Rocky Mountain Right predicts primary turnout

Rocky Mountain Right, Colorado’s conservative grassroots, has a good projection of Republican and Democratic turnout for next week’s primary based on previous years:

333,701 votes were cast in the 2004 Republican Senate primary. In August of 2004, there were 1,074,366 total registered Republicans. Secretary of State records also indicate that in August of 2004, approximately 73% of all registered voters in the state were also active voters. This means that out of around 784,000 active Republican voters in 2004 – 42% cast their ballots.

Predictions after the break:

Using this model, it is likely that approximately 377,000 Republican votes will be cast in the 2010 primary. If Democrats experience comparable turnout, which early returns indicate they will, there will be approximately 360,000 votes cast in the Democratic primary.

These numbers seem higher than the projections Colorado Pols gave a few days ago, something I thought was worth noting.

For those of you who spend your time in endless “who is going to lose to Ken Buck or Jane Norton” threads about Ritter appointed Senator Bennet and former Speaker Romanoff, I would encourage you to check out the conversations on our side of the aisle sometime.  The formatting is similar to here, with front paged stories and other diaries on the right-hand column.  I think there are a lot of viewpoints not represented on this site, which seems overwhelmingly liberal (Laughing Boy, Barron X, Libertad, Ellie, and a few others aside).

Jane Norton in best position to take out Bennet, who has 2:1 very unfavorable rating

A new poll released today shows Jane Norton with a comfortable lead over appointed Senator Michael Bennet.

Norton leads Bennet 48% to 39%, with a 4% margin of error.  Norton also leads Romanoff 44%-40%.

Ken Buck also leads either democrat 48%-42%

Bennet continues to suffer from extremely high very unfavorable ratings, higher than any other candidate in the race and over twice his very favorable:

Overall, Buck is viewed Very favorably by 14% of Colorado voters and Very Unfavorably by 19%.

For Norton, Very Favorables are 15% and Very Unfavorables 22%.

Fifteen percent (15%) have a Very Favorable opinion of Bennet, the Denver school superintendent who was named to the Senate last year when Ken Salazar became secretary of the Interior. But 35% view him Very Unfavorably.

Romanoff earns Very Favorables of 20% and Very Unfavorables of 21%.