Polis unveils new TV ad featuring former Colorado Congresswoman Pat Schroeder

Statement from Robert Becker, campaign manager, Polis for Congress:

“In the midst of Joan Fitz-Gerald’s ongoing, desperate personal attacks against both Jared Polis and Will Shafroth, we are proud to release our latest TV ad featuring legendary former Colorado Congresswoman Pat Schroeder.”

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Pat Schroeder: I’m Pat Schroeder, and I used to represent Colorado in Congress. I’ve known Jared Polis for fifteen years and he has a heart as big as our state. He took the money he made in business and used it to help people – opening a school for homeless children, giving grants to great teachers. What makes Jared stand out is his ability to get things done and to make a real difference.  If anyone can shake things up in Washington, it’s Jared Polis.

Jared Polis: I’m Jared Polis and I approve this message. Thanks, Pat.

Boulder Weekly endorses Jared Polis

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[Polis] doesn’t just wave the progressive banner; he figures out how to carry it forward.

Polis is quite clearly the true progressive choice and the candidate best able to instigate real change in Congress.

Link to full endorsement: http://www.boulderweekly.com/2…

Full endorsement below:

Jared Polis

In what is arguably the most contentious race in the state, Jared Polis comes out far ahead of his opponents, Joan Fitz-Gerald, an establishment Democrat, and Will Shafroth, a well-known environmentalist.

The three candidates hold similar positions on a range of issues. All three want the war in Iraq brought to a quick end (contrary to what Fitz-Gerald’s campaign wants you to believe). All three want Congress to do more to protect the environment and address global warming. All three would fight to protect gay rights and women’s rights and our civil rights.

So what’s different about Polis?

He will do these things effectively.

Polis is a man who makes things happen, not a man who talks a mean streak but can’t deliver. From the time he was a teenager trading in scrap iron and taking classes at Princeton, he’s demonstrated a singular ability to analyze a situation, spy a problem or an opportunity – and then do something meaningful about it.

Perhaps the best example of this is the advance planning he’s already done to end the war in Iraq and bring U.S. troops home as quickly and safely as possible. After visiting Iraq and assessing the situation himself, he helped create a proposal that ought to be required reading for every American. Titled “The Responsible Plan,” the 32-page document outlines exactly what needs to happen to end the war without risking more American or Iraqi lives and provides not only for an end to the conflict, but also addresses the needs of returning soldiers and the thorny problem of corporations that either overcharged the U.S. government or failed to fulfill their contracts. (That’s called war profiteering, and it used to be a crime.)

“The Responsible Plan” is the result of his involvement with other Congressional candidates who know they’ll have to work as a bloc in order to get attention for this agenda as incoming freshmen lawmakers.

So not only does Polis support an end to the war, he has the entire process outlined, focusing not only on the war itself but the consequences of our actions in Iraq. And he’s already networking with other candidates in order to have the numbers necessary to push this plan into action the moment he reaches Washington.

This is typical of his approach to complicated issues. He doesn’t just wave the progressive banner; he figures out how to carry it forward.

“It’s not enough to believe in doing what’s right,” he told Boulder Weekly in a recent interview. “You have to do something about it.”

If you want to replace the sense of gloom that seems to be a part of America’s post-Bush landscape with a sense of hope, read his position papers on his website. They outline bold plans of action on a range of issues. In those documents, Polis describes how Congress could lower gas prices; promote green energy; make quality child care affordable for working families; end abusive credit card and lending practices; make college tuition affordable for all Americans; replace our current failing health-care system with a universal single-payer system; and get the money out of politics by shifting to public financing of campaigns.

These are all change I’ve been waiting – it seems like forever – for the United States government to enact, and I feel confident that Congress will be forced to address them if Polis takes Rep. Mark Udall’s seat.

Polis is quite clearly the true progressive choice and the candidate best able to instigate real change in Congress. Go to www.polisforcongress.com.

Posted by Robert Becker, Campaign Manager, Polis for Congress

Email: becker@polisforcongress.com

This is the second endorsement in a week for Polis. Earlier he was endorsed by Yellow Scene magazine – http://coloradopols.com/showDi…

Yellow Scene Magazine Endorses Polis

“… Polis is the type of Democrat that Washington needs-one who is not scared to take a stand about his beliefs.”

Full link to the endorsement online: http://yellowscene.com/2008/07…

Full text after the jump…

Tough Call: Pick Polis in CD2 Primary

Editor’s Note: Read our comprehensive look at the race to fill the CD2 vacated by Rep. Mark Udall.

Never have we struggled more in picking a candidate to endorse in an election.

The Second Congressional District Democratic primary pitting Jared Polis (wealthy philanthropist), Joan Fitz-Gerald (first woman to serve as president of the state’s senate majority) and Will Shafroth (career conservationist) against each other has been an amazing race to cover.

It’ll likely become the most expensive House seat in the country when second quarter contributions are released later this month. And this is all for a primary. OK, it really is for the ticket to D.C. since this seat is in an overwhelmingly liberal district, having Boulder County as its center.

All three candidates are stellar. We say that with the utmost sincerity. They have all worked tirelessly to meet the voters and have each raised well more than $1 million from contributors. Their platforms are similar, representing core Democratic Party principles well.

Still, we don’t want this to come off as a half-hearted, wishy-washy endorsement. There will be no “You can’t go wrong with the other two” statements (that previous mention notwithstanding).

Following two sets of interviews with each of the candidates, it became clear who should represent the district that spreads throughout Adams and Boulder counties and a few mountain communities to the west.

Democrats and independents, when you get your ballot in the mail in the next few days or head to a polling station in August, the choice is simple: Vote Jared Polis.

He won our confidence through personality, devotion to helping others, smarts and savvy that has us believing he’ll make an impact in Washington.

Sure, Polis has taken some heat for being the wealthy, self-financed candidate who has chipped in about $3.7 million of his own money to the campaign. There are plenty of hate-filled posts from readers on the Boulder Daily Camera website and other message boards.

When asked about that, he says he’s pretty sure none of those haters has ever met him.

We couldn’t agree more. There is little not to like about Polis, the 33-year-old who made millions selling websites and buys flowers for all of his employees on their birthdays.

Be envious of his money (his worth measured in 10 figures) if you feel like being superficial, but that is certainly not a reason to dislike the man.

He earned his money the hard way, by building businesses from the ground up. And now that he has tons cash, he does the right thing with it-giving a whole lot to those in need.

So he certainly passes the good guy test.

But more importantly, the Princeton-educated Polis is the type of Democrat that Washington needs-one who is not scared to take a stand about his beliefs.

He is gay, so expect him to actually stand up for gay marriage rights, not skirt around it with terms such as “civil unions.” He doesn’t care much for the game of politics, so expect him to fight for policy because it is the right thing to do for the voters he represents regardless if it is politically safe.

He understands the need for serious illegal immigration reform, probably more so than most anyone you’ll ever meet. Polis has built two schools with his money, education centers that serve kids who cannot speak English well or at all. Many of them born in the U.S. from parents here illegally.

Instead of just trying to boot these children over a wall, he wants to educate them, teach them English and help them become part of the workforce instead of a fate much worse.

Basically, he won’t shy from what’s right, even if that means a hate-filled letter every now and then. That’s the type of person who needs to represent this district.

Polis also has just enough experience serving the public to give confidence that he can work both sides of the isle well and not rub conservatives the wrong way. This country is tired of partisan politics, and Polis is, too.

He served on the Colorado Board of Education for six years, including a stint as chair. This being an executive branch of government, building a consensus across all political backgrounds was of the utmost importance.

As far as policy, he has detailed plans and ideas of how to get out of Iraq, fight the mortgage crisis that has decimated the North Metro housing market, and increase reliance on renewable energy.

Fixing the broken healthcare system is a top priority, however difficult it may be to build consensus for a single-payer program that would offer healthcare to most everyone in the United States.

But that is not what puts him over the edge in this race. Quite frankly, Polis, Fitz-Gerald and Shafroth all share a very similar vision of what changes need to be made on the national level, so picking the candidate comes down to who we think will be most effective in Washington.

This is where Polis’ enthusiasm and smarts kick in. He has a refreshing voice and an attitude indicative of someone who works well with others. He can also close a deal with the best of them, as he has proven over and over again in the business world.

And we suspect he’ll never back down to special interest groups. As Polis told us over lunch a month ago, you shouldn’t shy from the guy with the money; he doesn’t need this job. That may not be true with all wealthy people, but when you have someone as genuine as Polis saying that, you tend to believe him.

Jared Polis doesn’t need this job. He wants it.

He has always been incredibly passionate about serving others, whether it being through his charity or school board work.

He is ready to serve voters of the district with that same passion. And he will make decisions based on what is right for the Second Congressional District and the country in general, not what will make powerful lobbyists happy-he probably has more money than them anyway.

“Everybody gets wined and dined on Capitol Hill,” he says. “I can wine and dine myself.”

– Jacob Harkins, Yellow Scene Magazine editor

Mail-in ballots will be mailed out today and the final day to register as a Democrat or independent and be eligible to vote in the CD2 primary is Monday. The primary is Aug. 12.

July 2008

Posted by Robert Becker, Campaign Manager, Jared Polis for Congress

UPDATE: From Yellow Scene’s webpage…


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