You may remember a few weeks ago when I submitted a plea for help regarding a project for a summer course. 

Well, I gave the presentation about two weeks ago and I got the grade today.  I got an “A”.

So thank you all for you comments, suggestions, links, and explainations.  Even if you disagreed with my ideas, your comments helped me be better prepared and fix some problems.  Your help was greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


Fun vote…

I’ll eventually try all sorts of combinations, so today’s is just for fun.

If the Presidential Election was held today, and the Democratic Nominee was Hillary Clinton, The Republican Nominee was Mitt Romney, and Michael Bloomberg was running as an independent, for whom would you vote?

Who would you vote for?

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I need help!  I’m working on a project for school where I’m proposing some reforms for the education system in Colorado along the lines of what I’ve talked about before.  Just so you know, I’m proposing that:

  1) School districts be combined to one per county to cut buearucracy and pool mill levy revenues.

  2)  Pay teachers more while giving principles the power to hire and fire teachers.

  3)  Institute a voucher program to get kids out of failing schools.

What I need help with is research, information and counter arguments. 

I know Colorado tried to institute a voucher program, but last I heard it was declared unconstitutional.  Is that the case?  I hear that a couple of voucher initiatives were defeated.  Does anyone know anything about those?  For crying out loud, I’m having trouble determining if Colorado even has such a program now!

If you don’t agree with my proposals, I want you to debate me about it-the project is an oral presentation with a Q&A session afterwards, and I want to get an idea as to what concerns may be brought up.  So please, let me know what you think!

Y’all are smart and have an amazing wealth of knowledge.  If you can help steer me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it. 


Here you go, Kay

From earlier…
“*[new] who sets the subject 
Why doesn’t ColoradoPols just post a question like ‘how can the judicial system be more fair and effective’?  What’s the need fo rname calling and sarcasm


by: kay_sieverding @ Mon Jun 11, 2007 at 19:35:04 PM MDT 
[ Parent | Reply ]  “

Here we go-no name calling, no court cases, no whining, no complaining, no “personal experiences”.  Here’s a chance for all the courties to pony up and give those of us here at Colorado Pols some honest ideas about how the legal system can be reformed.

Musgrave calls for AG to step aside

Here’s a sign that things are really getting bad for the AG.


I figure it’s only a matter of time now until he steps aside.  And to be honest, I kind of hope he does.  I haven’t followed this issue all that closely, but even if he didn’t do anything wrong, there is no way he can be effective in his job from here on out.

Fun poll, who should Bush name to replace Gonzales?

Who should Bush appoint to replace Gonzales (if he resigns)

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Republican Presidential Debate

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Editor’s Note: The Associated Press recaps the debate.

Giuliani smacks down Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and McCain spar.  That’s all I’ve heard so far, and as usual I was at work.

What’d y’all think?

Did tonight's debate change your view of the candidates?

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Iraqis want Military to Stay

Wait a second, I thought that the Iraqis wanted us to leave….at least that’s what a lot of people on the left have been saying.  Then I saw these stories.……

Say what you want about Bush and the reasons for going to war, but leaving Iraq before the Iraqi government is ready to handle it’s own security will certainly mean the death for a lot of innocent people.  And for whatever reason, people are ok with that…..

I also saw this article.  In it, Bush indicates that he might finally be willing to compromise by setting bench marks for the U.S. military and the Iraqi government.  My first thought was “why is that a compromise, shouldn’t we have been doing that already?”  Hopefully Bush starts taking the war seriously and stops taking what little support is left for granted.  I can’t believe it’s taken him this long to start seriously talking about benchmarks.…

War on Terror

Say what you want about George Bush, the War in Iraq, or whatever-but this is more than just a little distrubing.…

Now totalitarian regimes have always used such tactics, but what’s alarming to me is that Hamas, though it is a political party, isn’t a regime.  This is something beyond Nazism and Communism.  I believe it’s something more dangerous.

Sure, it’s ironic that the “hate America” crowd overseas uses Mickey Mouse of all things to teach hate towards Israel and America, but this sort of thing has been going on for a long time-well before our invasion of Iraq and September 11th.

All I’m saying is that while we have our disagreements over Iraq and everyother issue; let’s not lose sight or forget that there are people out there who truly want to take down our country.

How jacked up is this?

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Who Won the Republican Debate?

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

(Editor’s Note: MSNBC has polling on this)

I didn’t watch it….I’m at work.  Tell me what you think.

Fun factoid…there were ten candidates and the debate was for 90 minutes.  That’s only nine minutes per person on average.

Who won the debate?

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Doug Bruce gets a challenger

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Doug Bruce has at least one challenger for his El Paso county commissioner seat.  Amy Lathen, a long time conservative activist, has set up a campaign committee, website, etc. to challenge Bruce.

Here’s the site:


If you could, would you vote for Doug Bruce?

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Edward’s expensive taste

John Kerry got hammered in 2004 for a $75 haircut…this completely blows that out of the water.…

“Looking pretty is costing John Edwards’ presidential campaign a lot of pennies. The Democrat’s campaign committee picked up the tab for two haircuts at $400 each by celebrity stylist Joseph Torrenueva of Beverly Hills, Calif., according to a financial report filed with the Federal Election Commission”

If two four hundred dollar haircuts weren’t enough, there’s still more.

“FEC records show Edwards also availed himself of $250 in services from a trendy salon and spa in Dubuque, Iowa, and $225 in services from the Pink Sapphire in Manchester, N.H., which is described on its Web site as ‘unique boutique for the mind, body and face’ that caters mostly to women”

I wonder how much of this money came from people who sent Mrs. Edwards e-sympathy cards….

A haircut for $400.00 is...

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McCain Campaign Troubles

John McCain’s presidential campaign announced that it will be making “small adjustments” (campaign staff cuts) in his campaign staff.  McCain’s spokesman is quoted as saying “a campaign is a dynamic organization like a business, and we have to take the necessary steps to ensure it’s as efficient and effective as possible,”.

Here’s the article…

This is a direct result in McCain’s weaker than expected fundraising for the first quarter, and wide speculation that McCain’s spending is rampant.

I think this is another serious trouble sign for the McCain campaign.  If the article’s speculation is right, and he’s spending as much as he’s collected, I wouldn’t be surprised if his campaign suffers a serious blow.

The last couple of weeks seem to be a low point in the campaign.  Low enough that the Washington Post’s “The Fix” blog ran an article on 04/05/2007 entitled “Can McCain Win?”, which discusses some of the problems McCain has been facing.

Is McCain going to be the next Scott McInnis?

Will McCain drop out before the Iowa primaries?

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Americans Don’t Like The Democrat Congress Either

Here’s to all of you who think that the Democrat’s “wave” takeover of congress means that America is shifting left.  Unfortunately, Americans aren’t any more satisfied with the Democrat led congress than they were the Republicans.  Check out this from Rasmussen Reports.


That was a pretty short lived honey-moon if you ask me.  If 2006 and this poll show us anything, it’s that Americans are reliably cynical

Fun Poll-what are you?

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The Milkin’ Edwards

For those of you who think that the Edwards aren’t trying to milk Mrs. Edwards’ unfortunate situation, check this story out.


Let’s see….send the Edwards a sympathy card and get hit up for a campaign contribution.  That’s not taking advantage of the situation at all, is it?

Sure politicians do that from time to time with petitions to oust say Rumsfield, but this is taking advantage of people’s sympathy for a woman that has found out that she is going to die of cancer.  This isn’t raising money for cancer research, this is raising money for a Presidential campaign.

Is this sort of action acceptable in politics?

Sharpton Questions Obama’s Blackness

Since we’ve been discussing Dobson’s claims that Thompson isn’t a Christian, let’s look at Dobson’s left-wing counterpart……


What do you make of Sharpton’s assertions that Obama isn’t nessicarily black enough to be the “first black president”?

I think the Suntimes is right, Sharpton is jealous because someone like Obama threatens Sharpton.  Sharpton is not a civil rights leader, he’s a civil rights antagonizer who makes his living exploiting people.  Obama is a man in a real position to make a difference, more than Sharpton can ever hope to be.

Fun Poll-Who's more Black?

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Presidential Watch

(This is a diary from a Colorado Pols reader. Make your own diary using the Menu at right. – promoted by Colorado Pols)

There’s been what could prove to be an interesting development in the Republican presidential primary.  Here’s a sample of a poll from a couple weeks ago:

CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll. March 9-11, 2007. N=401 registered voters nationwide who are Republicans or lean Republican. MoE ± 4.9.

“Please tell me which of the following people you would be most likely to support for the Republican nomination for president in the year 2008. . . .”

Names rotated
  Rudy Giuliani 34
  John McCain 18
  Newt Gingrich 9
  Mitt Romney 9
  George Pataki 3
  Jim Gilmore 2
  Sam Brownback 2
  Chuck Hagel 2
  Ron Paul 2
  Mike Huckabee 1
  Tom Tancredo 1
  Tommy Thompson 1
  Duncan Hunter –

Here’s another:
Zogby America Poll. March 22-26, 2007. N=376 likely Republican primary voters nationwide. MoE ± 5.2. 
“If the Republican primary for president were held today, for whom would you vote: [see below]?”
  Rudy Giuliani 27
  John McCain 13
  Mitt Romney 9
  Fred Thompson 9
  Ron Paul 3
  Sam Brownback 2
  Chuck Hagel 1
  Mike Huckabee 1
  Duncan Hunter 1
  Tom Tancredo 1
  Tommy Thompson 1
  Someone else 4
  Unsure 28

The first poll represents the average numbers that can be found on  The second numbers show something interesting that may be developing.

The major differences is the lack of Gingrich in the first poll and the inclusion of Fred Thompson in the second.  Fred Thompson is not as well known as the “top tier” Rep. candidates, and yet he garners as much support as a well known like Gingrich did.  Assuming that the polls represent an apples to apples comparison, Thompson won his support by sapping numbers from both Guiliani and McCain one way or another.  The number of undecideds also increased.

In short, it appears that there could be a real opening in the Republican field for Thompson.  There could be a real shuffle in campaigns if Thompson announces and would really change the dynamics of this race.

Discrimination! (old story, still fun)

Discrimination is an ugly part of our society.  Brave people have fought long and hard to overcome this evil.  Take a look at this crusader….


So is ladies night the new front line for equal rights?  Is free admittance to bar for a woman the next social evil that needs to be solved before gay rights, religous acceptance, and true ethnic equality?

The guy has is trying to pull this off in other states too.  How long until someone has some sense?

What was your reaction to the story?

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Favorite Political Sites!

What sites do y’all frequent?  I have a few I always go to, but I burn through them in about two hours.  Then I go through withdrawls for the rest of the day.

Here’s my list:
1. (good for gossip, as well as nation-wide information and links)

2.  (British, but still awesome)


4. (actually, the updates are sent to my e-mail)




That’s where I go.  Open new worlds to me, please!!

How did you find out about Coloradopols?

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I’m new at this

I brought up this topic on another post, but some may miss it and I’m interested in seeing what people have to say (note that this topic has jack to do about Colorado).

It’s been a while since we’ve debated the prospect of homosexuals serving openly in the military.

I am a Republican.  I am and have been for sometime, strongly conservative.  I am a highly religous Republican.  I think homosexuality is a sin.  I don’t really like the idea of homosexuals being able to adopt children, though I am content that it is going to happen.

However, there is one area in which I probably disagree with many in my party: I don’t have many reservations about allowing gays to serve openly in the military. 

If someone is willing to sign on the dotted line and serve our country in the military, they should be able to serve dispite race, religion or sexual orientation.

What do y’all think?  Are we at a point where we can let gays serve openly?  Is the answer to that question a positive or negetive reflection on our society?

I’m ready for responses, and I’m ready to argue!  😉 

Thanks for your consideration.

Should gays serve in the military?

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