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March 22, 2017 10:32 AM UTC

Hickenlooper: Dems Should "Slow Down" Gorsuch Nomination

  • by: Colorado Pols
Gov. John Hickenlooper.

Quotable quotes from Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper today via the Denver Post’s Brian Eason, in which Hickenlooper shows a flash of contempt for President Donald Trump–and the treachery that led to the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court that former President Barack Obama tried to fill over a year ago:

“If someone commits an offense against you, generally, if there’s no consequence — if you just walk away and there’s no consequence — if you have another opportunity, you can be pretty much assured that he’ll do that same thing again,” Hickenlooper said during a press conference. “I don’t think I would hold it against Democrats to say, ‘Maybe we should slow this down.’ Because there are real questions about what happened to Merrick Garland, and I think that those actions — just like elections — have consequences.”

But he stopped short of taking a position himself on the nomination, saying he was “honored” that Colorado had someone as talented as Gorsuch nominated to the nation’s highest court…

Hickenlooper also suggested that the ongoing investigation into possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia could give Democrats another reason to hold off. [Pols emphasis]

“We’re already beginning to hear people say, ‘Hey, if this is a legitimate cloud about the legitimacy of this president, should he be appointing the next Supreme Court, until we get this resolved?’” Hickenlooper said. “Somehow it was OK to wait 10 and a half months without having a candidate stand for the Supreme Court — maybe we should wait another four or five months and see what this investigation proves.”

Shorter Hick: if you let the bullies win, all you’ve done is ensure the bullying happens again. Oh and by the way, Trump’s presidency is just a headline away from full-blown constitutional crisis, so maybe you don’t have to be so, you know, deferential? In terms of Gorsuch’s nomination, this is a message that seems to be directed at one particular U.S. Senator from Colorado.

Democrats should like this tougher side of Hickenlooper, and ask for more.


11 thoughts on “Hickenlooper: Dems Should “Slow Down” Gorsuch Nomination

  1. Tougher side?  Both ways Hick refuses to oppose Gorsuch but thinks we ought to dither for a few months before caving in?  Because, you know, we might have a president Pence.

    If that's his tougher side, what is accommodationist Hick like?

      1. Well, even both ways Hick clobbers your right wing ass, moldy.   It's the lefties he drives crazy.  It just makes me laugh to see him come down on both sides again and draw a cheer for showing his "tougher side."

        1. I don't know what else he can say besides the Russians made Trump president and maybe we shouldn't let him get away with anything. That's much bigger and more damning than just Gorsuch.

      2. It's called a filibuster, Fluffy. They probably don't have the courage to stand up to Big Money. The corporatist wing of the Democratic party is still fully in charge. They will either understand that those who leveraged for a more populist policy message should have been heeded, or they will become politically irrelevant.

        Either Democratic party leadership grows a spine or they go down. If the Democrats continue to throw away the populist vote in favor of the blessings bestowed on the "bi-partisany" corporate loving wags that run it now.

        Hick…if you want some credibility, come clean on your "friends in the oil and gas industry".  Your gushing over Gorsuchs' qualifications…

        “honored” that Colorado had someone as talented as Gorsuch nominated to the nation’s highest court…  

        is a bunch of specious crap. You just don't want to piss off your Republican O&G buddies down at the Petroleum Club who will be upset if you actually, you know, opposed his nomination. That little tongue clicking..

        “We’re already beginning to hear people say, ‘Hey, if this is a legitimate cloud about the legitimacy of this president, should he be appointing the next Supreme Court, until we get this resolved?’” 

        is really insulting, John. If you want a future in a progressive party (the Democrats if they want it) I recommend you find a way to start telling the truth when it comes to stuff like drinking "fracking fluid". The truth, John…you do remember it, right?

  2. Stupid move on Hick's part. It appears the Democrats fail to recognize you need Independents to become President. The kookier you move to the left the more Independents move to the center/right.

    1. And who would know more about stupid moves than our very own insufferably arrogant, smug and condescending (like all republicans) Prurient Prune?

    1. Bennet isn't on the Judiciary Committee; he was allowed to introduce Gorsuch because it's tradition to have the nominee's home state Senators do that, but he's not participating in the debate in committee because he's not on it.

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