Bubba Cuts Ad for Obama

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Former President Clinton is coming to a television near you…soon!

The last president to have run a surplus, President Clinton has cut a new ad strongly endorsing President Obama’s approach to the economy.  In addition to Colorado, the ad is slated to run in New Hampshire, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Iowa and Nevada.  While Clinton has appeared in campaign videos and raised money for President Obama, this is the first time Obama has tapped him for a political ad.


Looper/Stephens Campaign Reaches New Depths in “Hate The Gays” Competition

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Marsha Looper’s campaign has reached new depths in her attempt to stay in the State Legislature by outing her own son as gay.

Looper’s campaign, in an attempt to show that she loathes the gays even more than her primary opponent Amy Stephens, has issued a press release saying that even though her son is gay, she stood opposed to civil unions.  Looper’s campaign, through her campaign manager, Lana Fore-Warkocz, stated, “God is truly to be praised for Marsha Looper because she also has a homosexual son (and did not let that influence her decision to oppose equal rights for her son and other gays and lesbians).

Looper then promptly distanced herself from her campaign manager’s actions by saying she was “very disappointed” in Fore-Warkocz’s actions.  She did not, however, fire her….

Full Story:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/…


Gingrich Leads in First Post-SC Poll of Florida (Poll Follows)

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Gingrich has taken the momentum from his South Carolina win into the lead in Florida according to Insider Advantage.

The poll, taken last night, shows Gingrich with an 8 point lead.  He has 34% to Romney’s 26%.  Ron Paul, who has said he’s skipping Florida (except for tonight’s debate) is at 13% and Santorum is at 11%.[poll id=”1423″]


Apportionment Data Just Released

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Texas is the big winner in the census bureau’s just released apportionment data…they will pick up 4 seats for 2012.

Ohio and New York are each losing two seats.  Colorado holds steady with 7 congressional seats allotted to us.

Here is a link to all of the data:



Bennet Calls Wrong Radio Station

What the hell is wrong with Bennet’s campaign folks?  Apparently this morning they had him call into Peter Boyles’ radio show.

As everyone who knows Denver Radio knows, Peter Boyles has had it in for Bennet, Ritter, Hickenlooper and virtually anyone who has a “D” after their name for the past several years.  Bennet has successfully avoided Boyles’ radio show since he was appointed US Senator, so why, one may reasonably ask, did he call in this morning?

Whatever the reason, he did call in and the “interview” went exactly as one may have guessed it would have.

Here is a link to the story on PoliticalWire which has a link to the audio:



Congratulations To President Obama

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has granted the Obama Administration’s request to temporarily freeze the repeal of DADT.  

This is great news for the administration that is fighting hard, spending taxpayer money (some of which comes from gay and lesbian taxpayers, I might add) to continue the practice of discharging gays and lesbians from the military.

“Fierce defender” my ass….



Why This Democrat Is Sitting Out All Federal Races This Year

(Some really fine commentary from some of our respected polsters on this diary.  How wrongheaded Arvadonians actions are, he has prompted deep thought from our community. – promoted by Voyageur)

I am a democrat.  I’ve been an active democrat ever since I reached eligiblity to vote in 1983.  This year, however, I will not be voting in the congressional or senatoral races.  

The following is a copy of the letter that I sent to Ed Perlmutter’s campaign last Thursday…I also sent the same letter (with some obvious changes as appropriate) to Michael Bennet.

Representative Perlmutter,

I am outraged.  Democrats have 59 votes in the Senate, a sizable majority in the House and we have the White House.  President Obama campaigned as a “fierce defender” of rights for gays and lesbians.  The only progress that has been made in equal rights for gays and lesbians over the last two years has come from the courts.  And then today we have Obama’s justice department fighting not one, but two rulings advancing the cause of equality.

I’ve spent my entire adult life as a proud, fighting democrat.  As a college student, I was President of College Democrats at Illinois State University; I had a paid staff position on Senator Paul Simon’s 1988 Presidential Campaign; I ran to be a delegate for Tom Harkin for the 1992 Democratic National Convention; I served as a downstate coordinator on the 1992 Illinois Senate Campaign for Senator Carol Mosely-Braun; I’ve given more time, money and effort to elect democrats than I care to remember.  In short, I’d put my democratic party bona-fides up against virtually anyones’.

But I’m angry.  Men and women who are willing to give their lives in service to country are being kicked out of the military for no reason other than who they are.  And this Administration is suing to continue the practice.

Which brings me to the point of this letter:  I cannot, in good consience, support you with my vote in this election.  It may not seem fair to you given that you have been a supporter of gay rights, but there are men and women in the military who have served ably and honorably who are being kicked out based on no other reason than who they are.  You will not be getting my vote based on who you are…a Democrat.  I hope you win, (I am certainly under no illusions that Ryan Frazier is a friend of gay rights) but I’m sitting this one out and you will have to do it without my vote.  I’m at a loss as to any other way to relay my frustration and anger (the letters and phone calls have fallen on deaf ears) to this administration short of being silent on election day.  This is not a decision I’ve made lightly.  I’ve never sat out an election since I became eligible to vote in 1983.

Should you survive this election year, I hope that you will let the President know the position he has left your party in with his continued ignoring of the gay and lesbian community.  



Bennet Leads Buck in Latest Poll

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A PPP poll out today shows Michael Bennet taking a 1 point lead over Ken Buck 46-45.

While independents are not too fond of either candidate, Bennet has taken a 10 point lead among.

A closer look at moderate voters shows a lot of trouble for Buck. They see him negatively by greater than a 2:1 margin, 27/57. They’re not real high on Bennet, giving him only a +7 approval rating at 43/36. But when it comes to the horse race they give Bennet a 24 point lead despite their tepid feelings toward him personally because of their greater animosity toward Buck.

Here is a link to the poll:



Hick 46, Tanc 25, Maes 21 in Latest Poll

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Tancredo has not only out performed Maes in fundraising, he is outperforming him in the most recent poll.

Looks like the real battle in the Colorado governor’s race is still for silver medal between Tancredo and Maes.  Rasmussen is out with their latest poll and it shows Tancredo pulling ahead of Maes for bragging rights and little more, while Hickenlooper is comfortably ahead in the race for the Governors Mansion.



Ken Buck channels Sharron Angle on Choice

Ken Buck has staked out a position identical to Sharron Angle on the issue of women’s reproductive rights.  

Responding to a question on his position on abortion, Buck stated that he is opposed to all abortions, including for those pregnancies resulting from rape or incest, and would make an exception only if the mother’s life was in danger.

Link to the story:



Tancredo Looking At Independent Bid For Governor

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The Rothenberg Political Report is reporting that Tom Tancredo is interviewing potential running mates in preparation for an independent bid for Governor.

According to the article, Tancredo confirmed that he is looking at an independent bid and will have a formal announcement of his plans within the next couple of days.  Petitioning on the ballot is out of the question at this point as the deadlines have passed, so Tancredo is apparently trying to convince one of the other third parties to dump their candidates and let him take up their mantle.

Here is a link to the story:



Federal DOMA Ruled (partially) Unconstitutional

(I’ve always believed DOMA was in violation of the U.S. Constitution’s full faith and credit clause.  This decision — coupled with the trial chyallenging California’s anti-gay marriage referendum — could have a major impact on constitutional law in this field. – promoted by Voyageur)

Look for gay marriage to be moved up the list of “hot political issues” for elections in November.  


This ruling affects only if the Federal Government is required to recognize marriages performed in the 5 states and DC that permit marriages between individuals of the same sex.  The judge ruled that everyone, including gays and lesbians, is entitled to equal protection under the law.

Coming on the heels of Governor Lingle’s veto of Hawaii’s proposed domestic partnership law, this is another example of gay civil rights taking a step forward as it takes a step backwards.


Polis Sharing the Wealth Again

Jared Polis has established another fund which will allow him to assist Democrats around the country in their campaigns for house seats.  

The Jared Polis Majority Fund has been registered with the Federal Election Committee and will initially help Democrats in a dozen races around the country.  Betsey Markey is among those who will be helped.

Polis is playing it smart if he wants to work his way up the foodchain in house leadership.

Here is a link to the story at CQ Politics.



New Senate Poll Released

Jane Norton is beating both Andrew Romanoff and Michael Bennet in the latest poll on the Colorado Senate Race, although Romanoff is testing quite a bit better than Bennet against Norton.


The Rasmussen Poll shows Norton leading Bennet 48-39.  When paired against Romanoff, Nortons lead is cut to 44-42 within the poll’s margin of error of 4.5%.

In either case, both Democrats are fareing better against Norton than in previous Rasmussen polls.




At Least He Isn’t YOUR Communications Director

(Sadly, Dave Schultheis isn’t hiring – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Kentucky Republican Senate Candidate Rand Paul’s (Ron Paul’s son) Communications Director Christopher Hightower resigned his position with the campaign following the discovery of some communications on his MySpace page that were racist and satanic.

Paul had been moving up in the polls in the Kentucky Republican primary race, but this controversy–particularly the satanic element, in this bible belt state has the potential to derail his campaign.





Maine Governor Baldacci Signs Mariage Equality Bill

Shortly after the Maine State Senate passed a marriage equality bill Governor Baldacci signed the bill.

Here is a portion of his signing statement:

“In the past, I opposed gay marriage while supporting the idea of civil unions,” Governor Baldacci said. “I have come to believe that this is a question of fairness and of equal protection under the law, and that a civil union is not equal to civil marriage.”

and a link to the entire story:



Polis v. Shafroth

In today’s ColoradoPols tournament our hosts (ignoring the fact that Polis has already won this battle last year) have asserted that Will Shafroth would defeat Jared Polis in a head to head matchup.  

I respectfully disagree.  Fellow posters, who do you think would win.

Vote Now:[poll id=”899″]


My Party Has its Head Up its Ass on the Following Issues:

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I alluded to the need for this diary in today’s open thread so here it is.

The mark of a true free thinker is the ability to distinguish oneself from the group that one identifies with.  I have engaged in a few heated battles with my fellow Democrats on this blog on issues ranging from EFCA (I’m against), gun control (I have no problem with private gun ownership—I own a couple handguns myself)and the necessity of capital punishment (I’m not only for it, but think it should be used more often–or as I like to say, I’m against the electric chair only if it is replaced with electric bleachers).  

So here is my question, on what issues do you differ from the position most often identified with your party.  Are you a Pro-Life Democrat?  A Pro-Choice Republican?  Are you a pro-gun democrat?  Are you a Republican who goes home to your same-sex spouse every night?

I think there are more of us who think for ourselves than those who are not willing to take a position until getting word from “Home Office” on what our position is supposed to be.

So here is your chance…let’s hear from you!


Oklahoma State House–We don’t like your Christian prayer…

The Oklahoma State House heard a prayer from an openly gay Pastor of a United Church of Christ congregation last week to open their day of business.  

The pastor was invited by a State Rep. who is a member of his congregation.  Tradition has been that these prayers are entered into the record.  Following the prayer, another member of the house (a Republican, as if that needs to be said) attempted to block the pastor’s remarks from being entered into the record.

Ironic that Republicans, who so often say Democrats are trying to muffle expressions of faith would try to silence a fellow Christian simply because he is gay…

http://www.ucc.org/news/ucc-ch…[poll id=”857″]


First Poll of ’10 Bennett Re-election

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Public Policy Polling Survey is out showing that even though he is not very well known, Bennett bests 3 of the 4 potential Republican candidates they polled against him.  

The results are as follows:













Bottom line, Bennett isn’t doing too badly for someone who until about 3 weeks ago virtually no one in the state had heard of…

Here is a link to the full polling results:



DeGette to Seek Leadership Post?

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CQ Politics is reporting that Diana DeGette could be in the running for a leadership post now that Rahm Emmanuel has accepted the offer to join the Obama Administration as Chief of Staff.

DeGette is apparently in the running to be Vice Chair of the Democratic Caucus–filling Rep. John Larson’s (D-CT) position should he succeed Emmanuel as Conference Chair.

Here is a link to the article detailing the manuvering going on in both caucuses following yesterday’s election.