“Face the State” Makes the News!

Literally, as the Longmont Times-Call reports:

Contrary to a report on a conservative Web site, the Boulder District Attorney’s Office will not investigate Longmont City Councilwoman Karen Benker.

And the freelance reporter who wrote the article saying Benker could be investigated is the same person who made the original complaint to Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett.

Greg Burt wrote an article that appeared Wednesday on Face the State, a Republican-oriented online publication. In it, Burt wrote that “Longmont city council member Karen Benker worked to influence the awarding of a $10,000 contract to a nonprofit of which she was board member.”

Burt also wrote that the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office was going to look into whether Benker violated state law that prohibits elected officials from trying to influence a public decision involving a personal interest.

Burt made the complaint, Garnett said Wednesday, and the information Burt provided to the district attorney’s office was not enough to warrant an investigation.

His office will send a letter to both Burt and Benker today saying as much, “since this has now become public,” Garnett said in a statement he released Wednesday afternoon.

Makes sense, doesn’t it? If you really want to take somebody down a peg, file the “complaint” yourself and then post what you did as a “news” story on your own “news” website! Just brilliant, cuts out that pesky fourth-estate middleman with their meddling concerns about “the facts.” Come to think of it, that’s why we have the vaunted Face the State to begin with, isn’t it?

Of course you want to be slick when you pull this kind of stuff, since if the real media catches on to what you’re doing it tends to sting a little credibility-wise (see above). A good place to start would be to find someone else to file your self-fulfilling “complaints.” Seriously, amateurs.


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  1. EMRosa says:

    Just, wow. Fraudulent documents attacking state Democrats is so last year. This year they’re making the complaints themselves. That’s a sure way to get the facts right! Oh, wait….

    It’s OK, though, I’m sure another Westword puff piece will be right around the corner for them soon.  

  2. rocco says:

    Last november FTS “uncovered” a mysterious Colorado Democratic Party email that supposedly used the term “educating the idiots” or words to that effect.

    Jones ran the con on Caplis’ afternoon hit job, Boyles toyed with it a couple days, cunny bob ranted about it for a show or two, then some how the thing died when the CDP demanded FTS show the proof.

    Did the Westword editor really call FTS top blog a couple years ago?

    You gotta be kidding me.      

    • EMRosa says:

      the Westword award for best political blog (not reader’s choice) was this year, way after the weekly in question had actually reported on the “educate the idiots” fiasco.

      Sidenote, the author of the faux investigation story has a Web site:

      Part of the problem is that traditional news outlets no longer allocate the resources needed to do in-depth investigative journalism because of budget cuts. And most Internet news blogs only comment on stories collected by the traditional media, as opposed to generating their own news content. Consequently, there are fewer people doing real reporting. This is a problem, but it’s also an opportunity, which I plan to take advantage of with this new company.

      I’m really at a loss for words at this point.

      • rocco says:

        Holy cow.

        “I ran Congressional offices for Musgrave for 4 years”. That’s a damning admission, one that completely compromises Burt’s credibility permanently.

        To call this dirt bag a hack, quack, phony and fraud would be an insult to hacks, quacks, phonies and frauds.

  3. sufimarie says:

    comes up with a new mental illness for bloggers who “report” on the “news” they make. The severity of the diagnosis increases every time they link to their own content.

    Oh wait, that’s narcissism. Nevermind.  

  4. ShawnInDenver says:

    Funny how the Pols time stamp predates the online version of the TC story.  Although, it wouldn’t be the first time Pols has manipulated its time stamps.  

  5. Barron X says:


    I am wiling to file complaints for $225 + fees.

    Add $15/ hour if they need to be rewritten to be understandable.

    This rate only applies to complaints against commies, pinkos, progressives and liberals.   Contact me for rates for complaints against conservatives.


    Also, as a new service to existing clients, of which I don’t have any, and new clients,

    I will post comments in agreement with your posts at this blog for $3.15 each.  Think of it as having a sock puppet, but without the hassle of having to keep track of all those different identities and passwords.  


  6. MountainDem says:

    Typical though kind of perplexing, I thought the Repubs had gotten smarter about this kind of thing.  Is it really that hard to find a shill to file a complaint anymore??.

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