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April 20, 2017 06:27 AM UTC

4/20 Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

Toke up while you can.


49 thoughts on “4/20 Open Thread

      1. Really, ac?  Give me enough mancins to organize the Senate and Justice Garland is just the first of dramatic changes.  I'll take all the mancins I can find.

  1.  Ken Buck town hall video is finally on line. The first 15 minutes are interviews with Bob Seay and other activists who attended the "With or Without Ken Buck" town hall on April 15, 2017 in Longmont. The town hall highlights start at 13:26.

    Video is by Captn's Lounge, a video and media production group in Longmont.

    Listen to Ken Buck try to defend his shutting down a question about violent white supremacists (he calls them "liberal).

    Watch him call "Black Lives Matter" a "black supremacist organization". That's part of his defense on not calling out white racist groups.

    Watch him not double down on "No universal healthcare" (the debt's too high).

    See him say that climate change is real while refusing to study or fund any mitigation from its effects!


      1. So much vile, lowdown white trash in one place. You must be very proud of your little Russian-tainted emperor, Comrade CarnHolio.

        None of these deplorable mutts and mongrels is fit even to clean the Oval Office — Comrade Trump, included — much less stand there mugging with their lowbrow filth. Probably not even 100 IQ points among the bunch of them.

          1. Disagree, strenuously, and care not what you think. And while you’re busy playing “holier than thou” and “the conscience of Colorado Pols,” perhaps you should also take the time to find out just what Teddy Nugent did to avoid the draft in the ’60s before you opt to butt in again unsolicited.

            1. DP

              If the picture was of Obama and his ilk 6 months ago and someone wrote:

              "None of these deplorable mutts and mongrels is fit even to clean the Oval Office — Comrade (Obama), included — much less stand there mugging with their lowbrow filth. Probably not even 100 IQ points among the bunch of them.", that would have been OK?

              I get that Obama graduated from Colombia and Trump went to Penn, but I suspect each have an IQ over 100 and both are brighter than you are. 

              1. Go climb your thumb, Comrade CarnHolio. Hilarious watching a racist like you suddenly pretending to be all PC! (Thought that was a dirty-word term in your right-wing manifesto.) You’re fooling no one. No one gives a tinker's damn what you think. You have no standing, and ZERO "high ground.” You're a POS troll openly and continuously supporting a racist party, everybody in that God-forsaken pic is still white trash — or how about just trash; you like that better? — and my dog’s turds are brighter than you.

              1. Nasty and unnecessary comment, Vger…….  You mock the memory of those who died in Auschwitz.

                Dawn Patrol: how about leading us all in a rendition of "Cat Scratch Fever." 

                1. That was a vile and stupid thing to say, chb.  Nugent called Obama "subhuman" because he is black.  That was the exact term "untermensch" in German, the Nazis used to justify the holocaust..  Nugent isn't neonazi, he's just Nazi.  You can stick Cat Scratch Fever up your ass.  Nugent's views are better reflected in the Horst Wessel Hymn.  Yes, he would have joined the Ss but because he is a coward, he would have opted for duty at Auschwitz, where prisoners couldn't shoot back.  A foul and hateful thing, Nugent.

                  1. Two wrongs don't make a right, Vger. You let your extreme dislike of Nugent take you down a wayward path.

                    Nugent is judged in the court of public opinion. Only red-neck racists like him will endorse his political view. One can still enjoy his music just as I enjoyed John Lennon's music even though I found little agreeable about Lennon's political views.

                    Another example…..I suspect many righteous Christians like the music of Franz Liszt and overlook the fact that he was a devil worshipper.

                    You can project all you want about whether Nugent would have joined the SS or not. SS was long gone before Nugent was born.

                    A response to your comment below, since there is no Reply button. Perhaps you should read what people say before blasting away; as in Ready, Fire, Aim. Where did I say that Nugent is a great musician? I said I enjoy his music, at least some of it. And kindly show where I said that I agree with Nugent’s racial views, or where I am defending his racial views?

                    You don’t like him for any reason. Fine. But your name-calling based on non-existent statements gets to be silly, especially when you begin to sound like the Moderatus of the left.

                    1. Nugent said our African American president was a subhuman mongrel. 

                      You said he is a great musician.

                      He isn't.   He is a nazi and you should stop kissing his ass.

                      His being a nazi and me criticizing him for being a Nazi do not make "two wrongs."

                      It is one wrong and one attempt to combat evil.

                      I repeat — your defenses of his nazi racial views are both vile and stupid.  

      2. That pic totally reminds me of that Obama pic with all the rappers for the My Brothers Keeper initiative….you remember that one where Rick Ross'sankle monitoring bracelet starting beeping in the Oval Office… Rick was bonded out for kidnapping and beating his groundskeeper….

        Busta Rhymes was in da house too, off probation for assault and weapons charges  along with Common "my Uzi weighs a ton", and  Swizz "wanna buy a Bently"Beatz…

        It was known as an iconic photo… 

        1. What exactly is your point, Negev? Don't hold back.

          President Obama, on January 7, 2017,  2 weeks before Trump's inauguration, had a "goodbye party" with many celebrities. (including Springsteen, Streep, Wonder, and many others)

          He did take that "iconic photo" in the oval office with 15 of his African -American music industry guests – the ironic joke being that it might be the last time that many black people gathered in that room for years.

          So why focus on the criminal records  at the time of the 1/17 party? Could it be the skin color of the guests?

          What exactly is your agenda, Negev? At the least, acknowledge that the incidents you describe happened months before the 1/17 goodbye party and that the sentences had already been served. Where did that hot news tip come from, Breitbart? Daily Stormer? Infowars?


          1. Acknowledged. DP suggested to "to find out just what Teddy Nugent did to avoid the draft in the ’60s" as if this was uniquely relevant to Trumps choice in guests, while it appears to be common for presidents to invite the guests of their choosing. Apparently the historical past of these guests mean less to the president than his followers or opponents. 

            The photo I linked to was not the goodbye party, it was the Brothers Keeper meeting April 2016 which has nothing to do with the "ironic" or "iconic" party you refer to. My hot news tip, if you checked the link, was, "living and celebrating the African Dream", far from your racist suggestions. 

            My agenda is simple: Expose the hypocrisy. If you are gonna hold Nugent as a presidential guest to the flames for dodging the draft in the 60's, at the least, acknowledge that the last president hosted guests who literally kidnap and beat people and interrupt the president's speech with an ankle monitor alarm.  

            And for the record, I would take a Busta Rhymes CD over any Nugent or Kid Rock album any day of the week. Would you? 

              1. Hmm…. I did some digging and found another pic of Rick Ross wearing the same suit and shoes at the Brother's Keeper meeting dated April 2016. Your source does not say the photo shoot took place 1/17, it says they recently posed for the photo, and this link  shows the White House releasing the photo Jan 17 indicating it was the Brother's Keeper meeting last year. Not to mention the farewell party was, well, at night.


                1. Whenever the photo was taken or released, those same people attended the big White House farewell party in January 2017.

                  Yet you chose to focus your scorn (and your implication that scumball Nugent is not so bad, relatively) solely on black performers who posed with the President,  singling out two of the 15 who had criminal convictions.

                  Again, what is your agenda, and your point? I don't think "exposing hypocrisy" quite covers your intensity here.

                  1. My point is that both presidents have equally bad (I make no statement that Nugent is less bad, relatively) guests at the White House. The color of their skin is irrelevant. If  you have a pic of Rick Ross with a white guy and Trump I would be happy to replace the one I used. If you have a photo of Nugent and a black guy and Obama, feel free to replace as well. If Ted was black and Rick was white it does not change the equation. 

                    I appreciate your insinuation that I am a racist as it is an expected and well played "card" when looking for differences, however if you focus on the similarities you will find many in the two photos in play, yet you continue to make it a race issue while ignoring the actions of the participants, both of which are equally distasteful. 

                    That, in effect, exposes you as a hypocrite.

                    I would invoke the "mic drop" at this point but my guess is you would consider that racist as well citing its a black thing and I wouldn't understand since you found a pic of Eddie Murphy…. 

  2. 4/20…….never had that first drag on any kind of cig; pot or tobacco. Just have not had an interest. Inhaled a far too large amount of second-hand tobacco smoke as a kid (both parents smoked) and through college into the 1970s. My philosophy remains: "your right to light up ends at the entrance to my lungs."

    As fort pot, inhaled some second hand smoke in college, very little since. If I had to choose which type of second hand smoke I'd inhale, if needed, pot would take the title. 

  3. Agreed, chb.  Smoke of any kind triggers allergy induced asthma on me.   Pot is as bad as tobacco but usualy less copious because it is more expensive,

    But the worst is Trump, who stinks.
    Stay upwind my friends.

    1. Should have clarified that I'm a strong supporter of legal pot. If people want to do pot; which my reading says is safer than alcohol; let them make their own decisions without interference from drug warrior zealots.

      And I do imbibe a bit of ETOH (alcohol) on occasion. What's that old saying?  "God loves us; that's why he gave us beer (and margaritas !). 

  4. Enjoy a little Deadspin (the comments are fun, too):

    Mike Pence Is A Fucking Joke

    Say hello to our Elderly Lego Man Vice President, wearing his varsity Vice Presidenting jacket and standing, with an intensity reserved almost exclusively for constipation sufferers, near the Demilitarized Zone separating North and South Korea…

      1. That's exactly the kind of thing that Pence warned us about, . . .  and the reason he's reluctant to be out without his wife to keep him in line?

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