Another Try At “Rolling Coal” Ban This Year?

“Rolling coal” is not sexy.

As the Fort Collins Coloradoan’s Nick Coltrain reports–after a substantial outcry over the killing of bipartisan legislation from GOP Sen. Don Coram and Democratic Rep. Joann Ginal to outlaw “rolling coal,” modifying your diesel vehicle to spew clouds of black smoke on demand, Sen. Coram is planning to try again before the end of the legislative session with a new bill introduced in the GOP-held Colorado Senate:

The effort to outlaw rolling coal may have stalled out early on this legislative session, but don’t count it out just yet.

State Sen. Don Coram, R-Montrose, plans to introduce a similar bill later this session targeted at stopping drivers who harass others by blasting smoke from their diesel trucks. It would not seek to make the modifications that make doing so possible illegal.

“(Rolling coal) is not done for fuel economy, I can tell you that,” Coram, a rancher by trade, said. “It’s just harassment.” [Pols emphasis]

Each year Ginal’s bill passed the House and failed in a Senate committee on partisan lines with Republicans in dissent. She hoped that Coram sponsoring this year’s version in the Senate would bridge that divide.

Instead, it fell among Republican Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg’s fears that it would lead to California-like emissions regulations for Colorado motorists.

Coltrain reports that Sen. Coram is going to “tweak” the bill in an attempt to allay Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg’s concerns and get the bill through the Senate, and Rep. Ginal will serve at the House sponsor of the new bill. It’s anybody’s guess whether Coram will have more success next time, but it’s face-saving on behalf of his fellow Republican Senators for him to at least try.

Will Colorado finally summon up the will to crack down on the noxious practice of “coal rolling?” We know plenty of pedestrians, bicyclists, and Prius owners who sincerely hope so.

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  1. Duke CoxDuke Cox says:

    We know plenty of pedestrians, bicyclists, and Prius owners who sincerely hope so 


    …and quite a number of responsible diesel owners, I might add.

  2. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    The big question is will Senator Coram be able to get late bill status from Senate Republican leadership.

  3. RepealAndReplace says:

    Nothing says freedom like a hot piece of ass behind a Ford pickup truck spewing smoke.


    • mamajama55mamajama55 says:

      That's a woman, not a "hot piece  of ass". And yeah, I do get that we're being all ironic here and showing the absurd sexism of those other yahoos.

      Using sex to sell overpowered diesel trucks is about as appealing and realistic as your average car show or snap-on tool ad, because of course scantily clad buxom models lounge around on car hoods holding power tools. Or go to shooting ranges to sight in on targets;  We'll wear ear protection, but not underwear.

      We all do that, because freedom. We've come a long way, baby. Or something.

    • itlduso says:

      Don't you mean: "Impeach and Replace"?

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