Wisconsin Recall

Tuesday’s huge in American political history.

It will be precursor to November, good or bad.

The republicans believe that hurling billions into false messaging, drowning out the other guy, and levelling the heavy guns, they’ll win via pure control of the airwaves and media.

If Wisconsinites are actually as detached from the current state of their State as the republicans believe they are, Walker will prevail because ill informed voters, partisan reds, and uninterested citizens that don’t bother to vote will outnumber the good guys.

This could be the republican Stalingrad, a catastrophic defeat costing irreplaceable material, treasure, and image. A defeat in a theatre the republicans poured this much into will be the forerunner of November.

Should this crooked and amoral puppet prevail, however, the red machine will trumpet it as a signal that voters want plutocracy, an oligarchy, and harsh austerity over Democratic government.

It’s all on the table. How America will move forward. Will the middle class survive, or will we become a third world cesspool where the Roves, Walkers, Romneys and Cheneys eat only the best, and the vast majority is left to kill one another for a lump of coal, a scrap of leather, a quart of gasoline.

Scary times. Scary but very exciting.  

The Irony

Night before last I heard about the back to back billion dollar ad’ buys the republicans are putting out in a six state swing area in just the next few days.

Between the Koch’s, Rove, the aspirin between the legs guy, Gingrich’s sugar daddy, the shit bag that owns the Cubs, Trump, the RNC, and Dick Armey’s PAC, 4 billion has been pledged out going forward.

Those numbers are impossible to overcome.

No sitting President has gone up against that kind of coordinated, sharply focused money, which tells us how badly the 1% and corporatocracy fears this Administration, loathes our present form of Democracy, and wants to, at long last, shred and shatter the last remaining pieces of the New Deal.

The red machine has burned 25 million in Wisconsin, not counting the quarter million they’ve invested in walker’s criminal defense fund. They see the recall as Germany saw the Spanish Civil War, a testing ground. Can money, laser fixed, remorselessly poured in, hammering out a vile, false narrative, overcome the will of a people? Can a crooked, immoral, bought and paid for politician be remade, through propaganda, and reinstalled through the brute, blunt truncheon that is the avalanche of lies only vast amounts of cash can provide?

Knowing this, as an older American, a person that did my military service, played by the rules, has been fortunate enough to work Union all my life, built a nice life with my hero, who’s also my wife, I’m all too cognizant of the stakes, the odds, the way SCOTUS has rigged the deck, and how much our country’s scary situation parallels Great Britain’s in the immediate weeks after Dunkirk.

The ominous specter of republican control.

I also know the thought of waking up November 7Th, nauseated, wondering what else I could have done, one more phone bank, call, voter reg, one more door, one more conversation, one more $50 donation, is unacceptable.

But let’s imagine the horror, the skin crawling creepy image of a mittens win for a second, and with it a question.

What’s in it for a regular working stiff red?

You know, the schmuck that is what we still refer to as part of the “middle class”

Lower taxes? How? They’ve never been this low.

More energy production? It’s at an all time high.

Less regulations? The water already catches on fire.

Foreign policy expertise? Hitting Iran, Syria, John Bolton as SECDEF?

I guess it comes down to, when you finally strip away the bullshit, the right wing, evangelical conservative republican base will have been vindicated.

Oh yeah, life will be a lot worse. Inflation, increased taxes, no social safety net, no FDIC, public schools, EPA, or product standards, never ending for profit wars, fought by poor kids, but your single, unshakable goal will have been reached.

Sure, you’re broke. 15% unemployment has a way of doing that. And ya lost the house. Sorry about that. It’s pretty bad, no argument there. But…………

Ya beat the black guy. Your world is right again.

Way to go, geniuses.      

Republican fund raiser targeting women

Queen ann will be hosting a fundraiser for mittens Friday the 18th at Cherry Hills Country Club.

Definitely slumming it, showing off that famous “common touch”, comfortable in settings as pedestrian as CHCC.

Notable red elites expected in attendance will be Claudia Beauprez, Jane Norton, and Frances Owens.

No word as yet if she’ll be auctioning away any customized ipods.  

WOW………………What a President…………What a gamble!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just finished watching Brian Williams’ 60 minute program on NBC, covering the remarkable Seal Team Mission that got Bin Laden.

The greatest single military achievement since the Doolittle Raid.

This doesn’t have to be partisan, and the entire hour was totally non partisan. The details and the drama, the emotions and the professionalism of a most competently executed operation, complete with near disaster at the start, followed by calm react and adapt reflexes by the most able military professionals in the world.

Ordered with steel calm, ice water in his veins, by a President that knew failure would doom his Presidency and that had the character to order it anyway.

Another President, at another time, showed the same courage. It ended badly, and his was a bad political end. But President Carter did the right thing, and he’ll always know it.

God bless you, Mr. President, and thank you.

Register to Vote or Make sure you’re registered

We know Gessler is going to do what he can to Challenge Democratic votes.

Everybody should take 2 minutes to make sure the information is up to date and, if applicable, make sure they get their mail in ballot.

Anybody with a valid Colorado Drivers Licence can update their registration at:


If everything’s fine, you’ve burned 90 seconds of your time for peace of mind.