(Almost) Everybody In Colorado Pans Arpaio Pardon

Tom Tancredo, Joe Arpaio.

A press release from local activist group Mi Familia Vota today contains statements from a who’s who of Colorado’s left-of-center politicos, denouncing the pardon last Friday evening by President Donald Trump of former Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio:

Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock stated, “There is nothing right about pardoning Joe Arpaio. This is not just. This is not righteous. This is not leadership. And this pardon is neither earned nor deserved. I am disgusted by the seeming approval of racist actions conducted by another elected official. This is politics and pandering to the base in its poorest form. So again we must resist the message the White House is sending to our communities. We must not mistake Joe Arpaio’s racial profiling and abuse of power and people as ‘tough on immigration.’ His actions were wrong and our federal courts ruled as much.”

Colorado State Rep. Joe Salazar stated, “Working with community partners and law enforcement across the state, I led the effort to repeal Colorado’s racial profiling law (Show Me Your Papers) in 2013. Colorado is now comforted in knowing that we will never have Joe Arpaio wannabes in our state. Simply put, we will not tolerate law enforcement in our state that terrorizes communities or violates constitutional and civil rights. “.

City of Westminster Councilwoman Maria De Cambra stated, “Sheriff Arpaio has a track record and was found guilty of unlawfully racially profiling and detaining Latinos in Arizona. By pardoning Sheriff Arpaio, the President continues to show his disregard of the law and his support of discriminatory practices. Sheriff Arpaio’s practices should be punished not rewarded!”

Colorado Congressman Jared Polis stated, “The hasty pardon of Joe Arpaio, a convicted racial profiler, is truly discouraging. The president has again chosen hate over Rule of Law. With this pardon, the president has sent a message to racists everywhere that their behavior is permissible, and he will have their backs,” said Polis. “I am heartened by the bipartisan criticism the president is receiving because of his pardon. We need to unify and send a clear message that we won’t tolerate hate and discrimination. We are a country that values due process and equal protection under the law.”

Colorado Congressman Ed Perlmutter stated, “Arpaio is guilty of racial profiling and violating the rights of Latinos. The President’s pardon is a terrible decision.”

We’ve reprinted the rest of the quotes from Mi Familia Vota’s release after the jump for posterity. As for statements from Colorado politicos supporting the Arpaio pardon? Ernest Luning of the Colorado Springs Gazette has some of those:

Some national Republicans criticized Trump for granting clemency to Arpaio, arguing that the pardon “undermines (Trump’s) claim for the respect of rule of law,” as Arizona Sen. John McCain said in a statement, and threatens to diminish law enforcement officials’ responsibility to “respect the rights of everyone in the United States,” as a spokesman for House Speaker Paul Ryan said. But Colorado Republicans were either silent or said they supported the president’s use of his pardon power for the first time.

[Sen. John] Cooke said Saturday he thought Trump’s pardon was the right response to a criminal contempt charge brought against Arpaio for “doing his job.”

“I think the judiciary oversteps their bounds,” Cooke told Colorado Politics. “That’s what they did on Arpaio’s case. Sheriff Arpaio was doing his job. The courts are trying to legislate from the bench, and when he didn’t go along with it, they charged him with contempt. The president has that power to pardon, and Trump did it. Certainly, Obama pardoned a lot of people who probably shouldn’t have been, but I think Arpaio, it was more than appropriate.”

“It was great. It was wonderful,” former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, a longtime Arpaio ally, said Saturday. “I think it was totally political from the start, the prosecution was, so the resolution of it should be.” [Pols emphasis]

It’s important to keep a couple of items in mind. First of all, Sen. John Cooke is the former sheriff of Weld County–so it’s not surprising at least from that perspective to see him defending Joe Arpaio. But more importantly, the point to get here is that Colorado Republicans are considerably more hard-line on immigration policy than even many fellow Republicans in other states. The best evidence for that is to compare the condemnation of Arpaio’s pardon from Arizona’s own U.S. Senators to the words of praise Arpaio is getting from Colorado Republicans. Next time you wonder how Tom Tancredo is able to gain so much traction in Republican primaries, it would be useful to remember this.

One other point to make here is that the defense of Arpaio essentially boils down to his “sovereign right” as an elected sheriff to carry out his duties free from “political interference.” The details of the case, Arpaio’s refusal to discontinue enforcement tactics considered to be illegal racial profiling resulting in Arpaio being found in contempt of court, don’t inspire much sympathy among anyone who values the rule of law and the superseding power of the judiciary. Colorado sheriffs who seem to enjoy refusing to enforce laws they don’t like (see: 2013 gun safety laws), on the other hand, will feel empowered by Arpaio’s pardon.

There’s a reason why those whose job it is to enforce the law cannot be free to pick and choose which laws they themselves will follow while enforcing the law. That path, as surely as not enforcing the laws at all, leads to very bad things historically.

More statements follow.

Carla Castedo, Colorado State Director of Mi Familia Vota stated, “It is clear that the current administration is leaving a legacy of picking and choosing when to respect the ‘law and order’ of the land. By calling Joe Arpaio, an ‘American Patriot,’ the administration is trying to erase egregious violations of our values as Americans. A U.S. district Judge ruled Arpaio guilty of contempt and voters in Maricopa County spoke loudly and explicitly when they voted him out of office last year. We see the similarities between two xenophobes and their disregard for the law. Regardless of these outrageous course of actions, we will continue to stand strong to not being bullied in Colorado and across the nation.”

Rev. Amanda Henderson, Executive Director of The Interfaith Alliance of Colorado stated, “Through pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio, President Trump names clearly that his values do not lie in either bringing our country together, or supporting rule of law. This move proves that Trump is most concerned with rewarding those who feed his own ego, rather than creating a country where all are safe. For years Sheriff Arpaio enacted policies which singled out and harassed people due to the color of their skin. This is against all we stand for as Americans. Enough is enough. It is time to hold the President accountable for his actions, and to come together to create communities that uphold our values of freedom, equality and opportunity for all people.”

Halisi Vinson, president of Colorado Black Women for Political Action stated, “Colorado Black Women for Political Action condemns and rebukes Donald Trump’s pardon of the racist, convicted Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. This action is a statement of Trump’s values and confirms what people of color have known; that Donald Trump sympathizes with racists and encourages the hateful rhetoric that maintains divisiveness and supports a culture of White supremacy. The GOP has allowed this evil to grow, unchecked, within its party. A few of the GOP leaders have condemned Trump’s North Carolina statements. However, that is not enough! CBWPA is not interested in placating words of remorse, we are interested in policy that leads to equity! We will not acquiesce. We expect ALL elected officials…on both sides, on both sides – to stop giving platitudes and start creating policies that eliminates oppression!”

Nicole Melaku, Executive Director, Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, stated, ”CIRC is appalled by President Trump’s pardon of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. On the heels of condemning racist white nationalists just a week and half ago, the act of ignoring the judicial system for an individual charged with a total disregard for the constitutional rights of Latinos in Arizona is incorrigible. By pardoning Arpaio, Trump is signaling his support for a white nationalist agenda and undermines his own repeated statements regarding “the rule of law” he refers to at so many of his rallies. Our country deserves better, this pardon comes a time when we are in the fight of our lives to defend immigrant communities from hate and intolerance. CIRC will stand strong to oppose any discrimination and racial profiling in Colorado and will work across our the broadest sector of our movement to oppose Trump’s racist and hateful agenda.”

Felicia Griffin, FRESC: Good Jobs, Strong Communities, a non-profit leader, mom and wife stated, “I’ve never in my life been so concerned for the future of our democracy. If there was any question “if” the 45th President of the United States was racist and is actively supporting and leading a hate campaign in our country that is all but gone. We can no longer stand-by and hope for the best, it’s time for our congressional delegation regardless of party affiliation to remove this man from the top leadership position of our country. I believe the majority of this country is made of good people that just want a good and free life for themselves and their families – it’s time to draw our line in the sand – no more 45 – we will resist!”

Gwen Murphy, ally and member of Coloradans for Immigrant Rights stated “I stand in solidarity and walk with my colleagues and friends who are on the front lines, bearing the blows of President Trump’s unskillful words and deeds that create so much cruel and unnecessary suffering. I stretch beyond the comfort I am afforded by my white privilege to leverage that unearned benefit so that it manifests my core values, including nondiscrimination, nonprejudice, non ill-will, non-separation of human hearts, indeed all the beautiful qualities that flow out of wisdom and compassion (and are reflected in the values I was taught as a youth in school were the foundation of this country!).”

Hans Meyer, Meyer Law Office, PC founder and principal attorney stated, “Trump’s pardon of Arpaio makes a mockery of the justice system. To see one pale, stale, male nativist pardon another is repugnant, and yet another exhibit in the moral indictment of the Trump administration’s love affair with xenophobes. We stand in solidarity with the communities who have struggled for more than a decade to seek justice from our legal system and hold Arpaio to account for his crimes. Our community, and the greater part of our country, sees Trump and Arpaio for what they truly are: bigots, charlatans, and hucksters who hold nothing but contempt for the Constitution and our values as Americans.”

Julie Gonzales, Meyer Law Office, PC policy director stated, “Whether attacking Muslims, immigrants, or transgender soldiers, it is clear that Trump will do whatever he can to appease the alt-right and xenophobes instead of what is good and right for the American people. Do not, for one minute, think that this will lessen our resolve to hold he Trumps and Arpaios of the world to account. Our country deserves better, and those of us who believe in justice will continue to stand strong in opposition.”

Ian Silverii, Executive Director of ProgressNow Colorado stated, “Law enforcement officers who wantonly disregard the law endanger our society at a fundamental level, and demoralize families and neighbors whose values are trampled by those sworn to protect them. This terrible moment in American history must never be forgotten, and the time has come to call the racist hatred that Trump is deliberately stoking in our nation what it is. By pardoning convicted racist and disgraced former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Trump has not just legitimized racism and lawlessness, but become the champion of those decidedly Anti-American values. Good policing relies on the earned trust that many officers achieve through hard work building relationships. Unfortunately, this decision will undo much of these efforts by disincentivizing cooperation in keeping our communities safe.”

Jason Moses, member of J Street Colorado stated, “By pardoning Joe Arpaio, President Trump has made it clear that he does not support ‘law and order.’ Above justice, he values loyalty and an illegal system of racial profiling and other forms of discrimination. His pardon is in conflict with Jewish values as well as Christian values. It is also unpatriotic, as it reduces the power of the judicial branch.”

Leigh Alpert, Attorney, stated, “President Trump’s pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio is an affront to our justice system. As a practicing immigration attorney, I am profoundly concerned about what the pardon signals to government actors across the country. If the intent of the pardon is to embolden those who would disregard the rule of law, then clearly this goal has been met. I stand with my colleagues and friends to condemn the President’s disgraceful pardon and will continue to protest this administration’s support for xenophobic leaders and hateful policies.”

Andrew Brooks, BROOKS IMMIGRATION LLC, stated, “The pardon of former Sheriff Arpaio is only the latest example of a xenophobic, anti-Latino, and anti-immigrant executive branch. The Fourth Amendment exists to protect against the pretextual detentions for which Sheriff Joe was convicted. The pardon is a thumb in the eye not only to Latinos, immigrants, and those descended from immigrants, but also to anyone who believes in the Constitution, limited government, and the Rule of Law.”

Lisa Battan, Managing Attorney, Lisa E. Battan, P.C., stated, “We cannot adequately express our profound dismay and disgust over the pardon of Joe Arpaio. Joe Arpaio supported racial profiling, called his jails “concentration camps”, chained women during birth of their children, failed to investigate hundreds of sex abuse cases, many involving children, and perpetrated many, many other injustices. That we allow such a man to willfully violate the constitution and disobey a lawful court order telling him to stop racial profiling, tells the bigots of this nation that they will never be punished for their abhorrent actions. This is such disregard for the rule of law that the pardon will be seen as one of the most infamous, divisive and anti-American action ever enacted by any president in our history.”

Together We Will – Colorado stated, “Together We Will – Colorado stands alongside our allies to denounce the pardon of Joe Arpaio. We recognize this pardon is nothing more than a nod to the president’s nativist, white supremacist base and an attempt to undermine the rule of law. We support the very people that Arpaio would choose to target and want to let them know that they are not alone. Arpaio’s tactics of racial profiling, humiliation, and cruelty are appalling as is the president’s disregard for civil rights and acceptance of racist conduct.”

Marcia Martin, a Founding Member of Win The Fourth Colorado added, “Our organization networks with and supports progressive activists in Colorado’s very red Fourth Congressional District. We know how important the immigrant community, documented and otherwise, is to the economy of Rural Colorado, and we have recently had the privilege of documenting the fearless patriotism and love the young Dreamers of CD4 show for their country – and yes, this is their country. Our shame that the 45th President cares more about a withered soul like Arpaio than these brave youths, and must rely on hate and greed to keep control of a country he doesn’t know how to run, knows no bounds. Like our young undocumented friends, we are Unafraid, and will resist this degradation of what it means to be American with our money, our effort, and our precious time, until we have this nation back in the hands of responsible leadership.”

Mike Kromrey, Executive Director, Together Colorado stated, “President Trump’s blatant disregard for the rule of law cannot be tolerated in a democratic society. Sheriff Joe Arpaio targeted and terrorized Latino families in Arizona because of the color of their skin. He was tried and convicted and violated the conditions of his sentence. He was ordered by a federal judge to stop and yet he unashamedly continued his racial profiling.

President Trump, through his pardon, has chosen to stand publicly on the side of a racist. He has declared his support for white supremacy. His behavior, far from being presidential, is divisive, polarizing and self-serving. He must be held accountable for his actions and behavior.”

Veronica Palmer, Co-Founder and CEO of RISE Colorado stated: “As a country we are continuing to be further divided with decisions like the pardoning of Sheriff Arpaio. Our communities have endured constant assaults and attacks during this Presidency and this is yet another one. This sends a message to communities of color, especially the Latino community, that this administration believes we are not all created equal nor do we all deserve equal and just treatment. We need leaders who condemn racism, bigotry, and white supremacy. Racism compromises everyone’s humanity, especially people of color. RISE does this work because it is careless and dangerous to ignore race, class, and privilege. Honest and equitable discussions on race, class, and privilege must be at the forefront of every social justice movement. We will continue to organize for educational and social equity.”

Lizeth Chacon, Executive Director of Colorado People’s Alliance stated, “The pardon of Arpaio, the most anti-immigrant sheriff in the country reveals Trump’s support of a white supremacist agenda. We deserve better, we deserve a president who will denounce racism, who will denounce hate and who will protect the rights our communities – as a united movement we will continue to fight against hate, we will fight back against the attacks and we will fight for a country that protects and respects everyone, regardless of status or skin color.”

Lizzy Stephan, Executive Director of New Era Colorado stated: “We are disturbed and troubled by President Trump’s pardon of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. President Trump continues to undermine the rule of law in this country, and this endorsement of Arpaio’s shameful legacy is an appalling continuation of that approach. Polling consistently demonstrates that young people soundly disapprove of this President and we know that young people across Colorado see this pardon for what it is: President Trump doubling down on his support for a white supremacist agenda.”

Maria Handley, Executive Director of Generation Latino stated, “My heart is saddened by the direction President Trump has taken this county in the last seven months. Our country is in need of a leader who will bring this country together and not further divide it. Friday’s pardon of Joe Arpaio solidifies this administration’s inability to see America’s diversity as our greatest strength. It’s time for our local and national leaders to unite this country and take a stand against discrimination and hate in all forms.”

Jeri Jensen, spokesperson for Pueblo Indivisible stated, “Our members find Trump’s full pardon of Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio a repugnant and racially divisive act. Trump has shown extreme contempt for the rule of law. His actions speak volumes of his support for white supremacists, white nationalists and right wing fringe groups. This pardon was politically motivated and red meat for his base. Arpaio is not remorseful for his racial profiling of Latinos and is undeserving of a Presidential Pardon. His conviction was fair and just. His pardon is a travesty to the thousands of people hurt by his abuse of power. We cannot rest until Trump is defeated in the public arena and at the polls.”

Mark Stalnaker, spokesperson for Indivisible Denver, also speaking on behalf of Indivisible Front Range Resistance & Indivisible Colorado CD6, stated, “President Trump’s pardoning of Joe Arpaio is deeply offensive for the naked bigotry it represents. Even an incomplete sampling of Arpaio’s crimes makes it clear that Trump’s pardon is an abhorrent act. In light of Arpaio’s many offenses, Trump’s astonishing praise for his “admirable service to our nation” speaks volumes about how our president’s notion of “law and order” is predicated upon bigotry and the targeting of racial minorities and perceived enemies. The use of law enforcement as tool of intimidation and discrimination is an offense that all right-thinking Americans must actively resist.”

IndivisibleNOCO stated, “IndivisibleNOCO condemns the presidential pardon of ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio; this is not draining the swamp and it reeks of political cronyism. Trump’s pardon of Arpaio sets a dangerous precedent and is an outrageous abuse of presidential power that must be denounced and condemned in the interest of continued democratic rule in our Country. By pardoning Arpaio, Trump violated the Justice Department’s guidelines for granting pardons as well as one of the fundamental tenets of our democracy and our founding fathers: we are a country based on a government of laws and not of men. It is a threat to our democracy when elected officials of the executive branch use unchecked power to ignore or interrupt the judicial process at their whim. Trump said that “Sheriff Joe was convicted for doing his job.” Arpaio’s job as Sheriff of Maricopa County in Arizona was to uphold the U.S. Constitution. Yet, Arpaio violated the Constitution, as well as court orders to comply with law. By pardoning Arpaio, Trump has condoned the blatant disregard of civil rights laws, and sent a message that he will protect those who do so. Our Members of Congress must speak out against executive abuses of power and make sure that in our country no person is above the law.”

Rudy Gonzales, Executive Director, Servicios de La Raza stated, “As the largest culturally responsive, linguistically specific multi-service provider in Colorado; and, as a civically engaged advocate organization for the Latino community in particular and communities of poverty in general, Servicios emphatically condemns Trump’s pardon of convicted human, civil and constitutional rights violator Joe Arpaio. With this despicable action, and myriad others,Trump continues to trample on the Rule of Law and shred our Constitution. Without any semblance of compassion, common sense or honor, Trump is intent on doubling down on his vile, vindictive and hateful agenda. Trump is clear in his soulless pursuit of promulgating and reinforcing division, racism and fear among all Americans. Yet, as a Mexican, Chicano, Latinx organization and people, we are just as clear. As indigenous people in this, our historic homeland: We will not be cowed, we will not be bent, we will not be subjugated; until we, on behalf of, and with all people in this country who love Justice, Equity and Peace, prevail! La Lucha Sigue!”

Jody Rein, on behalf of Indivisible Colorado stated, “America’s current president, under the cover of a national news blackout, against the advice of his own attorneys, and with flagrant disregard for the wishes and wounds of most Americans, on Friday issued his first presidential pardon. The man our president declared “admirable”—a political crony and fellow leader of the birther movement—is a brutal Arizona sheriff who was ousted from office in a 10-point defeat in 2016. In 2017 he was convicted of criminal contempt for failing, for 17 months, to comply with a Federal Court’s order to stop detaining innocent brown-skinned people for no reason. We, the volunteers of the Indivisible Colorado coalition, are not so cynical. We believe in the rule of law and we respect our Constitution. We believe that the “united” part of the United States means that we must join together against intolerance, against racism, against lies and against propaganda. We will not let this president further poison the hearts and minds of this country, and together we condemn this self-interested, callous, bigoted and deeply unpatriotic act.”

Pilar Chapa, activist, stated “As an immigrant and American, I am appalled, although not surprised, at President Trump’s pardon of Joe Arpaio. They are two racist, xenophobic, narcissistic, peas in a pod. It is obvious that they have respect neither for the constitution nor for the rule of law. This blatant attempt to placate white supremacists groups is an act of desperation and a serious affront to American values. We must rise above their small-mindedness, organize ourselves and continue the fight for all families that have been terrorized by the 45th and Joe Arpaio.”

from Karen Middleton, Executive Director, NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado: “The abuses of women in Sheriff Arpaio’s jurisdiction were appalling and horrifying. Women reportedly were forced to give birth while shackled, a clear violation of human rights.  His violations of civil rights and human decency should not be tolerated, much less pardoned. We stand in solidarity with our allies in Colorado that Sheriff Arpaio’s actions and his pardon undermine the rule of law and the standards of humanity and justice to which he should be held.”

Françoise Poinsatte, For 616 Indivisible Boulder stated, “President Trump’s pardon of Sheriff Arpaio is an egregious display of contempt for the American Justice system and the rule of law. As a dramatic departure from what Presidential pardons have been historically, Trump is using this as a political ploy to excite his base, arouse racism and division among our citizens, and perhaps most cynically, as a warning to those investigating his presidency for corruption and collusion with a foreign government that he willing to improperly use his executive powers to obstruct justice. This move by the president is a clear step towards an authoritarian government, Sheriff Arpaio was convicted of racial profiling and directed brutal actions against the Latino community in Maricopa County. He deserved the contempt of court charges after his willful defiance of a Federal court order to cease racial profiling and anti-immigrant patrols.”

Rebecca Barrilleaux on behalf of the Steering Committee stated, “Indivisible Arapahoe County joins the voices of our fellow progressive organizations in condemning this appalling action and flagrant endorsement of racism. We wholeheartedly agree with the ACLU’s statement by Deputy Legal Director Cecilia Wang: “With his pardon of Arpaio, Trump has chosen lawlessness over justice, division over unity, hurt over healing. Once again, the president has acted in support of illegal, failed immigration enforcement practices that target people of color and have been struck down by the courts. His pardon of Arpaio is a presidential endorsement of racism.” As a community of volunteer activists, we will continue to raise our voices in opposition to the policies and actions of this unjust, anti-constitutional administration.”

Gina McAfee, writing on behalf of Indivisible Front Range Resistance stated, “We condemn the recent action of President Trump to pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio. We do this not only because of Joe Arpaio’s despicable actions of clear racial profiling. Our concerns also extend to what this pardon means. Because Sheriff Arpaio was convicted of violating constitutional rights in defiance of a court order, President Trump is saying that he can and will circumvent the only effective means our country has of enforcing constitutional restrictions. Through this action, our courts effectively lose any meaningful authority to protect constitutional rights against illegal activity of the executive branch. We call on our Members of Congress to take action against this pardon. Not just to denounce it, but to take action That time has come.”

Sandra Parker of Prairie Grass Roots stated, “We are shamed and disgusted by the actions of Pres Trump for pardoning Arpaio. Mr Arpaio was a racist and torturer all in the name of “doing his job”. He sought out people of color and subjected them to unspeakable acts of shame and bullying. It is clear that Arpaio reflects Trump’s racist position and is contributing to the downfall of justice in this country. Trump and Arpaio are a disgrace.”

Virginia Chavez, on behalf of Colorado Votes, writes, “Native Americans aside, this is a nation of immigrants. This nation, taken from the natives, was established with a Constitution and there are laws to be followed by ALL OF US. When Judge G. Murray Snow found Defendants Joe Arpaio and three others in contempt of court, he found that they engaged in multiple acts of misconduct, dishonesty, and bad faith against the class of Latinos who brought suit, and ignored their obligations to be fair, equitable and impartial with respect to the class. This contempt finding followed a prior ruling where Judge Snow found that these law enforcements officers were not legally enforcing immigration laws but were illegally profiling Latinos based on race and ethnicity. Once the court issued its original order, the option was to appeal and by no means to defiantly ignore the court’s ruling. Thus, there was a contempt finding. This is how our legal system works.

Arizona has paid millions of dollars to redress this egregious behavior of Arpaio’s office. And yet, the President of our nation of immigrants has not only thumbed his nose at the law, judiciary and the Constitution’s 4 th and 14 th Amendments that protect all in within U.S. borders from unreasonable searches and seizures and from racial/ethnic discrimination, but has openly and again given comfort and support to those who target members of vulnerable groups. His flagrant disregard for our system justice, imperfect but proven the best in the world, is the opposite of what he promised when he took the oath of office to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution to the best of his ability. It is frighteningly past time for members of Congress to demonstrate through the determined efforts of each of its members, irrespective of party, that each understands and acknowledges the great risk that this Presidency poses to this nation. We decry his incapacity to abide by the oath of office and November 3, 2020 may be too late. What will Congress do?”

Voto Latino President and CEO Maria Teresa Kumar stated, “The President just pardoned Joe Arpaio, thumbing his nose at our judicial system which has, through due processes, convicted Arpaio of human and civil rights violations under the 4th Amendment for racially profiling Latinos under the guide of phony immigration enforcement. Trump disregarded the will of Maricopa County voters who were tired of Arpaio’s reign of terror and voted him out of office last November. Sidestepping the traditional channels of presidential pardons by not going through the Department of Justice, Trump disregarded protocol by overextending his executive powers to return a political favor to an early supporter of his Presidential campaign. This pardon sets dangerous signals that government officials can disregard the courts and break the law as long as they share the president’s views. This is a slippery slope for our law and order and the integrity of our institutions.Pardoning Arpaio and signing a military ban on transgender personnel on a late Friday afternoon, during a state of emergency due to Hurricane Harvey is beneath the office of the presidency. His actions will not be forgotten by fellow Americans who care deeply about fairness, justice and equality. It is clear that this president, who has failed to denounce the Charlottesville Neo-Nazi rally and who is a draft dodger, has little regard for uniting our country, or for all the brave members of our armed forces who risk their lives to uphold our Constitution.”


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  1. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    The statements that you provide appear to come from a "who's who" of the left. I can see where State Senator Cooke is coming from. And Senator John McCain (R-AZ) correctly pointed out why Trump's pardon was wrong.

    Otherwise, your title for this article is misleading.

    • JeffcoBlueJeffcoBlue says:

      I see your point, but where are all the Republicans to stand up for Arpaio? For the title to be misleading there would have to be a lot more pro-Arpaio statements, right?

      I suspect a lot of Colorado Republicans would like to have this both ways.

  2. ModeratusModeratus says:

    When all else fails the county sheriffs are the people's last hope for justice. I'm thrilled by the pardon of Joe Arpaio! This man is an American hero who only did what he had to do to protect the citizens in his charge. That's more than the federal government was willing to do. The people of Maricopa County are loyal and grateful to Sheriff Joe. I hope he runs for the U.S. Senate!

    A win for the REAL law over liberals who hide behind the law in order to hurt our country. Don't import your voters, persuade Americans to support you!!!

    • unnamed says:

      Moldy, you pathetic Nazi.  You are totally fine with sadistic practices against anybody who doesn't look or think like you.  

      But, hey.  Since you love an EX-sheriff, who got booted out of office, and called his "Tent City" a Concentration Camp, how do you feel about him ignoring sex crimes in Maricopa County?

      Alo, are you ready to denounce the Charlottesville Nazis?

    • OrangeFreeOrangeFree says:

      The people of Maricopa County are loyal and grateful to Sheriff Joe.

      So loyal and grateful that they voted him out of office. 

    • RepealAndReplace says:

      Fluffy, if the citizens of Maricopa County were so loyal and grateful to Sheriff Joe, why did they vote him out of office last November?

    • Genghis says:

      You big government authoritarian nanny-staters are all alike.

    • Diogenesdemar says:

      Patrick Sullivan, Terry Maketa, etc., etc, . . .

      . . . "when all else fails".

    • MichaelBowmanMichaelBowman says:

      the county sheriffs are the people's last hope for justice

      You mean Sheriff's like 'the shirtless one'? The one that escaped the jaws of justice?


        • unnamed says:

          Oh.  You mean another case your favorite alt-right Gubernatorial candidate "tough on crime" George Brauchler lost?

        • MichaelBowmanMichaelBowman says:

          Make spellchecker your friend, moran. 

        • mamajama55mamajama55 says:

          not on all counts – 9 charges were filed when the Grand Jury indicted Maketa.

          DA Brauchler recommended dismissal of  the charges of kidnapping and false imprisonment (of the jail employee who had charged a deputy with domestic assault – grrrr.

          Of the remaining 7 charges:

          Maketa was found not guilty of 3 counts of tampering, conspiracy tampering, and official misconduct ( bribery, forgery of records, conspiring to cheat taxpayers, cooking the books)

          The jury was hung on the other 4 counts of extortion, conspiracy to commit extortion and two counts of first-degree official misconduct. Retrial will be in October. 22 of the potential jurors were dismissed because they already thought Maketa was guilty.

          So, no, not "acquited". Not innocent by a long stretch, your damp and dank Sheriff.

          • unnamed says:

            Man. Brauchler is real tough on crime. /s

            • Diogenesdemar says:

              The Moderatus Conundrum: . . . 

              . . . to cheer, or not to cheer, your chatlatan Gubernatorial hopeful in his quixotic quest to finally pin a conviction on "the people's last hope for justice"????

              • VoyageurVoyageur says:

                Look on the bright side.  They can't both win.

              • mamajama55mamajama55 says:

                Maketa and Arpaio actually had an organization in common – the "Constitutional Sheriffs". From 2011 – 2013, when paranoia about the "gun-grabbers" was rampant, and gun manufacturers funded an election that recalled Colorado Senators Morse and Giron, hundreds of the most right-wing sheriffs in America made a pledge to be a "constitutional" sheriff or police officer.

                By "constitutional", they meant the southern racist "posse comitatus" interpretation of the constitution, which said that the local county sheriff was (as Moderatus quoted) the "last best hope for justice". In CSPOA's view, a county Sheriff can, and probably must, disobey Federal law.

                On  their "America is my name"website  , every  extreme nut job conspiracy theory is promoted , from "Chemtrails" to the illuminati to "Jesuits – the real threat" and on and on. The Bundy clan were celebrated as heroes. The IRS and the BLM, Catholics and Jews, are the bad guys.It's pretty entertaining (and chilling) just to browse around on that page.

                Anyway, Arpaio, Maketa, several other Colorado Sheriffs, Clarke (Trump just promoted his book, as Hurricane Harvey drowned Houston ), and Richard Mack were or are all listed as members of the CSPOA.


                • RepealAndReplace says:

                  Thanks for posting the link….

                  Maybe I missed it but I didn't see any reference to that other infamous Arizona sheriff. The guy who threatened to have his undocumented boyfriend sent back to Mexico unless he promised to keep su boca cerrada about their relationship.

                  As for the Chemtrails, that reminds me of those folks who thought that the CIA and the Trilateral Commission had secretly implanted radio transmitters inside everyone's bodies and was monitoring us all from those black helicopters. IIRC, a couple of them were in the Colorado state senate in the 1990's.

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