Mike Coffman trying to supress new voters


This could be the next “hanging chad” story…

Every major newspaper and political website across the country has said that Colorado is THE state to watch in the 2008 election.  As Colorado goes, they say, so goes the country.  Thousands of new voters have been registered in CO, and pollsters have found these new voters are heavily leaning Democratic.  

Colorado Secretery of State, Republican Mike Coffman, is the man responsible for elections in CO – voter registrations, certifying the voting machines, hiring poll watchers, making sure the elections run smoothly, etc.  He is also RUNNING FOR THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES in CO.  Yep, that is right!  He is in charge of counting the ballots for an election where he is one of the candidates!  Obviously, this is a clear conflict of interest.

But wait!  It gets worse…

Today, his office stated they have deemed thousands of new registrations invalid because they do not have a specific box marked on the form, despite vague and conflicting instructions.  The standard his office is now trying to enforce is reportedly contrary to the way they have trained hundreds of voter registrars and voter registration groups.  Given that the vast majority of new voters are Democrats or unaffiliated people leaning toward Barack Obama or Coffman’s opponent Hank Eng, he may be altering the outcome of the election.  

Here is an explanation of the problem:

The CO voter registration form asks for a driver’s license number, state-issued identification number, or social security number as proof of identity (see the form here: http://www.elections.colorado….  The Secretary of State’s office is now telling voters they must have checked a box which indicates they do not have a driver’s license or state ID card, in order for the social security number to be sufficient.  

The sentence says “Check here if you do not have a driver’s license or state-issued identification card”.  It does not say “at all” or “with you”.  This sentence is vague, and may be interpreted by each registrar differently.  When people have been trained to do voter registration by his office for many months, they have been told the box only needs to be checked if the person does not have a driver’s license or state identification card AT ALL.  

On the Secretary of State website, there is a link to a PDF document titled “Registration Information for New Voters”.  After a list of documents allowable for establishing identification, it continues:

… Or you may provide one of the following numbers (without providing a physical copy of the number):

v  Valid Colorado Driver’s License number

v  Valid Colorado Department of Revenue Identification number

v  At least the four last digits of the voter’s Social Security number

According to reports, the Secretary of State’s office has recently deemed thousands of these new registrations invalid, despite the fact they have been completed as instructed!

Still don’t get it?  Here is the explanation.  Imagine you run some errands with your spouse and your spouse drives, so you don’t bring your driver’s license with you.  Or, you could be taking a walk, working out at the gym, shopping, etc., and leave your wallet or purse locked in your car (although it is not a good idea, people do this all the time).  You meet a voter registrar with a clipboard somewhere, and they offer to help you register to vote.  You don’t have your driver’s license with you, although you do have one at home, and you put your social security number on the form instead (a number unique to you).  The registrar collects all the necessary information, asks you to sign and date the form, and gives you a receipt with his/her signature.  

According to Mike Coffman’s new interpretation, the form is invalid if you are honest and do not check the box saying you do not have a driver’s license (because you do – it is just not with you).  If you were dishonest and said you didn’t have a driver’s license, in order to use the social security number option, you may get away with it.  

Rumors of pending lawsuits are spreading.  MEANWHILE, voter registration in Colorado ends at the close of business on Monday, October 6th.  Mail-in ballots, the choice of most of the new voters registered this year, are scheduled to be sent out October 6th, as well.

If you want to ask Secretary of State Coffman to explain himself, or suggest that he step down from his role as CO Secretery of State, or insist that he honors all of the voter registrations in question, please call or write his campaign office at (303) 791-6453 or info@coffmanforcongress.com

or the elections office at (303) 894-2200 ext. 6307 elections@sos.state.co.us .

Republican Secretary of State + Current Candidate for House of Representatives + Vague and Contradictory Instructions = Conflict of Interest and No Voter Confidence.

Information for this story from http://www.squarestate.net/sho… .


A Very Concerned CO Citizen

Liberal Talking Points

-How can John McCain claim he plans to bring about change to the election process and Washington D.C. when he is working with the man known as Bush’s Brain and the architect behind the 2 Bush terms, Karl Rove?

-Sarah Palin claims to be an advocate for special needs children but she cut the Alaska budget for the Special Olympics by 50%.

-Country First means People Second.  Without the people there is no country.

-The Economic Commission McCain suggested to research how we got in this mess needs to start the investigation in Crawford, TX.

many more below…

-Over the last two years the Republicans in the Senate have filibustered more than any other two year period in American history.  They want to blame the Democrats for flawed plans AND blame them for not being able to enact those plans as well.  It’s is not the Democrats fault that every bill they try to pass to help America is either blocked or vetoed.

-Life begins at conception, but individual rights begin at birth. We must work to reduce they factors that force women to make this choice, not work to limit a women’s rights to their own bodies.

-Thanks to Joe Lieberman the Democrats do not control Congress.  The blame for the last eight years sits solely with the GOP.

-There is a big difference between earmarks and pork.  Until the system is changed so that states have another mode of obtaining federal funds we will always have earmarks.  Pork are earmarks that are granted to appease lobbyists and special interests, not citizens.

-The worst insult that the Republicans can make about Barack Obama is to claim he is running his campaign like McCain.  

-Maybe Barack Obama will start those town hall meetings John McCain as soon as McCain finishes the debate with himself.  

-“Meet the new Boss.  Same as the old Boss.  We won’t get fooled again.”  The Who

-You can put lipstick on an elephant but its still being trained by Karl Rove.

-We need to achieve independence from not just foreign oil, but ALL oil.

-Trickle down economics is like giving a new computer to rich child and hoping they will give their old one to a poor child without one.

-Under Republican control the government gets bigger, abortions increase and middle class taxes go up, despite what they tell you.

-Healthcare is essential to living the American Dream.

-Jesus was a liberal, Middle Eastern insurgent.

-Nuclear power seems like a great idea till they want to build a plant or a dump next to your child’s school.

-War is not a financial investment.

-The War on Drugs is fought to keep drug prices high so we can afford to pay the police who take the money so we can pay for the War on Drugs so we can afford to pay the police……

Think Baby, Think!!!!  

If you oppose Socialism, then pull your kids out of public school, stop using the public roads, stay out of National, State and Local Parks, find your own water supply and build your own generator.

The same people who were at Bush’s victory speech would be at McCain’s as well.

Jimmy Carter saw this all coming, too bad Reagan made sure it did.

Obama’s Tax Plan is not redistribution of wealth; it is simply taking less from those who have less.

We need more regulation because lobbyists have more power.

John McCain, the lapdog of the puppet.

McSame may be “four more years” but Scare-acuda is “for more fears.”

The road to Iraq is paved with lies.

The road to New Orleans was flooded with incompetence.

The road to Crawford is free of brush.

The road to Nowhere can destroy campaigns.

How Long Has Rove Been Working With McCain? Change?

John McCain has adopted Barack Obama’s message of Change and is now running against the image of the party that nominated him.  McCain was cheered during acceptance speech while he challenged the economic platform that was ratified four years ago by the very same people applauding.  McCain is working very hard to distance himself from the record of George Bush in the public eye; while behind the scenes he is taking advice from the man behind the Bush Administration.

This bring about the questions, how long has Karl Rove been working with McCain and how much of McCain’s recent tactical shift is part of Rove’s plan?  This article from May 20th references meetings between Rove and McCain began as early as Aril 22nd.  

Rove has also admitted to meeting with Sen. McCain recently. On April 22, while doing on-air coverage of the Pennsylvania primary for Fox News, Rove let slip that he “saw Senator McCain recently at a private gathering” where the general election campaign was discussed.

I would guess that Rove was advising McCain from this meeting on, but I also suspect a deal was arranged 4 years ago when McCain was convinced not to accept John Kerry’s offer to nominate him as his running mate.

Meanwhile, the Bush-Cheney re-election campaign announced the release of the campaign’s newest television advertisement, which features Kerry’s first choice for vice president, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. In the ad entitled “First Choice,” which will air on national cable and in selected local markets, McCain discusses his support for Bush.

This after Rove destroyed McCain’s chances in 2000 through less than savory tactics.  Bush went on to win the nomination and the rest is history.  Does John McCain have no shame?  This shows his message of change is political ploy, not a heartfelt demand for real change as expressed by Barack Obama.

McCain has gone the usual process of pandering to the right during Republican nomination process then immediately shifting to the center.  But in this case he didn’t just shift, he adopted his opponent mantra.  A very odd tactic, but not necessarily Rove.  I think the fingerprints of Rove are all over the Sarah Palin pick.  I would guess the “leak” about Rove calling McCain to suggest against Lieberman   might have been true.

In my humble opinion Rove had two plan; If Hillary Clinton was Obama’s pick, roll out Mitt Romney, if not call up Sarah Palin. I will never know, but I think the choice of Palin is all Rove.  

Sarah Palin offers a lot to help the McCain campaign, but not much to help the average American.  She allows McCain to stay “positive”.  He can commend Obama and state he does not want to be negative, his attack dog is able to smear Obama, and look better than McCain doing it.  

The Palin pick also allows for a “reason” for a pole shift.  It brings the question will women change their mind because of the opportunity to elect a female VP.  Gender or race or religion is no reason to choose a candidate, and I believe most American see it that way.  In fact, for every sexist woman that would vote for a woman based on gender, I believe there is a sexist man who would not vote for a woman.  I condemn both, but they pretty much cancel each other out.  What this really does is puts a theory in place as to why the polls shifted other than a post convention bounce.  

The Rovian tactic has long been to accuse everyone else of everything before you are accused yourself.  Palin was chosen in part because of her gender, but the Democrats and media are sexist.  We were kidding about Michelle Obama but you are attacking Palin’s family.  (Though it is the media actually posing the “hypothetical” questions and attributing them to the public.)  Hillary needs to toughen up, but we need to back off on Sarah.  

Palin also makes the election about cultural issues, not political stances.  Another Rove classic.  Though the American majority supports the political stances promoted by Democrats, we are divided just about evenly when it comes to cultural issues.  If the GOP can take the focus away from the real matters and shift it to cultural differences then the voters are split.  Rove and the GOP thrives on wedge issues like abortion, flag burning, and homosexual marriage because the distract voters from the real issues while making them passionate enough to vote against their own best interests.

Based on my state elections and what I am seeing in the Presidential race, it appears as though the GOP is going for the sympathy vote this year.  Marilyn Musgrave, an incumbent Republican Congresswoman and Rove devotee, is running an ad describing her childhood being abused and raised by an alcoholic.  It’s sad, but no reason to vote for her.  Poor Sarah Palin is being attacked by everyone, rally around her.  And poor John McCain was taken captive after dropping bombs on local Vietnamese villages.  I admire his strength and resolve, but that is no reason to vote for him.  Poor Republicans were misled by George Bush, but we can trust them this time.  It is all a ploy.  

Lastly, how can American’s actually believe what comes out of Rove’s mouth on FOX News.  He is called an analyst, but analysts are supposed to be objective.  Sounds fishy to me, and no, I am not calling Rove a fish so please don’t sue me.  He is more of a turd blossom.




Turd Blossum

“They bring the same kind of change we got in 2000”

Fear, Lies and Cover-ups is no way to run a country – McCain’s Speech

John McCain, acceptence speech, republican platfrom, 2008 election, Barack Obama, GOP convention

John MCCain is Beholden to the GOP Agenda

I think John McCain gave one of the best speeches of his life tonight.  He was able to walk that thin line between playing to the Republican base in the room and presenting a case for change in the United States.  I respect his service and am inspired by his story.  But when it comes down to it, he was selected by the people in that room tonight and is obliged to promote their agenda.  Sarah Palin is going to be the Mouth of McCain because she is much easier to look at, and he does not whole-heartedly believe in the same policies put on the party platform by the delegates at his own speech.  He is an honest man and does not want to lie.  But McCain is still beholden to the agenda he knows we have to accept.

What the Republican Party wants you to forget is that the very same people applauding Bush’s speeches, are telling us McCain is the right man to clean up after the mess they made.  They didn’t just admire the ones Bush gave 8 years ago when he was seen as everybody’s buddy, but the ones 4 years ago as well when many of us knew he was corrupt.  They were the ones screaming, “FOUR MORE YEARS, FOUR MORE YEARS!”  

Thanks, but no thanks.


I think if John McCain was a Democrat, he would not be labeled a Maverick, but just one of the pack. He would most likely already been nominated for Presidency because the Democrats don’t pick their candidates based on their name(Bush Jr.), but their ideals.  Too bad he has had the chain of the Republican Party around his neck and the burden of convincing rural America that the agenda of the wealthiest Republicans is their own.  John McCain is wrong in two major areas.  The War in Iraq, and his Republican Economic Strategy are his shortcomings when compared to Barack Obama.

Regarding the idea of the surge bringing victory, what he fails to address is the fact that America never should have invaded and occupied a sovereign nation for oil while letting the true terrorists rebuild.  I respect his service in the Armed Forces and admire his courage while in a POW prison, but I see the same flaw in what he has learned since that time.  We should have never been in Vietnam, and he is lucky he was not killed by the people whose family’s he killed while on his bombing missions.  He is a hero and I respect him for that but it is not honorable to claim victory in a fight you had no business starting.

I found it belittling to watch the Republican Delegates applaud McCain as condemned the very same platform they had approved four years earlier.  Fox News Flash:  You can’t be the party of reform if you are the party in control.  Regardless of how he tries to distance himself from George Bush, McCain is still beholden to the people in that room who selected them both to lead.  We cannot afford to trust their judgment this time.  The Republican agenda has destroyed this country.

I support Barack Obama because he is truly beholder to the platform of the Democratic Party which was put forth by the very people seen knocking on doors and talking to their neighbors about the issues we are all concerned about.  The people who write the platform of the Democratic Party are the ones who the hardest in their community, not the ones who donate the most.  He laid out some of the actual changes he would bring to the system in Washington and listed the ways which he plans to fund those changes while cutting the taxes of 95% of American.  That is change you can take to the bank.  He has a degree in Constitutional Law from Harvard and is exactly the man we need to restore the true intent of checks and balances.  Barack is not afraid of those who would attack us because he knows that our fear would be their motivation.  Obama has already earned the respect of foreign leaders across the globe and even McCain will tell you that isolating yourselves is no way to defeat your enemies.  Crazy as it sounds; Barack will try to eliminate our enemies, not by killing them, but by gaining their trust.

In the end, if America select McCain, we will still be better of then we are now, but we will also be fighting the same battles 1 year, 10 years and 100 years from now.  If Obama wins and delivers on half his promises we will have started on the path to recovering from the Presidency of George W. Bush, the forgotten golden boy of John McCain and the Republican Party.

Thank you.

-We need to achieve independence from not just foreign oil, but ALL oil.

-Trickle down economics is like giving a new computer to rich child and hoping they will give their old one to a poor child without one.

-Country First, People Second is the same as Government First.

-Under Republican control the government gets bigger, abortions increase and middle class taxes go up, despite what they tell you.

-Jesus was a liberal, Middle Eastern man who stood up as an insurgent against Roman control and yet still preached giving all you could to those who needed most, regardless of the reason for need.  (WWJD?  Denounce Christianity)

-Nuclear power seems like a great idea till they want to build a plant or a dump next to your child’s school.

-Sarah Palin should be ashamed of herself for running on a platform that would destroy the beauty of her state and for supporting the ideal that women should not have the Right to choose what happens in their own bodies.

-The very idea of a Unitary Executive is unconstitutional.

-Fear, Lies and Cover ups in no way to run a country.

“Drill Baby Drill!” will echo through out history as the moment the GOP jumped the shark.

The road to Iraq is paved with lies.

The road to New Orleans was flooded with incompetence.

The road to Crawford, TX is free of brush.

The road to Nowhere will ruin a campaign.

The King of the Moonbats


Don’t Let the Media Fabricate the Liberal Voice

In the past 3 days I have knocked on many, many doors to register voters and discuss the Presidential Election.  I am there to support Barack Obama and the local candidates I believe in.  I have listened to a lot of people.

NO ONE, has mentioned Sarah Palin’s family or her personal problems.  I have heard a lot about her stances on many issues including oil, education, the wars, women’s rights and others.  People have mentioned concerns about her morals, but this has been in regard to the political actions she has taken.  Her reversal on some stances and poor judgment/hypocrisy in others, and her choice of groups to associate and the views they represent are the most notable.  But, no one is attacking her character or family life and I believe that is representative of nearly all of Barack Obama’s supporters.

We must not let them continue to imply we are in an uproar because she is a woman with a family and real family issues.

This is the political influence at work in media.  Trying to generate a story to attract viewers and keep the race close.  It appears this is the Rovian tactic at play and we cannot let it succeed.  

If the media is able to portray this as a close race, and feed the fears and hatred that keep voters from hearing the truth in Barack’s message, then they will have the margin of difference they need to steal the 3rd election in a row.

Keep asking the right questions and stop responding to the “Right” questions.

Denounce those who question her parenting and family life and explain the real reasons why she is not the Vice President America needs.

I know Liberal values and what the media is portraying is a farce.   We respect women and honor those who represent the communities that elect them.  Here in Colorado there are an amazing number of women in both the State House and the State Senate.  The vast majority of which are Democrats.  Even the lady I ran against in 2006 has since changed parties pointing to the hatred and backroom politicking of the Republican Party as the reason.  (Though I like to believe some of my arguments had something to do with that.)

Democrats have always respected women and have been rewarded with strong female role-models like Hillary Clinton, Geraldine Ferarro, Eleanor Roosevelt and Nancy Pelosi; to name a few.

In closing, I still hope that my daughters see the first woman elected President.  I also know that Sarah Palin was selected as a political ploy.  I fear that if McCain wins due to this blatantly dishonest gimmick, it may some day hinder women who have earned a chance to be considered for Executive roles from earning the full respect of the voters.

We need to help Barack Obama elected because he values and respects women as equals, not pawns.

Earth is my mother and Sun is my Father.

I worship All and the name I give It is God.

Vae victis – Rome

Matt Bryant

A Celebrity Filled Gala…Night 2 of the RNC

While I have been promoting the idea of focusing on the ideas and opportunity Barack Obama offers, we all need a good laugh and I find the irony in tonight’s RNC Fundraiser/Convention too much to pass up.

We saw Dubya bow out and make a speech via satellite like an actor who is too good to show up and accept an award in person.  The award for Worst President Ever.

Then a nice tribute to the “great” GOP hope, a former actor.  Maybe only a B grade celebrity, Ronald Reagan seemed to always be on stage and his wife Nancy loved the spotlight too.

Fred Thompson, an actual celebrity, took the time to stop by and deliver a decent speech. (full of omissions and half truths)  Anaconda’s Jon Voight stopped by as well to make us feel good.

Then at last, Joe Lieberman.  Not an actual actor, but I believe he is most known the “drama” of 2006 and not his inspiring role as a representative of those who elected.

Sadly, the night was not capped off by the newest world-wide celebrity, Sarah Palin.  A former beauty queen and TV personality who still delivers a speech like a cheerleader.  (I think she is actually a decent and interesting person in many ways, though I do disagree with her on nearly every major area of concern for Americans.)

On a side note, Fred Thompson was there to replace the Governor of California whom I’ve heard rumors of staring in a few movies of his own.  If only Sunny Bono was still around, he would have fit into tonight’s them very well.

Overall, it makes me proud that I support a candidate who says what he means, believes what he says and doesn’t rely on gimmicks to gain few points.

I leave you with this, in good humor and with the flavor of SARCASIM:

SARAH PALIN:  A Rising Celebrity, but is she Ready to Lead?

The Entrenchment Affect

I am in total agreement that the Bush/McCain mentallity is flawed and full of holes.  (Let’s not have a B/M on election day America) I see Sarah Palin as a huge mistake for many reasons.  But, attacking those who support them, or, holding their beliefs against them only causes the to put up defenses.  As they “turtle up” they build the case for defending their candidate because they don’t want to be wrong, and immediatly stop listening to you.  They start forming ways to prove you wrong.

The first thing I tell someone who supports McCain is I respect him what he has accomplished and will try to make sure he follows through if he is elected.  He HAS done a lot of good things.  The problem is, as Barack  says, “John McCain doesn’t get it.”

Then I explain why I like Barack Obama more.

I used this with my brother and got him to admit he likes Obama, he just likes McCain more.  Now all I have to do is show why Barack is a better candidate, not overcome a wall of GOP talking points.

I use the same thing to explain my spirituality to Christians.  I really like the teachings of Jesus.  I love the idea of helping those who need it.  I like Jesus very much.

I also like the teachings in The Old Testament, The Kybalion, The Koran, The Tao Te Ching, The I Ching, The Gita, The Book of the Dead, etc.

Point is, though I disagree that Jesus anymore the son of God/All then you or I, I do agree with the truth of his teachings.

This has also helped me at doors as I am walking because it also eliminates a large point of contention I used to encounter.

Let everyone you know why you are voting for Barack Obama.  His message will get him elected more than his opponents’ flaws.


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Don’t Blame the Republican Voters

In the hours since Barack Obama’s acceptance speech I have been in contact with many people, friends and family as well as strangers.  I have been on the phone for hours, written an account of my plan to help Barack succeed to deliver to all my friends and family as well as the papers and blogs, and I have listened.  There has been a line drawn and as Obama put so well last night, you either get it, or you don’t get it.  All else is business as usual and with both candidates you either love them or hate them.  

Until Barack’s speech last night I would have been to among the first to attack those who criticized my nominee.  But when that line was drawn, at that moment …

when Barack said, “This was never about me, this was about you,” I realized that I did not have to fight with those who did not get it anymore.  Instead, I needed to be refocused and happy.  We are now in the position to finish what will be the first major step in reversing the damage done and restoring the America in which I grew up proud.  

Really, I can’t help but feel sorry for the Republican voters who are left and still voting for McCain.  Whatever their motivations may be, now seem silly to me.  The allegiance to a war built on lies and fear will be futile if we can finish what we started.  The belief Obama and Democrats are going to raise taxes on the poor and middle class seems like a shield to hide another more embarrassing deciding factor.  Racism or sexism, whatever the reason, I do not blame them anymore.  

Barack Obama has armed us with the most powerful tool in the world.  Even more powerful than the mighty blog is the TRUTH.  Instead of blaming those who do not get it, we can educate those around us and change the culture of America.  Once Barack Obama is in the White House and we are rebuilding America we will become a society in which the children of those who opposed Obama for the wrong reasons will benefit from Obama for the right reasons.  

Barack Obama will not fix America, but he will stop the decline.  We must make sure Bush was the rock-bottom.   So that 8 years from now we are looking for a candidate to finish what was started by the Obama Presidency, not start what was forgotten before continuing the same path of last 8 years.

If we can do this we will be moving towards a United States of America in which the children of those who feared Barack Obama, will be searching for someone like him to continue the work.

Don’t blame those who fear change, work to elect Barack Obama and change the culture of fear bred by the GOP and corporate America.  

Those who fear Obama are those that most need him.

Yes We Will!!!

Yes We Will

Today is a day Americans will revere for years to come.  When they do, those not yet born will not understand why there was ever any doubt as to whether Barack Obama was going to defeat John McCain.  They will be told how at that moment in Denver, Colorado one man changed the system by saying the era of lies and fear has come to an end, and a future of truth and hope has begun.  The line was drawn at that moment, and even those who resisted and denied what they had been seeing over the last year and a half, let their doubt fall away, if even for just a moment.  We all saw and understood at that time the perfect storm had arrived, and Washington D.C. was directly in its path…

 The next generation is the one that will reap the benefits of what a Barack Obama Administration will accomplish.  They will live in a United States that is no longer burdened by the issues that have plagued for years and the will question, “How was there ever ANY doubt that this man was going win?”  I think most of us who lived it will just have to smile and say, “It was different back then.  It will only be then, that we can sit back, relax, and say “Yes we did!” and things were never the same.

I know this can happen, and I believe it will happen because now is the time that all those who have been defiantly shouting “Yes we can,” take the next step and start saying, “Yes we will.”  They will do this because they now have seen that we have an opportunity to change the world.  At last, we have another Presidential Nominee who understands the meaning of what is to be a representative of, by and for the PEOPLE, not a shill, of, by and for the RICH.

From the beginning I felt a deep connection with Barack Obama.  Like him, I was raised by a single mother after my father’s death in 1982.  I am also part of the increasing population in America who are the descendants of mixed marriages.  My mother is a member of the Choctaw Tribe of Oklahoma and my father was the descendent of Irish immigrants that moved to Oklahoma to farm.  I am the father of 2 daughters, ages 7 and 4, and like Barack Obama my oldest is wide eyed, observant and well behaved, while my youngest never stops moving and asking questions.  And like Barack Obama, in 2006, after I could no longer stand by and watch our country deteriorate so I sought out and attained my party’s nomination as the candidate for the State House in the very District in which I was born and raised because I knew the time had come for change in America.  

Unlike Barack, I did not win and though I did not give up I was discouraged.  Though I decided not to seek that nomination again I remained active and was amazed by the record turnout during the Colorado Caucus and proud to be casting my vote for our next President, Barack Obama.  Despite my connection and belief in Barack I still was lacking something that I had had in 2006.  As the process moved on, I lost focus, as the media spewed rhetoric I lost desire, and as the negativity ramped up I lost faith.  

Last night in a tremendous acceptance speech Joe Biden started to restore that focus and desire, but tonight as Obama gave his momentous address and not only did my faith come back, it reached a level I never new existed.  Barack Obama IS the man this country has been seeking since hope was killed decades ago by the murders of the Kennedy brothers and Martin Luther King, Jr.  Barack Obama is the answer to the question, “How are we going to clean up this mess that the Bush policies have left us with?”  He is the answer because as he said so well in his speech tonight, this was never about him, this was about us.  At that moment, I truly for the first time in over seven years, stopped focusing on what had been done to me and you and why, who was to blame and when were they going to be held accountable.  I was able to let go and start focusing on what me and you had to do in order to make sure it never happens again.  

The only question was, will I help finish what has been started?

The answer came to me quickly and clearly, YES I WILL.

Yes I will go and knock on every door in my precinct to not only talk with those voters whom I agree with, but also to show those do not agree that Barack Obama is the answer.

Yes I will take the next step and knock on the doors of those who are not registered to vote and beg them to make this the year that they say yes I will register.

Yes I will make sure that not only are voters marking the top of the ballot to vote for President, I will make sure they know that they need to vote in every race because real change starts from the bottom up.

Yes I will stand up to those who choose to go negative and spread lies and hate by spreading truth and unity.

Yes I will leave behind my own perceptions of party and patriotism in order to extend the olive branch and start unification process in my own precinct and with everyone I meet.

Yes I will do everything I can to make sure that we are not once again robbed of our chance to bring about the reform the country and the rest of the world so desperately need.

And most of all, yes I will continue to stay active after November 2nd so I can make sure those we elected fulfill their promises and we are never again in a situation where the future of America is in question.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please join with me so that 30 years from now we can all look back as one nation and proclaim YES WE DID.

Matt Bryant




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If the Surge has worked….

If the Surge has been a success as so many of the GOP leaders have proclaimed, then why have we not seen a reduction in troop levels?

The Patriots could claim that their game plan was a success right up until the point that the clock read 0:00, but in the end, they still lost.

It seems all too obvious that the Surge has only been successful enough to say things are staying at the status quo.  If they were better than that we would be seeing a reduction.

The only time real success will be proclaimed by

the White House is when the Oil Profit Sharing proposals have been accepted.  We are just using the Surge to keep the level of violence down until we have their approval to steal their oil.

I am so proud of our troops (I have family members in Iraq) but equally as disgusted in our leadership that is essential using a band-aid to cover up a tumor.  We need to start helping Iraq rebuild its infrastructure instead of being the reason they need to rebuild.

I don’t want to hear about the Surge working unless there are actual results we can measure the success by, like troops coming home or actual leaders being elected that stay in office for more than a month.

The current approach reminds me of other approaches the Bush Administration and GOP have in other aspects of life.

1: Maintain the status quo seems like their approach to healthcare as well.  The Free Market approach does not work, quit claiming it does.

2: Just keep it good enough till we are out of office.  Sounds like their approach to the economy, just lower the interest rates and keep us afloat till we can blame it on someone else.

And of course the old stand by’s lie, deny and cover-up.  Always effective.

I must warn you, according to Bush, if you have read this, the terrorists have won and socialism has now reached a threat level of super-red.  

Good luck America.

My country used to be…