Buck Announces Run For Senate

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Ken Buck “announced” his run for Senate today at http://www.buckforcolorado.com. The website just has his logo and a promise that more will be coming soon to the website. Buck is the second person to announce a bid for the Republican Nom, after Ryan Frazier.

This announcement could very well divide the party and help decide the course for the GOP’s future in Colorado. Ken Buck is a traditional Republican while his opponent, Ryan Frazier,  is a more libertarian type of candidate. If Frazier wins the GOP moves more centrist and opens up to new comers, but if Buck wins it is same ol-same ol and the GOP is hopeless in Colorado.  

Does Buck have a better chance than Schaffer did? Yes, but he isn’t the Barack Obama of the Colorado GOP.  

Who do you think will win: Frazier or Buck?

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  1. DavidThi808 says:

    just a logo. I don’t think this counts as announcing. There should at least be a para from Ken stating he’s running.

  2. Libertad says:

    Not that I can vote in their primary, but I know the Dems here would love to see Beauprez and Eid jump in.

  3. Arvadonian says:

    innoculated himself in the general election against charges of being a wild eyed right winger with hate crimes prosecution of Angie Zapata’s murderer.

  4. MountainDem says:

    I am a seasoned Dem, was a big Paccione supporter, fairly involved in my local county politics and if the election were held today between Buck and Bennett I would vote for Buck.  Granted I hope Romanoff or Perlmutter decide to run as I would for either one in a heart beat, but between the two aforementioned I think Ken would do a better job representing our state.  He’s not my DA but from what I have read he has done a good job in his position, some people dislike the immigration issue but with me it’s still a winner and Buck has shown he is strong on it.  With Bennett I have no idea where he is at on anything, he seems to be a man with no interest other then staying in power.

  5. ManoftheHour says:

    Well I certainly was not a Pacione fan but I do like Ken Buck quite abit.  He reminds me abit of Hank Brown or Governor Owens with his ability to connect with people and get his meesage across.  He has alot of supporters across Northern Colorado and has started to gather other supporters across the state as well with his listening tour. Unlike Mountain dem I think the Dem’s should just stick with Benett as their candidate. LOL

  6. Bob99 says:

    Buck has made a lot of noise recently with the immigration raids and Angie Zapata trial.  If the election were held today I have little doubt Buck would win on name recognition alone.

  7. oklahoma09 says:

    it’s time for the GOP of Colorado to stop depending on the tired old politics of karl rowe, it is no longer effective. fraizer presents a breath of fresh air and a new wave of ideas that will bring the great State of Colorado into the 21st Century.

  8. GeoSluyter says:

    We need someone with a backbone!

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