Dems Call Gessler Out on Voter Status Bill

Secretary of State Scott Gessler opposed bipartisan legislation that would resolve the “Inactive Voter – Failed to Vote” during a House Local Government Committee hearing yesterday leading to the bills defeat on a party-line vote despite the House sponsor being a Republican anit passing the Senate with GOP support.

Shortly after Colorado Democratic Chairman Rick Palacio held a press conference calling for Gessler to be removed from office. While not announcing any specific actions, he did respond to a reporter’s question about a potential recall, “That would be one option.”

The Denver paper’s story on the subject can be found here

My opinion is that, while opposing this bill is indicative of Gessler’s partisan running of his office, he has done far worse so far as SoS and has a laundry list of things to be recalled for. The Dems should have been on this war path some time ago.

HD9 Caucus Results

According to a press release sent out by the Pual Rosenthal campaign, he received 81% of the caucus vote in the House District 9 race between him and RTD Board Member Bill McMullen.

Delegate count according to the press release (full release is after the jump):

Rosenthal 83

McMullen 9

Uncommitted 11

These numbers are from Denver Only. The handful of precincts in Arapahoe County will assign their delegates at their County assembly on the 23rd.

The full press release:



DENVER, March 7, 2012 – Paul Rosenthal, Democratic candidate for Colorado State House District 9, won the Democratic Caucuses against RTD Director, Bill McMullen, with 81% of the vote.

“This is a grassroots victory.  We won almost every precinct by going neighbor to neighbor and being the progressive voice for economic and social justice.  Southeast Denver has spoken loud and clear.  Democrats have chosen me to be their voice for working families across Colorado.  I have a proven track record of getting results.”

Rosenthal’s campaign knocked on over 350 doors, made over 1,300 phone calls, put together 5 events, and held a live telephone town hall two days before the Democratic Caucuses.  Rosenthal also worked to pump up small businesses by holding the First Annual Sample of Southeast Denver, which featured a culinary and entertainment soiree with food from five local restaurants, at Aerial Dance Over Denver.

On Caucus night on Tuesday, Rosenthal told a crowd of Democrats at Thomas Jefferson High School, “We can’t get to where we need to go by cutting:  K-12, Higher ed, Mental health, and Medicaid.  All were cut.  No more cuts!  No more cutting while Colorado’s big oil and gas companies get $300 million in tax breaks.”

Rosenthal will go on to the Denver County and Multi-county Assemblies with 83 delegates from the Denver County preference poll.  McMullen attained 9 delegates, and 11 are currently uncommitted.  Delegates from Arapahoe County’s precincts in Colorado House District 9 are not included in this figure, but Rosenthal won all these precinct straw polls with unanimous support.

About Paul Rosenthal

Paul Rosenthal is a community activist in Southeast Denver.  He is a special education and U.S. history teacher at a youth correctional facility.  For the past 7 years he has been an appointee by former Mayor Hickenlooper and now Mayor Hancock to the Denver Community Corrections Board, on which he serves as Vice Chair.  The board decides which offenders from prison may re-enter the community through Denver’s half-way houses.  Rosenthal helped found and is still on the board of the University Hills Neighborhood Association.  For 5 years he served on the Jewish Community Relations Council of the Allied Jewish Federation.  Rosenthal successfully envisioned and led the effort to name the new Denver courthouse after his hero, former Denver Juvenile Court Judge Ben Barr Lindsey.  As legislative director for the Pendulum Foundation, he built coalitions to pass fairer juvenile justice legislation.  Rosenthal was elected twice as a delegate to Democratic National Conventions, and was elected Secretary of the Denver Democratic Party and President of Colorado Stonewall Democrats.  Rosenthal earned his Master’s of International Management from the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business and has lived and traveled extensively in Europe and the Middle East.  

House District 9

Colorado House District 9 roughly includes Glendale to Belleview Avenue and east of Colorado Boulevard to the Arapahoe County border.  

Personally, I think Rosenthal could have been a little more gracious with his language in the release.

State Supremes Reject New Legislative Map

The Colorado Supreme Court has rejected the Reapportionment Commission’s map which redraws the State House and State Senate Districts.

The principal reason for the rejection was that too many counties were split when it was not numerically necessary to do so. Splits in Arapahoe and Jefferson Counties were specifically cited, but there are onther examples in the state.

The Denver paper’s story on the subject is here

Freda Poundstone dead at 84

Lobbyist and former GWV Mayor Freda Poundstone has passed away. She will be most remembered for the constituional amendment that restricts annexations in Colorado.

Denver Post’s story: link