Rachel Zenzinger to Announce Re-Election in Arvada

Sunday, May 19, 2013

2:00pm until 4:00pm

I have officially decided to kick-off my campaign for re-election to the Arvada City Council.

Join us as we indulge in some refreshments, talk about the issues, and share ideas about the best ways to maintain momentum.

I know people cherish their Sunday afternoons, so you don’t need to plan to spend a lot of time at the kick-off party. If you have a scheduling conflict, I hope you will just stop by quickly to say hello … and wish me luck!

If you are unable to attend the kick-off party and would like to make a financial contribution to the campaign, you may send your donation to:

Committee to Elect Rachel Zenzinger

7725 Marshall St

Arvada, CO 80003

(Please include your occupation and employer on the memo line of your check.)

Thank You!

Arvada 2011 elections

Apparently everyone is wanting a run for mayor, however nobody has announced (unlikely until early summer)

Still what candidates do you speculate will run for council and mayor?

New Colorado Polling

PPP is deciding the next state to poll in. If you go to http://publicpolicypolling.blo… and cast your vote for Colorado we will be able to win the vote and get them to poll here.

Colorado has key races for Senate and Governor in 2010 and we’ve hard few polls so far, especially for match-ups.

Dan Maes Interview

We conducted and online interview with Gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes. Maes is a businessman from Evergreen, Colorado who hasn’t run for office before.

Interview below…


Why can you win this nomination?

Because I am the right person, with the right skills, at the right time for the party and Colorado.

What sets you apart from the other candidates and possible candidates?

My life story of overcoming poverty to create multiple professional successes, my work ethic, and mostly my proven track record of administrative and executive experiences. The governor’s position is an executive, leadership position.

Why did you choose to get on the ballot via assembly?

My personality and work style is more in line with the assembly process. I love meeting people and winning them over to a worthy cause.

When did you start thinking of running for Governor?

I have wanted to run for office sine I was a teenager. I set my sites on a run almost 5 years ago when I started my business with the intent of running upon sale of the company. Governor, specifically, about 6 months ago

Why Governor and not Senator?

Again, my resume is more in line with the responsibilities of Governor.

What are your qualifications to lead the state?

I have over 20 years of management, and executive experience with leadership experience going back over 30 years into my teens. Detailed information on my experience can be found at my Face Book page.

How strong do you think your party is?

I think it is strong and growing stronger by the minute thanks to grass roots organizations that are conservative and ready to line up with Republicans who share their beliefs and are ready to stand by them.

Do you trust the party’s leadership?


How do you plan to get your message across the entire state?

Campaigning is very similar to running a regional sales organization which I have done for over 15 years. We will use a combination of strategies including, but not limited to, attending 100’s of events, intense use of social networking, and direct mail.

Why do you feel you’re needed as our Governor and Ritter needs out?

Gov. Ritter is taking Colorado down the same path as Obama is taking the country. This has become Obama west and it must stop. We must re-energize our economy not suppress it.

How do you plan to get Colorado’s economy going again?

Creating a regulatory environment that is energy and business friendly while assuring great education in the state.

If there is one issue you can tackle as Governor what would it be?

Creating revenue via proactive business initiatives.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I feel strongly that Colorado conservatives are not only ready for a fresh face, but one that stands firmly on traditional Republican values and has the right skills at the right time of his professional path. My story is one that people from across the political spectrum can relate with and connect to.

To learn more go to http://www.danmaes.com  

Does this change what you think of Maes?

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Tidwell Ousts Frazier in Online Straw Poll

After over 1150 votes were cast, Tidwell managed to take back the lead from Frazier with 47% to Frazier’s 45%. Ken Buck stayed with 6%, like he had the whole time and Bob Beauprez was able to go from 0 to capture 1% of the vote.

Cleve Tidwell Interview

Cleve Tidwell is currently a candidate for US Senate in Colorado. His opponents are currently Ken Buck from Weld County and Ryan Frazier of Aurora. Cleve is a businessman well known for his sucess in the economic world.

Originally posted at


Interview below…

1) Why do you think you can win and how will you win?

I truly believe that the U.S. Senate needs some common sense business like perspectives; some one that can find real solutions to problems and someone willing to stand up against the reckless spending that is going on and fight for the people of our Colorado and America. The career politicians have not served us well;

I think that Colorado voters will support a better alternative; we just need to get our message out that they have a chance for a better future and we have been doing this with success as we go across the state.

2) Do you plan to get on the ballot by getting 30% at the assembly, or by petition?

We certainly plan on having well over thirty percent at the assembly.

3) How are you going to deliver your message to the entire state?

Of course we are already doing mailings, phone calls, signs and stickers as usual; but from the start we have been visiting many locales across the state and talking to Colorado’s fine people; Our schedule and request for meetings is getting packed. We have a solid strategy and we are on target to make it successful.I have to say that most of the time I spend listening to everyday folks to hear just what each of them finds important to them; and I learn something everyday!

4) Do you have any fundraising goals set yet?

Sure we do. Just like a business plan we have our strategies laid out and we have our teams working each area.

5) How are you different from the other candidates?

I am NOT a career politician. Despite what some “insiders” think, most people in Colorado think that that is an asset. I will bring a common sense business like skill set to Washington that I think they desperately need. I have large and small business experience and I know this is needed in Washington.

6) Why are you qualified to be our Senator?

I am NOT a career politician.!! If THEY were what we needed,

THEY would have done a better job!

My business experience of searching out issues of concerns and problems in business, developing solutions that work and building the strategy and action plan to get results will prove helpful in this stale Congress we have today. I also know how to say no to things that just don’t make sense and will stand strong when I know that is the case. I am confident that Colorado and the U.S. Senate would benefit from a better perspective.

7) What is your plan to get us out of the recession?

We must get confidence back in the lives of the American people. Of Course we need jobs and there are barriers that have to be removed so that can happen especially in Colorado. This will be difficult until we can stop the Congress from ramming bills with higher taxes and spending down our throat with no way to stop them. Once we can stop this we can then establish a strategy that will show people there are better ways, get people back to work and make sure people know that a socialist government is not going to continue. The fear of this socialist movement we are seeing has everyone concerned regardless of whom they voted for. Until we have a GOP controlled Senate or Congress this will be a difficult task. The one single issue that must change is to get the toxic assets off the balance sheet of the banks and then they can lend money for homes. That will help improve consumer confidence but it will be slow.

8) When did you start thinking of running for Senate?

Back in Dec 2008.

9) Why Senate and not Governor?

I do think that I would bring a lot to the office of Governor; and I do think that Governor Ritter has done a lousy job and is vulnerable. After all, he appointed Senator Bennett; that was certainly not his best work.

We have been considering several different options for quite some time, longer than most anyone knows. We brought some of our team on board very early to weigh the different options.

After careful analysis we believe, now, the office of U.S. Senator for Colorado is a better fit for both me AND my team; we’ve got a great team! We call them “Team Tidwell”!

10) How strong do you think the GOP is?

I think the GOP is fundamentally strong, that is, that those who really comprise the GOP, you, me and every conservative are energized now more than ever before. I think our GOP leadership is struggling with coming to grips with how we have strayed from our core conservative principles and are just now starting to listen to all of us and really taking it to heart. I hear it everywhere I go in Colorado.

>> The real heart of the GOP is really all of the good members across the country; they are at the core very strong but a bit bewildered at the hype and shams that are winning elections right now. The GOP leadership is struggling to find the way to engage the membership when so many have bought in to the hype rather than confront it.

11) You’ve gotten bad press lately in the political junkie world. Why do you think you are the target?

First, we’ve been moving up in the “polls”: From “who?”, to distant, to thirdish, to second. Plus straw polls mean nothing to us especially this early.

Again, I am NOT a career politician.!! These “insiders” just hate that; and I think that they are scared of it; because most NON-insiders think that it is an asset!

Actually, we’ve mostly been getting very positive responses and the real press has been good to us;

Plus I don’t read the blogs and things like that, just don’t have the time or really care to.A bit of relatively neutral; and a tiny bit of negative (mostly from the opposition’s fan base) so I am told & an infinitesimal bit from the loonies.

In balance that is better than one would expect in a contentious race, especially this early.

12) If there is just one thing in the Senate you could do for posterity, what would it be?

Show the good people of Colorado and the rest of our blessed America that they have better alternatives than just the career politicians that inhabit Washington.


[One last thing Cleve adds]…

I am NOT a career politician.!! If THEY were what we needed, THEY would have done a better job!

Does this change what you think of Tidwell?

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Huntsman to be Ambassador to China

Political Wire reports that Governor Jon Huntsman of Utah will be resigning soon to accept the nomination to become ambassador to China.  

Huntsman, who had been mentioned as a potential Republican contender for the White House, has previously served as the Deputy United States Trade Representative and was the ambassador Singapore. He speaks Mandarin Chinese and he and his wife, Mary Kaye, have adopted a daughter from China.

David Plouffe, who was Obama’s 2008 campaign manager said that Huntsman was the only Republican he was really worried about challenging Obama in 2012. This now helps close off the possibility that Huntsman will run for President in 2012. However, it will give Huntsman even more foreign policy experience and in 2016 he could easily become one of the front-runners in the Republican Primary.

An announcement is expected Saturday.

May Denver County GOP Straw Poll

(This is why straw polls are completely ridiculous barometers of support. Dan Maes will be Governor when Tom Tancredo is named Ambassador to Mexico. – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Last Thursday the GOP in Denver met and had another straw poll for the Senate Primary and the Gubernatorial Primary. Some of the results are very different from April’s Straw Poll. Here are the results…

For Colorado Governor:

1. Dan Maes – 37.93%  (up from 0% in April)

2. Josh Penry – 24.14%  (down from 47.6% in April)

3. Scott McInnis – 10.35%  (down from 14.3% in April)

3. Undecided – 10.35%  (up from 4.8% in April)

4. Bob Beauprez – 6.90%  (up from 4.8% in April)

4. Hank Brown – 6.90%  (up from 0% in April)

5. Dan Caplis – 3.45%  (down from 4.8% in April)

   Tom Tancredo – 0%  (down from 9.5% in April)

   Mark Hillman – 0%  (down from 4.8% in April)

   Ryan Call – 0%  (down from 4.8% in April)

Dan Maes has move up from last to first place. He knocked out Penry and McInnis. Maes must be working hard. Perhaps he will be a real player in 2010.

For U.S. Senator:

1. Ryan Frazier – 55.17%  (up from 42.9% in April)

2. Cleve Tidwell – 13.79%  (up from 4.8% in April)

2. Undecided – 13.79%  (down from 19.0% in April)

3. Ken Buck – 6.90%  (up from 0% in April)

4. Bob Beauprez – 3.45%  (up from 0% in April)

4. Scott McInnis – 3.45%  (up from 0% in April)

4. Bob Gardner – 3.45%  (up from 0% in April)

   John Suthers – 0%  (down from 4.8% in April)

   Hank Brown – 0%  (down from 4.8% in April)

   Mark Hillman – 0%  (down from 4.8% in April)

   Bill Owens – 0%  (down from 4.8% in April)

   Tom Tancredo – 0%  (down from 4.8% in April)

   David Balmer – 0%  (down from 4.8% in April)

   Dick Wadhams – 0%  (down from 4.8% in April)

Ryan Frazier is still the favorite here. Tidwell is starting to gain some ground, and a lot faster then Ken Buck. Looks likes someone thought McInnis still wants to run for Senate.

Cleve Tidwell To Run For Senate

Update #2: Tidwell has campaign site. http://tidwellforsenate.com/

Update: Tidwell to announce this Thursday at Acacia Park

Cleve Tidwell has a facebook page saying he is exploring a run for U.S. Senate. This businessman has decided to run for one of the highest offices in the land. Ti dwell has many international connections including the Vice President of Honduras. He’s visited many countries over the issue of business. Will he even get enough support to make it through the assembly? Probably not. Tidwell said an announcement will come in early May.

He’s facebook page is here http://www.facebook.com/pages/… He already has about 150 supporters.

Tidwell will likely face Ryan Frazier and Ken Buck if he makes it into the primary. Does he have a shot? Sure…..a very very small shot, but a chance none the less.

Will Tidwell make it to the primary?

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Buck Announces Run For Senate

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Ken Buck “announced” his run for Senate today at http://www.buckforcolorado.com. The website just has his logo and a promise that more will be coming soon to the website. Buck is the second person to announce a bid for the Republican Nom, after Ryan Frazier.

This announcement could very well divide the party and help decide the course for the GOP’s future in Colorado. Ken Buck is a traditional Republican while his opponent, Ryan Frazier,  is a more libertarian type of candidate. If Frazier wins the GOP moves more centrist and opens up to new comers, but if Buck wins it is same ol-same ol and the GOP is hopeless in Colorado.  

Does Buck have a better chance than Schaffer did? Yes, but he isn’t the Barack Obama of the Colorado GOP.  

Who do you think will win: Frazier or Buck?

Would Buck or Frazier win the primary?

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Frazier Announces Run for Senate

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

POLS UPDATE: Coverage of Frazier’s announcement in The Hill and the Denver Post. We applaud Frazier for actually having the stones to do formal candidate stuff like a real candidate, unlike lots of people we know, but the answer to Frazier’s question is going to be numerical–as in dollars, according to the Constitution 31 is technically old enough to be a Senator. Original post follows.


Ryan Frazier today announced a run for the U.S. Senate in Grand Junction at a Tea Party Protest. Frazier, a veteran, a small businessman, an elected offical and co-founder of a charter school has many qualifications in from only 30 years. Ryan Frazier is one of the best hopes for the GOP in Colorado next election cycle. The Colorado GOP is running short on good candidates, but Ryan Frazier is not short of a bright future. This accomplished man is already the top man in the GOP Senate Primary.

About Ryan

Ryan believes that every Coloradoan, every American wants to make a life for themselves and their families and that’s why liberty matters so much. He is motivated to work for a Colorado that’s prosperous with jobs and business, where everyone has an opportunity to make a life for themselves, and the liberty to live their life as they believe best.

To learn more go to http://www.frazierforcolorado.com

Other candidates that may run against Frazier could include former Congressman Bob Beauprez, DA Ken Buck and Talk Radio Host Dan Caplis. Ryan Frazier has taken the lead of these other possible candidates in a series of straw polls.

Would Frazier beat Bennet?

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Frazier Takes Lead In Senate Primary

Ryan Frazier of Aurora has clearly become the early favorite in the 2010 Senate Primary. This young city councilman and Navy vet has taken a quick rise as seen in these Straw Polls all with him dominating the competition, even against well liked names in the party such as Mark Hillman. Will Frazier rise to victory in 2010?

Rocky Mountain Right Straw Poll:

155 votes cast in straw poll….

Ryan Frazier 40% (62 votes)

Mark Hillman 38% (59 votes)

Bob Beauprez 19% (29 votes)

Bentley Rayburn 3% (5 votes)

Douglas County Straw Poll:

171 votes cast in straw poll….

Frazier  59.6% (102 votes)

Caplis  19.9% (34 votes)

Beauprez  12.9% (22 votes)

Buck 5.3% (9 votes)

Tidwell 2.3% (4 votes)

Denver County April Straw Poll:

21 votes cast in straw poll….

Ryan Frazier 42.9% (9 votes)

Undecided 19.0% (4 votes)

John Suthers 4.8% (1 vote)

Hank Brown 4.8% (1 vote)

Mark Hillman 4.8% (1 vote)

Bill Owens 4.8% (1 vote)

Tom Tancredo 4.8% (1 vote)

Cleve Tidwell 4.8% (1 vote)

David Balmer 4.8% (1 vote)

Dick Wadhams 4.8% (1 vote)

Will Ryan Frazier win the primary?

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Republican Senate Primary

Who would you vote for in the Republican Senate Primary for 2010? People have all started talking about running and Dan Maes and Walker Stapleton have already announced in their races. So, out of the possibles, who’d you end up voting for?

Ryan Frazier: Young, served in the military, but you have to be able to raise a ton of money to compete.

Ken Buck: DA has looked at a lot of races and we know he likes Mexicans and their food. Is that a plus or minus in a republican primary?

Bob Beapurez:
I think he’s done getting elected, but he has name ID and that is a plus.

Cleve Tidwell: Not only has no ID, but always has a frown on. I’m saying nope to his chance.

Who would you vote for in the Senate Primary?

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Democrat Senate Primary

If Romanoff goes against Bennet, who will you vote for? I’m curious to see the ammount of support each candidate has here. It seems that Romanoff has the majority.

Bennet: Focus on education, after all that’s all he’s done.

Romanoff: Focus on experience, a lot more then Bennet.

Romanoff or Bennet in 2010?

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GOP Gubernatorial Possible Results by CD

If the primary were held today (not really), this is what we’d possibly be seeing in results by Congressional District.

*See percentages in rest of diary

Scott McInnis: Does well in the western slope and parts of the front range.

Josh Penry: Does okay in most districts with the 3rd as his strongest.

Marc Holtzman: Does well in Denver and suburbs.

Tom Tancredo: Does his best in the 6th and fares well in the area around the 6th.

Dan Clapis: Does well in Denver and conservative areas besides Tancredo’s and McInnis’ turf.

Cleve Tidwell: Manages to not come in last in a few places.

Dan Maes: Shots for 1%

Scott McInnis:

CD-1: 11%

CD-2: 33%

CD-3: 46%

CD-4: 30%

CD-5: 28%

CD-6: 10%

CD-7: 23%

Josh Penry:

CD-1: 12%

CD-2: 17%

CD-3: 29%

CD-4: 10%

CD-5: 13%

CD-6: 9%

CD-7: 24%

Marc Holtzman:

CD-1: 34%

CD-2: 21%

CD-3: 15%

CD-4: 20%

CD-5: 19%

CD-6: 24%

CD-7: 30%

Tom Tancredo:

CD-1: 9%

CD-2: 14%

CD-3: 7%

CD-4: 20%

CD-5: 20%

CD-6: 49%

CD-7: 19%

Dan Clapis:

CD-1: 32%

CD-2: 10%

CD-3: 1%

CD-4: 18%

CD-5: 19%

CD-6: 8%

CD-7: 3%

Cleve Tidwell:

CD-1: 1%

CD-2: 2%

CD-3: 1%

CD-4: 2%

CD-5: 0%

CD-6: 1%

CD-7: 0%

Dan Maes:

CD-1: 1%

CD-2: 2%

CD-3: 1%

CD-4: 0%

CD-5: 1%

CD-6: 0%

CD-7: 1%

*Note I do this for fun, not for a living so this is most likely at least partly inaccurate.

What Congressional District will be the swing district?

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Zenzinger for Council

Rachel Zenzinger has announced that she is going to run for Arvada City Council District 1 in 2009. Don Allard currently holds that seat and is retiring. Rachel has said she’s thought of running for the past 3 years.

“Outside of raising my children, I get the most satisfaction from any work that sets the community on the path toward improvement,” she said. “I believe I can do the most good for Arvada in a City Council seat, and I pledge to pour my energies into tackling issues such as transportation, health, environment, safety, and a strong economic base.”

Zenzinger has been an active volunteer all over Arvada from Transportation Committee in Arvada to her daughter’s preschool. Rachel is active in politics too, serving on Bob Frie’s recent campaign and the North Jeffco Parks and Recreation District Rally for Recreation campaign to increase the mill levy that had not been increased in about 50 years.

The question is: Is she right for the job?

Do you think Zenzinger will make a good candidate?

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GOP Gubernatorial Primary

Who do you want to win the primary as of today? There are a lot of possible candidates and in 2010 it seems everyone wants to run for something in the GOP no matter how low the name ID. Even if you’re a democrat, just pretend you are a Republican and vote that way.

Marc Holtzman Money

Business man and former candidate for Governor. Has ID and a lot of money too. The GOP likes him, but are they already looking at others?

Tom Tancredo Imigration

Has wanted this position for a while, but isn’t the strongest candidate. If immigration is and issue Tancredo immediatly moves to the #1 spot, but it looks like it is going to be the economy again.

Josh Penry Name ID

The Senate Minority leader is well liked in the GOP, but not by others. He could win a primary, but not a general unless there is a perfect storm. The question is will he wait or run against his friend McInnis?

Don Marostica Experience

Doesn’t have that great ID, but if he runs a good, hard campaign he could make it into the top spot. He would do okay against Ritter, but probably doesn’t want to run in the first place. He is over-rated for and election though.

Tom Wiens Experience

Has some experience, but isn’t has big as Tancredo or Holtzman. Has business experience too, but for some reason isn’t a top candidate. Maybe if Tom Wiens works real hard and gives great speeches and does well at the debates he can win the primary. He could do well or bad.

Don Maes Money

Nobody know this name, but when you have lots of money you can make up some ground. He know nothing about him besides he is a businessman and has some money. Don’t see this one winning.

Note: Vote for Cleve Tidwell when voting for Tom Wiens

Who do you support for the GOP primary?

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