Governor.

    By the way, if you are so inclined, please contact Governor Hickenlooper’s office on this subject at (303) 866-2471.

    More video of the EPA hearing and Fracking protest last fall:

    Governor Hickenlooper says there have been no instances of contamination from Fracking….let him drink this water…

    Josh Fox of Gasland, Bill McKibben in Boulder this Sunday

    Two highly respected environmental activists are going to be in Boulder Sunday.

    Mr. Fox is specifically speaking on Fracking the fight between Longmont and our Governor.


    Be the Change, Jamming for a Frack Free Colorado!


    3:00pm until 5:00pm

    Unity of Boulder

    2855 Folsom St, Boulder, Colorado 80304


    Josh Fox, creator of the documentary Gasland, the short film The Sky is Pink, and the soon to be released Gasland II.


    Elephant Revival members, Laura Goldhamer, Pressure Point, Earth Guardians, Josh Fox on banjo, Kunundrum and more….


    To donate, contact DontFrackMe@gmail.com


    Phil Doe, Be the Change, USA

    Wes Wilson, whistle blower on EPA’s failure to regulate fracking, featured in Gasland

    Shane Davis, Fractivist.com

    Angela Monti Fox, mom of Josh Fox and founder of TheMothersProject.org, Mothers for Sustainable Energy  

    Following this Bill McKibben is speaking at Boulder campus and many of the people are coinciding this rally with Josh Fox to draw a spotlight on Gov. Hickenlooper’s decision to attack Longmont’s plan to block fracking.

    Anonymous claims it hacked Karl Rove’s vote stealing operation on Election night

    As reported from Democratic Underground:

    Anonymous (we think it is Anonymous?) says Karl Rove was gonna vote fraud all the Machines, and that’s why he was so flabbergasted and refused to believe it when Fox called Ohio for Bamz, but they stopped him from stealing all the Machines by jamming up ORCA, because it was not actually a GOTV system but a “steal the vote” system, but they stopped him, we are pretty sure that is what the following letter, which we guess is from Anonymous probably, says.


    The video:



    Although this is definitely conspiracy filled, it does explain why Ham Rove’s head was exploding live on FOX news on Election night – even saying after the race was called, that ‘the numbers were going to change in Ohio’

    (See about 1:42 in the video)

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