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April 15, 2017 06:52 AM UTC

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“It is a man’s own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways.”



74 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

  1. Ladies, we are screwed. Men, your mothers, wives, girlfriends, sisters, daughters are included in that assessment.

    Stephen Miller just added "women's issues" to his portfolio at the Trump White House:

    Stephen Miller, 31 year old speechwriter and white nationalist. Miller wrote in 2005 that there was no need for equal pay legislation.

    A sample quote showing Miller's thinking:

    It's vital to keep in mind what it would actually mean for women if we were to close the pay gap. For many, it would mean giving up a noble career in social working or putting in 50- and 60-hour work weeks and not being able to spend time with the family. It would mean trading in jobs like housekeeping for night shifts doing road repairs; it would mean giving up the joy of being home during your child's first years of life.

    By the way, Miller is also against paid family leave. So much for the joy of being home during your child's first years of life.

    Oh, and Ivanka's supposed to consult with him. But I don't trust Ivanka to advocate for women – she doesn't seem overly concerned about the female and male sweatshop workers who make her shoes. Nor has she distanced herself from her father's misogynistic remarks and behavior. Ivanka Trump is the pink ribbon tied around this steaming pile of bullshit that is Stephen Miller adding women’s issues to his “portfolio”.None of this is surprising, given who Trump is. I am surprised that it's so blatantly sexist. This Sad!ministration is trying to make misogyny cool again, and roll back the last sixty years of progress.

    La Luta Continua. Resistance continues.

    1. Hey, Carnholio, still think NATO is obsolete?  The fart joke you call president is marching to Angela Merkle's tune now!  Admit it, you were wrong on NATO.

      1. Is your heroine Angela going to pony up some resources and meet the minimum spending agreed to by NATO members?

        I think the importer of terrorists in chief will sing a different tune when we start moving troops out of Germany and into Poland in significant numbers, which I think is the message we need to be sending on several fronts.

        1. Actually, Germany bears the brunt of the economic sanctions aimed at your hero putin for his aggression against Ukraine.  So, Trump has now betrayed you on NATO and you are not happy about it.   

  2. So, war is too important to leave it to the generals and women's issues are too important to leave to some dumb broad.  And Trump is president because 53 percent of white women voted for him.  

    Trump stinks.  But what in hell were the white women who voted for him expecting?

      1. ..and in the other corner: 

        Former 'Religious Right' Republican to Obama: 'You're going to be vindicated'

        Frank Schaeffer is an American author, film director, screenwriter, public speaker and painter. He is the son of the late theologian and author Francis Schaeffer. He is also a self-proclaimed “former member of the Religious Right and Republican Party.” 

        On April 6, 2016, Schaeffer decided to make a video describing what made him leave the GOP and express his appreciation to Barack Obama whom Schaeffer now calls “a great president.”


      2. RnR: I'm guessing their strategy will be to blame it on the fact they are all 'baby Christians'?  Boys will be boys. Give 'em some time.  Convincing them to give up the hookers and blow for a promise of eternal life could be a heavy lift for this crowd. 

        Wouldn't you like to crawl inside the head of Ma and Pa Pence to hear what they think about all this commotion? 

  3. Broadly speaking (pun intended) white women did not vote for Trump, Tina Fey's comedy schtick notwithstanding.  She is citing the stat that shows 44% of white college educated women voted for Trump, which is disturbing, and I didn't expect it. But it's understandable when party affiliation and beliefs are accounted for.

    A deep dive into CNN's exit poll data shows:

    The women who voted for Trump were mostly Republican, not college grads,  middle class, and younger than 50. They thought that immigration was an existential threat.  I know many of these women. They're my ex sister in law, current student, my ex girlfriend, my colleague. I don't know what they expected, to answer your question, but I don't think it was that Rump would try to roll back 60 years of equal rights progress for women. I don't think that they thought that it would make their lives harder or their wallets emptier – but it will, if he is successful.

    Most women voted for Clinton.  63% (unmarried women) White college – grad women 51% for Clinton, white non-college grad women 61% for Trump.  88% of Republicans of all stripes voted for Trump because he was the nominee, and the Supreme Court, doncha know. Or they thought he would make America great again. Or they just wanted to "shake things up".

    Voter suppression was a real force in this election, as well, as was the cooperation between domestic right wing nuts and Russian spooks in spreading anti-Clinton propaganda.

    There was a gender gap among whites – 62% of men voted for Trump, and 52% of women. That gap wasn't as large as I thought it would be, but it existed. 

    I've broken down the demographics for women. Now you tell me – of the 62% of white men who voted for Trump, what the hell were they thinking, and are they happy now?


    1. Of all white women, 53 percent voted for Trump.  It is only the addition of Black and Latina voters that bring women as a grooup to hillary.  Yes, college educated women voted for hillary.  As did single women.  But white women as a whole, went 53 percent to Trump.  

      1. It was 52%, per CNN exit poll I cited. If you have other data, link to it.

        Is your point then that women should just STFU because some of us voted for Trump?  Should I stop complaining about stinky Trump because Republicans of my skin color and gender made a crappy electoral choice?

        Is that what we should expect you to do?

  4. You wrote …"white women did not vote for Trump."  Yet your own numbers say 52 percent did.  I have seen 53 percent in other polls, The difference is not significant.  

    So what is my point?  I don't have one.  If I were to make one it would be that it is terribly sad when you see repression internalized, what Ayn Rand called "the sanction of the victim."

    I think any woman who voted for Trump is an idiot.  But any man who voted for Trump is an idiot.  Fortunately, by nearly three million votes, non idiots outnumbered idiots last year.

    So, the idiots won the presidency, the house and the Senate anyway!  Thanks to Gerrymandering.  And the schemes of Russian paymasters.  About 20 billionaires are now very happy and the non- idiot majority of this country is screwed.

    No, I don't want women to STFU.  Though it would be a good idea for Smelly Anne to do so.  I want more of them to go to college and build meaningful careers and stop being good fundamentalists who defer to their idiot Trump-loving husbands.  Then they can stop electing idiots.

    And if they can spare an occasional interlude to take us men as close to heaven as it is possible to come, that would be very nice as well.  Politics ain't everything.  Though president hillary would have been a damn fine start.

    So maybe President Claire McCaskill and veep Amy Klobuchar? Hey, there is no charge for dreaming!

        1. V…'ve been referring to Andy Corn-Hole as Goebbels Boy but he only sounds like Goebbels. I wouldn't know if he resembles Goebbels. But if you look closely at Stephen Miller's photo, the face and the hairline look a little like the Minister of Propaganda.

          1. Carnholio is too small in spirit to be the prince of lies.   I used to call him "shill boy" and that is probably a better term.  But he is so clueless, I seriously doubt if he knows who Goebbels was.  

              1. Maybe change that timing a bit to "Before Newt and the Contract with America and after Newt and the Contract with America." 

                Reagan would never get a Republican presidential nomination in these times. And neither would Bush the elder. 

                1. You're correct CHB, about Reagan the man.  But Reagan the Myth is still worshipped in most GOP religious ceremonies where human sacrifice is the mainstay of the service. And yes, Newt is still the Head Priest of that sect.

                  1. Yeah, but they've really twisted and perverted the words of their prophet who use to sit down for beer with Tip O'Neill and once bragged, "I'll take 80% of what I'm looking for in a deal. I can come back and try for the rest later."

                    For the modern GOP, it's all or nothing right now.

  5. Moldy's BFF Beauregard just isn't feeling the love…

    Jeff Sessions says he’s ‘surprised’ Americans aren’t embracing his anti-marijuana stance

    Indeed, 57 percent Americans favor legalizing marijuana, according to results of a government-sponsored opinion poll published last month, establishing a historic high point with respect to public support for pot.

    “I think medical marijuana has been hyped, maybe too much,” Mr. Sessions continued, at one point saying pot is “only slightly less awful” than heroin.

    Here's a visual for the AG in the event that, like his boss, he can't read:

      1. I wish my school district would study Baca's piece. Instead, they are conflating cannabis with truly deadly drugs, such as heroin, opiates, and alcohol.

        It's just a really staggering ignorance of research and science, and a knee-jerk response which will not work to deter kids from using dangerous substances.

        Opiate overdoses killed 259 Coloradans in 2015; homicides only 205. There were 187 deaths from alcohol DUIs in Colorado in 2014. As you pointed out – a big fat zero in cannabis related deaths.

        1. What makes this really bad is that when authorities tell kids that cannabis = alcohol = meth = heroin, and then they try cannabis anyway, they can easily conclude "Well, they lied to me about this, so…" 

  6. The April 15 tax march (Show us your tax returns, DJT!) has "thousands" attending in Denver, per Dave Young of KDVR:

    More than 150 Tax Day marches are planned nationwide. Instead of pussyhats, the spirit animal of the tax day march is a giant inflatable chicken, because Trump is "chicken" to release his tax returns.

      1. R&R, you forgot about these guys:

        They "resisted tyranny".

        They used  costumes and makeup to stay anonymous.

        They occupied private property and committed vandalism and destruction.

        Their leader was a patriot, but he was controversial – his detractors said that he promoted mob violence.

        They were anti-Federalists.

        They were the first American tax protesters.  You'd have a hard time figuring out left vs. right, Democratic vs. Republican, not least because they sometimes referred to themselves as "Democratic Republicans".

        Tax protest has deep roots.

        1. You'd have a hard time figuring out left vs. right.

          True enough. But were not most of those protesters folks property owners with lots of money which they were losing due to British colonial policies?

        2. Well now, isn't he a brave man? 

          Trump's motorcade steers clear of Tax March protesters in Florida

          President Trump's motorcade on Saturday reportedly took a longer route than usual on its way back to the president's Mar-a-Lago resort in what reporters said appeared to be an attempt to avoid large crowds of Tax March protesters. 

          Reporters said some of those marching carried signs reading "Show Me the Money," and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Czar, Putin Put You Where You Are."

  7. ACHole and the Republican Party's credo — If it moves, screw it!

    This week, some Trump die-hards passed around a column by conservative commentator Kurt Schlichter headlined: “Trump Can’t Let His Real or His Fake Friends Turn Him into Schwarzenegger Part 2.”

    Schlichter, in an interview, said conservatives are fundamentally distrustful of Republican politicians who had often misled them. He urged the president to take some immediate actions, however small, to put his supporters at ease.

    “You’ve got to understand the base. It’s like dating a girl whose father cheated on her mother. She’s always going to be suspicious,” he said. “He’s got to constantly provide wins because he’s got an emotionally damaged base that’s been abused.”

                  1. Having a belly doesn't mean one is "not well".

                    Seay teaches band and music, takes bands competing all over the state, plays his own music, still found time to clean Buck's clock in debate.

                    I'd like to see Ken Buck handle Seay's schedule. So tough being a Congressman and taking 239 days off a year. Nice to see Buck actually working on one of them, and meeting constituents as he's supposed to. 130 Longmont residents asked tough questions for 90 minutes. Video to follow.

                    Photo by Craig Stevens via Facebook.

                    1. MJ:

                      Is Buck's schedule any different than Polis or DeGette?  Don't see you complaining about them. Oh, I get it they have a D after their name.  That makes all the difference.

                      Seay appears 50 lbs overweight, and could use a bath and a haircut.  Maybe that works for a high school music teacher.

                      Are you going to run him again?

                      Great idea.

                1. Ken Buck did a town hall! smiley

                  So if you're scoring this at home, it's 3 showed up and 2 did not.  Buck, Coffman and Lamborn faced the music and had their town halls. The other two – Tipton and Gardner – wussed out.

                    1. Good on Tipton for showing up to face a "tough room". Let's hope he was actually listening, not just nodding and smiling. His answers:

                      I'm for an "all-of-the-above" energy policy

                      The climate is changing, but we don't know if humans did it. Nature is nice. I like public lands a lot.

                      School choice is wonderful.

                      The Republican health care plan is great. Better start putting $$ in that health savings account. Affordability and accessibility are great things. (Tipton has not yet taken a position on the AHCA)

                      These non-answers are the same ones he's been serving up for years.  Tipton's official page has a form to sign up for a telephone town hall for constituents.

                      According to CNN, Tipton has a town hall in Alamosa on Tuesday, and in Pueblo West on Thursday next week. These are sponsored by the VFW.

                      Tue Apr 18 2017 6:00 PM, MDT Alamosa Town Hall Meeting Alamosa City Hall 300 Hunt Ave, Alamosa, CO 81101

                      Thu Apr 20 2017 5:30 PM, MDT Pueblo West town Hall Meeting  at Pueblo West HS, 661 W Capistrano Ave, Pueblo West, CO 81007

                    2. Then I stand corrected. The cheese stands alone. Gardner's the only Republican in the CO delegation who's been afraid of town halls.

                    1. Congressmembers are supposed to spend that 2/3 of the year not in session meeting with constituents. This is the first time Buck's met with a large group. Coffman had a town hall meeting Tuesday, finally. Lamborn did last Wednesday.

                      Degette, PolisBennet, and the rest of the Colorado delegation, except for your gutless wonderboy Cory Gardner, have all had town halls, some of them rowdy, all of them intense.

                      Nice to see Buck finally acknowledging that he needs to listen to his constituents.

                      Now happy friggin' Easter, or whatever you celebrate. 

                1. They did.  It's called the Electoral College – the slave-era, minority-construct to keep actual democracy from happening. 

                  Perhaps you'd like to share a picture of yourself with Pols AC so we can make a health assessment? 


                    1. "Carnegie devoted his life to large-scale philanthropy, with special emphasis on local libraries, world peace, education and scientific research. With the fortune he made from business, he built Carnegie Hall and the Peace Palace and founded the Carnegie Corporation of New YorkCarnegie Endowment for International PeaceCarnegie Institution for ScienceCarnegie Trust for the Universities of ScotlandCarnegie Hero FundCarnegie Mellon University and the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, among others.

                      Let's just agree he'd be unpopular at a Republican convention?

                    2. As you know Carnegie was a Republican and pro-business so he would not have been popular on Pols.

  8. Big Question – Someone or some group has taken my old domain and is posting the old campaign website.  It is not altered and the links are the original links. 

    Any thoughts as to who and as to why?

    It is weird to see that old site show up again.

    1. I'd regain control over your website, if I were you. Change the password, take the whole thing offline –  do what you need to do. If your domain was sold to someone, the host (myspace?) should be able to tell you who bought it.

      I looked at it, didn't see anything weird, but you never know.

      It was a blast from the past to see the Myspace logo again.  


  9. Yea, verily, I say unto you I shall appear in a column of wind and energy and those of you who kneel before strong interior walls shall live while those of you — yes, YOU, Carnholio — who knoweth not between shit and Shinola shall be mocked on Saturday Night Live for unto the Seventh Generation.   Proverbs 8:5

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