Beauty and the Beast Meet at Romanoff’s Birthday

(PUMA-fail? This doesn’t seem to have worked out very well – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Michael Bennet’s wife, Susan Daggett (Beauty), came to Andrew Romanoff’s party this evening to celebrate Andrew’s birthday and even wrote a personal check to help Andrew retire his campaign debt.  She stayed for a while and spoke to many supporters who seemed to be very happy that she came, I know I was.  Her attendance at the event and donation ($544) were clear signs that Michael Bennet and his campaign are working hard to make inroads with Andrew Romanoff’s supporters and unite the Democratic Party.

A member of Andrew’s staff told me that Susan had called in advance and asked if she could attend.  Class all the way.

However, class was replaced by classless. Later in the evening, an unwelcomed guest by the name of Ken Buck (Beast) showed up at Andrew’s party with a photographer and a reporter or two in tow.  That’s right — Ken Buck crashed the party or a photo-op and a grip and grin.  

Ken Buck was almost immediately peppered with questions about his opposition to a woman’s right to choose in the case of rape and incest, his desire to repeal health care reform, and his position that would close the Department of Education.  It became obvious that Buck’s little stunt, although smart, had failed to win him any support.

Some people took pictures with the extreme Buck but then walked away disturbed that he would grandstand at Andrew’s gathering.   Maybe they needed pincushion designs.

Bennet’s campaign and Susan showed a real desire to reach out while Buck and his people were just looking for an attempt to get a cheap press opportunity.  Too bad it fell flat.  

Bennet Breaks Grassroots Fundraising Record, Only Candidate Ready for General

Every reporting quarter, Michael Bennet has posted impressive fundraising totals that have gone unrivaled by any other candidate in the field.  Frequently, his haul has doubled or tripled that of his primary opponents (Republican and Democrat) and regularly has outpaced the combined total of all other candidates in the race.  

What’s most impressive is the figure that Bennet released this morning, according to the Denver Post:

the campaign has more than 20,000 donors, with three-quarters of them giving less than $200

This is a Colorado primary election record and proof positive that Bennet has been building a tremendous grassroots network along side his fundraising network.

Though money is important in a statewide race, a winning candidate must put up big numbers, combined with an aggressive field program, and an organized message.  Bennet seems to have the trifecta.

Some political consultants believe a winning Senate race for Colorado this year will require $12 to $15 million before the general election is through.

Bennet’s quarter is a nearly matches the combined total of both Republican candidates and his success with small dollar donors is a direct affront to Speaker Andrew Romanoff, whose rhetoric has previously claimed dominance over turf warfare.

Unless Romanoff is able to swing for the fence and post some huge numbers, at least $1 million, Bennet seems to be the most prepared for a serious challenge in the general election.

Let’s face it, this campaign is going to be played out on television — but Bennet’s army of grassroots support will certainly bolster his chances.  No other candidate comes close.

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