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July 06, 2017 12:12 PM UTC

Gardner Remains Committed to Obamacare Repeal

  • by: Jason Salzman

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Sen. Cory Gardner (R).

Citing the case of an English child with a degenerative brain disease, U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) remains committed to repealing and replacing Obamacare, and he’s “been told” the U.S. Senate has made progress toward writing viable legislation.

“And the alternative is a single-payer healthcare system, and look what happened in England, right now, with that child,” Gardner added Wednesday on KNUS 710-AM’s Dan Caplis, referring to a child who’s so sick that multiple doctors and courts have concluded–over the parents objections–the child’s best interest is served by taking him off life-support. “The parents, who no longer have the ability to determine their child’s state, because it’s in the hands of the government.”

With respect to the health-care bill, Gardner said that “you have started to see positive directions from the bill, dealing with stability of the marketplace, dealing with driving down healthcare costs. You can see that.”

Gardner said on air that he’s “been told” that “additional legislative language has been sent to the Congressional Budget Office.”

Gardner again cited rising health insurance costs as his main problem with Obamacare, but he has yet to explain how this reason for opposing Obamacare squares with nonpartisan data showing that health-insurance premiums will increase more under the Senate’s replacement bill than they would under Obamacare.

Gardner did not mention the 22 million people who’d lose health insurance nationally over 10 years under the Senate legislation, according to the CBO, including 630,000 in Colorado, according to the Colorado Health Institute.

Gardner has yet to say if there’s an upper limit to the number of Americans or Coloradans who could lose health insurance under the Senate bill–above which he’d vote against it.

Gardner also said on the radio that he opposes the suggestion of U.S. Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NB) to repeal Obamacare first and replace it later.

“I think that if you repeal it now, with nothing in its place, what happens if you don’t find that replacement?” Gardner told Caplis. “What happens if you don’t reach that agreement? And I think that we ought to move forward with an idea now, and put a solution foward to the American people.”

“Look, this is something that Republicans and Democrats ought to find common ground with, because if Democrats refuse to find a solution to a failing Obamacare, shame on them!” said Gardner.


55 thoughts on “Gardner Remains Committed to Obamacare Repeal

  1. But hey if someone dies because they can't afford insurance, that's fine.  Right Cory.


    He'll tell this story but won't pay any mind to stories from people about how the ACA saved their life.

    1. Well, if Cory Gardner got his way, they wouldn't have insurance to begin with, so we'd never hear about this tragedy, or the family going bankrupt (only in the US of course).

      Out of sight, out of mind is the GOP solution to all problems of the not-wealthy, right Moldy?

  2. So did Caplis need to go out to Yuma to interview Cory in his basement, or did he crawl out of his bunker and venture all the way to Denver to be interviewed?

    1. Yeah.   On their deathbed, they will say to Cory Gardner: "not everything you did was evil.  But this act led me to lose insurance because I couldn't get treated and now I lay here dying because of it.  Thank you Senator."

      Get me my ACA article twerp.

    2. Hell no, we won't, Moddy.  I'm at risk of not having health insurance because of this asshat and his (and your) ilk.  So you can all go straight to hell.

      1. Mitch threatening his McConnellettes with working with the Democrats to fix Obamacare reminds me of that scene in Blazing Saddles where Cleavon Little takes himself hostage and threatens to shoot himself . . . 

        . . . It also shows what every thinking person already knows — that any problems with Obamacare are repairable, even now after all the unconscionable Republican actions, and inactions, to sabotage it.

        1. It seems to me that a full repeal is the best choice. Then allow Democrats and Republicans of offer common sense policy that works for the majority of Americans. The government has no business establishing minimums of coverage. Break the hold of pharmaceutical lobbyists to drive down cost of drugs. Allow individuals to form purchasing groups as Rand Paul's idea of competition. Tort reform must accompany any health care policy to keep Dr and hospitals from useless CYA test and procedures that drive up cost for everyone. End the hoax of preventive care requirements. Require hospitals and Dr to post the cost of procedures to allow patients informed knowledge of the cost of care. Prohibit HMO's & PPO's as vehicle of limiting competition. Allow for catastrophic coverage options and health care savings accounts for those willing to take the risk. Eliminate pre-existing conditions for individuals who maintain continuous insurance coverage. For indigent population merge into the VA system.

                  1. The fact that not all preventative care is cost effective does not support your claim that all preventative care is a "hoax."


                    1. Preventive care has been sold to the American people with the assurance if you do "this", "that won't happen" to you. It's not true. Lead a healthy lifestyle if you wish. But genetics and time will rule in any case.

                    2. Replying to pfruit above . . . 

                      . . . If that's what you hear from discussions of preventive care occur, you're a bigger idiot and have even poorer comprehension and critical thinking skills than I ever imagined . . .

                      Everthing in medicine and biology is pretty much a question of odds (not mathematical certainties . . . e.g., if a, then b).  What you're being told, but fail to comprehend is that. "if you do a, then the odds of b increase (or decrease)".

                      Smoker?  Will you get cancer?  No one knows for certain; the odds are increased however.

                      Clean air?

                      Clean water?

                      Weight control?

                      Limiting  lexposure to toxins?

                      Preventive medicine works; it reduces the odds of identifiable disease.  Those reduced odds across an entire population produce more benefit than the associated costs of the prevention.

                      Goodgawd, stop acting like such a dipshit (for a day, even?)!  The only assurance anyone can give you, pfruit, is that you're patheticly wrong about far too much. 

                    3. Prune actually makes a real good point, from one perspective. No preventative care means more fat people, smokers, drunks, will keep doing what they're doing. They will die much earlier, thus saving social security and medicare from paying for them.

                    4. You'd think by now that medical science could come up with some kind of treatment to prevent Republicans?!? . . . 

                      . . . present company excepted, of course, CHB!

              1. You see, its answers like that that indicate that you are a total loon. Noone–except for loons like you–wants to live in such a state (or country).

                Insurance regulation exists because without it, insurance would be a grift. We want our insurance companies to be solvent and to provide, well, insurance.

          1. We don't need to repeal what exists to make it better.  We've done this before.

            The only reason your side is backed into this ridiculous corner is that, like your lies to coal miners, you've kept the base whipped into a frenzy for the eight years that black man was inhabiting your White House by telling lie after lie after lie.

            The chickens have come home to roost; this monster is of your creation. 

              1. We witnessed Cory's bravado all those years he occupied the lower chamber and bragged of those 60+ votes to repeal ACA in every town hall gathering on the eastern plains.  It's easy to be a carnival barker on this issue when your crowd is my people and you know it's all for show and votes.  Now that he's (in theory) a representative of the entire state he's struggled to grasp the expanded scope of his representation; neither health care or childhood nutrition/poverty issues seem to interest him much.  

                1. And who can forget that nice theatrical moment when he held up what was allegedly an insurance cancellation letter and went off in indignation.

                  Did anyone ever get to read what he had? Kind of like Joe McCarthy's list of communist agents in the State Dept.

            1. Michael,

              What a lazy ass excuse to use race as the reason for Republican resistance to Obama. The reason Trump is President is because voters who cast ballots for Obama twice are shit full of the progressive agenda. I wish the Republicans had been more successful in resisting the Obama/Progerssive/Socialist/Communist agenda. Unlike the Leftist/Democrat resistance movement like what we see in Hamburg, the pussy hat protest, the Berkeley destruction of public property, the ambush of Congressmen participating in a non profit fundraiser, and other extremist demonstrations. Don't get me wrong, I want you and your friends to continue. Actually you need to put forth a real effort instead of the lame attempts so far. You message doesn't seem to resonate.

              1. Obama/Progerssive (sic) /Socialist/Communist agenda

                Wow, Passionate Prune is channeling Richard Nixon or Joe McCarthy. You couldn't work "Pinko" into your tirade? Or how about "effete corp of impudent snobs"? Too many words?

                Obama was a leftist? Really? And that's why Trump won? 

                Obama got hell from his party for taking single payer health care reform off the table and instead pushing the brain child of Newt Gingrich – you know, that market-based solution which called for an individual mandate.

                Trump only won because of that relic from the age of slavery – the electoral college which awards bonus votes to empty real estate as opposed to counting actual people.

                Prune, are you naturally this imbecilic or are you, Moldy and Cornholio in some kind of contest? 

                1. As usual, Putrid Prune ignores the far right supporters of Trump, in trying to distract attention away from Trump's continuing mis-steps. Groups like Oathkeepers, the Bundy clan, Posse Comitatus, Christian Identity, and, yes, even the KKK. If Prune voted for Trump, then he owns all these militia groups and their anti-government & anti-social activities. 

                  1. Oh, Pear.  I'm only slightly amused at your incense. Come on out east – Obama is/was openly called a nigger.  They don't even pretend to hide their disdain for the color of his skin these days (or then). 


                    1. Are you carrying the water for everyone today, Pear? We're way past time for a lecture from our librarian or some prophetic statement from grammy's basement. 

                  1. Prune: there is an old saying. "One shall know them by their deeds." I don't need to personally know anyone in the KKK or in the Bundy clan to know that they all are friggin' loons. I did know a couple KKKers when I was real young however. That should count in your warped, trolling, world. 

                    1. Poor Prune. Guess he never saw the campaign posters in the South saying: "Don't Re-Nigg in 2012." 

                    2. Powerful Pear is willfully ignorant in many areas. He should go back in the archives of this site and see the kind of racist shit that crossed these pages every day….principally from Andrei Carnegski.

                      I know racism when I see it. I grew up in the segregated south.Use all the code words you want…

                  2. Banger,

                    You win, no mas, I give up, no more, have mercy on me Mr. Banger. I stand but a quivering mass, vanquished by your superior blogging and communication skills. Only a person with your mad skill set could turn an obscure internet meme into a widely disseminated hate campaign against the wonderful Obama.

      1. You're right, Michael. He does sound like a decent guy who would politely listen to his constituents, even those who disagree with him. And he knows part of his job is showing up at these events and being criticized.

        And not hiding in his basement in Yuma.

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